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  1. spotted........White Esprit coming down from brands hatch yesterday 7pm ish any one here?????????? Ed
  2. Hi Mate I had a 4.2 creb for over 4years and never had a prob with it,did use it every day done loads of miles in her and never broke down lol.did do all my own servicing cheap as chips to run.if you are looking stay well clear or a speed 6 bag of poo.mates got a speed 6 and on his 5th engine re build = fukd lol. my old one and done paint job meself Great car in the dry lol Eddie
  3. Hi Buddsy I recently completed work on a fellow forum members car and he had more of less the same problem with the milky paintwork. I have attached a picture so you can get an idea of what can be achieved. This took about a day to complete and cost
  4. Hi Jonathan Thanks for the input mate it really does help. And by the way it wasnt me who re-sprayed Bibs car but it was me who re-vamped Temples Lotus Esprit.
  5. Hello everyone, Bibs has been kind enough to let me come on here and ask for a bit of advice. As some of you might know I am a Detailer trading as Mirror Finish.I have dragged my technophobe heels for long enough and have had to commit to getting a website sorted out. I have been looking at similar sites on the web to try to get ideas and a feel of whats out there but at the end of the day i need to know what, you the customer would want. I know it is alot to ask but i would really appreciate your input. In return if i can offer any advice with regards to anything bodywork related please contact me through the site or my banner that appears on the forum. Thanks again Eddie Mirror Finish
  6. spotted sunday 10ish by brands hatch driving down death hill elan,elise and a esprit any one here? Ed
  7. Hi buddsy I can do a lot with paint work but its hard for me to say with out seeing you paint work email me a pic and ile give you sum advice what to do. Thanks Eddie Hi Mate Find a good cutting compound thats will bring life back in you paint and a good wax for protection not the cheap crap you get in a motor shop or send me a plane ticket and i will sort it for you lol Ed
  8. These are some of the before and after pics of Alans car. Without getting too technical and boring you all to death I basically worked on the car for abut 8 hours. This consisted of about 6 hours of polishing Four different grades of compound including an anti-hologram compound Machine buffed with a UV protector Used a HD cleanser Then four coats of Zymol Camauba wax . The most important thing though is that Alan is really pleased with how his car looks . If anyone is interested in what I do please feel free to give me a call or drop me an e-mail for a free demo and quote. Eddie
  9. From this............................................................................ ....... 8 hours later........................................................................... .... To this Mirror finish Will post sum more pic up later Thanks Eddie
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