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  1. Easy to use, quick drying, heat resisting and long lasting, I used it a lot on the Escorts and Porkers years back, not seen it for sale here for some time, might try to find some now you have reminded me about it !!
  2. recently bought mine for a lot less than they are asking, as already said,they are only worth what someone is prepared to pay at the time but no doubt they will sell in time. I am concerned that the rarity and increased values will mean fewer are used for the intended purpose and will end up as garaged "show cars" carefully driven or even trailered for "Displays" I have every intention of using and abusing my car at every opportunity !!
  3. Hi David, kind of you to offer your help. I still have a few things to check/test but will be in touch shortly if I dont solve the problem. I think i still have your no.
  4. Hi Gunter, thanx for your help, I have a hot start problem, I have read all the posts I can find and have no definate answer to the problem, the crank sensor is a new replacement, I have changed corroded earth leads, I have tried cooling the cam position sensor, all making no difference............when hot engine will start, if I "catch it" and hold at 2k + for 30seconds+ then move off but engine will not idle untill run for 2-3minutes driving, once temperature drops below 90 no problems, fuel stops are the big problem! posts on here seem to indicate leaking secondary injectors, I thought it worth trying new O rings before replacing injectors as I do not have the equipment needed for your tests. thanx. Martin Got to sort this as it is really a pain in the a..... !
  5. Thanx. Gunter, I am waiting for new O rings to try first, if the problem persists then I will need to replace injectors.
  6. 53 views and not one guess......................we dont know Bibs, give us a clue??
  7. I need a pair of secondary injectors and Lotus are no longer able to supply (surprise, surprise) anyone know what they are from/interchangable with please ........or anyone able to supply ??
  8. Mark, surprise surprise, cant get hold of jamie, will try again tuesday but looks like I am riding solo................... forecast is good, care arranged for Anne, just need to get away from the kennels for a few hours, dont have a clue where to go, do I just drive around metro Centre till i find a bunch of petrolheads ????? What sort of time is arrival expected??
  9. Count me in if you ever head in a more northerly direction, i may be the wrong side of the Pennines but I love the run over the tops to the M6.
  10. Hi Mark, dont expect a fast job from Jamie, I have sent several "good jobs" his way this year and he is full of promises and has done nothing so far, I am waiting for 2 small repairs and am unable to pin him down to a date!!....................but I will speak to him on monday about a ride up to see you.
  11. Trevor, you missed out........ terminator Alien True Grit ( John Wayne version) Back to the future etc.
  12. Wed 15th pm. kirkby Lonsdale motor club are holding a show at the Heaves hotel (just off the M6, south of Kendal) I have been to this a few times now and its always a good mix of old and modern cars, mainly performance type with a few rally/ race cars, usually a few Porkers and some exotics, for a few quid you get to enter, vote on the cars and get a cracking good pie and pea supper thrown in. Anyone up for a ride out ?? I know its a bit "out of area" for some, but its only 50min for me from Scotch Corner (no cameras on the A66) I have posted this in "North East" but if any "North West" want to meet up that would be great, all welcome !!!!
  13. Anyone heading to the Metro Centre this month ?? Weather/ wife/ work allowing I intend to have a ride out.
  14. Ian, Thankyou 14 !!!!!!!!!! and 6 sorn a rare beast indeed!
  15. Thanx. Bibs. Lets see how many cars are known by forum users out of interest. Please post up here any known Sport 350 Esprit. that might give us a better picture. or if anyone knows of "dead" cars that may help thanx. Martin
  16. As a recent new owner to a sport 350 (no.16) I thought i had done enough reasearch to answer most questions but was stumped last night by a fellow Esprit enthusiast who asked how many 350s are left in this country (GB) I know a few have recently broken for spares,some exported etc, sorry if this is already covered in another thread but could not find the answer tonight. Accurate nos. or a near guess ???
  17. Seperate ads for left and right listed od flebay i think they keep relisting left and right but not always at the same time for some reason ??
  18. Andy, so pleased you are OK And yes this little 4 pot has given in to the dark side and now has a V8 Sport 350 !!!!!!! I will give you a call when I am in the village to see mum and call in if you are free,
  19. Toyo........T1Rs are very good in dry and wet. I changed from Dunlop 9000s on the S4 and they transformed the cars handling. I have T1Rs on the front of the 350 and old T1s on the rear, I will be changing to the new Toyo when required, I am told the T1R is now obsolete by my tyre man ??
  20. Work, work. work..............bugger,,,,,,,,,,not going to make it out to play today next month ????
  21. NYLOC will be holding a car show at the monthly meeting Tuesday evening 24th July All cars that turn up are eligable and all who turn up can vote ! Class 1. best modern 2. best classic 3. best paint 4. best interior 5. best engine bay 6. car you most want to own 7, novelty class All cars that turn up are entered all people that turn up can vote !! Entry is FREE Venue.....The Buckles Inn A64 York ring road from 6.30ish All welcome
  22. Andy, thats bad news. you look too young and fit to have heart problems, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery......................but if they take away your license can I have the V8????? Never lose your sense of humour, its all that seperates us from the Apes!!!!!!!!! get well soon.
  23. Made a note in the diary for this one Andy, hope to see you there. Anyone else fancy meeting up to arrive in convoy ??
  24. Michael, pics. will follow if it ever stops raining !!!! David, its a very different car to the S4 and in some ways has less charachter but more GO, need more miles to get the real feel. I think Alan is suffering withdrawl and could not wait to get a look at my car!, I think another V8 is the only cure for him.
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