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  1. Mark, Elan and S4 sold. as you know I was looking for a V8 when the 350 turned up for sale, I made the mistake of a test drive and had to buy it , sold both cars to fund it!!
  2. Picked up no.16 on monday............WOW! I am impressed at how she performs. still finding limits as she drives so different to the S4, If only it would stop raining.
  3. the alternator failed on the s4 today on the M1 !! anyone got the lucas or equivalent part no so I can find one tomorrow before i strip the old one off ?? thanx.
  4. Andy, I had similar thoughts, but it still works fine so I will investigate the hazard switch when I next remove the binacle. I bet it stops working again tonight now I have said that !!!
  5. Bugger !! just seen this at 6.40 bit late to set off by the time i get sorted with animals etc.
  6. Mark, Yes I was late again, I worked all morning and had to wait for Annes care to arrive before I could get out, No Phil with freescan when I arrived !! Problem sorted, simple as a poor connection, lights out and all working well again.
  7. Time for the tester to prod and poke again, after the intermittent electrical problem solving of the last few weeks it was with trepidation that I ran the S4 in for a test this morning, all appeared ok on the run to the garage so I handed over last years certificate with the keys, stood back and watched !! after the normal questions about how to open the front and back etc. all appeared to go ok, lights, horn. indicators all performed as they should, onto the rollers for brake testing......................".FU...... me mister !!!! brakes are good" £54 lighter I left with a certificate (well actually a scabby printout that is meant to be a pass certificate) and a smile, long way home in the sunshine. Now I need to start on the +2 for its test next month, simple electrics, what could possibly go wrong ???
  8. Hi Mark, I might see you there if I can get away from work at lunchtime for an hour ...........or 2 ! I have been to this show several times with the +2 over the years and its a splendid venue (although parking is on a hillside) and the grouns/ gardens are worth a look round, lets hope this rain stops!!!
  9. Hi, My S4 is still for sale, a little bit more than your budget, see advert in classified section on here.
  10. It works !! searched high and low, even removed binacle to check connections...............still frustration I hit the dash..........HARD, ouch!! now it works........ MOT next week, hope it keeps on working. still need to track down the problem, so any ideas appreciated.
  11. Left turn stopped working last night, right turn and hazards all ok. I had this problem last year and replaced arm etc. I think it must be a bad connection, but where do the wires dissapear to and where is flasher unit ?? ....................any ideas welcome, thanx.
  12. Bit of a contradiction here i think, Lotus are aiming at a "higher price range, quality product" and then aim ads at the younger customer, I must be getting old........... or am I missing the point???
  13. Well I think I have sorted this problem but now i have a permanent ECLight on !! I dont have freescan but the paperclip and flashing light says code 26 (I think) ............where do I look now ?? Light will reset then come on after 2-3 min, sometimes less. Philip, take your freescan to Fastlane if you run it on a laptop, I will try to get there pm. we might be able to track it down??
  14. I think i may have found the problem, car is fitted with a push button start and if I push and rock button it will turn over most of the time!, a straight push and only a click so looks like poor/ dirty contacts and naturally its a plastic sealed block i cant get into, ordering a better quality switch to try !!
  15. Hi Jim,........yes, checked it at both ends, Starting checks on ignition side today, wish me luck!
  16. Poor Pete seems to take a bit of stick on this forum for late delivery/failing to deliver, I personally have only had good service from him, often next day delivery on parts and just as important time to talk through problems. Possibly I am in the minority but it would be sad to lose a valuable supporter of our cars through lack of custom due to some "bad press"
  17. Checked all connections in the circuit that I can find, battery changed........just in case! still intermittent starter, sometimes it works but more often just a click, I must be missing something Auto electricians please help ??
  18. Not looking good for me to make it now, I will be working morning and have starter motor problems with the Esprit.................. But will try to have a run out pm in the Elan to say Hello!
  19. I fit a new high torque starer about 2 years back to the S4........great! once or twice over the winter the engine failed to turn over when i went to start after the car had stood for a week or two, thought nothing of it when away she went after charging battery, yesterday......nothing but a loud click as the solenoid switched, charged battery up although it appeared ok,....still nothing, I have today stripped off all conectors and cleaned, cleaned engine earth and all possible connectors in the circuit and it started first time but has refused to turn over again any ideas where to look next ??
  20. Hey Mark, some good shows on your list, lets hope we get some local enthusiasm (spelling??) I am deffo up for Bardon hillclimb next week if you fancy a meet up for a blast over the 66.......... NO cameras, but watch out through Kirkby Stephen as the bas.... got me last year with a mobile camera van, i had to do a "speed awareness course".................waste of 4 hours, but no points!!
  21. MartinL

    Esprit - S4/GT3

    My S4 (non standard) is for sale................. But only if I find a V8 I want to buy !!!!!!!!!
  22. Yes please if its still available, pm. me details for payment etc.
  23. Derek, thanx. for that. I think by removing abs pumps etc and replacing servo/master that should just about cover it ! I have spoken to my tester to clarify situation as my car is due a test in a few months, he sees no problem with my set up, he was very thorough last year in ensuring all modifications were correctly engineered and secure and more than happy with brake performance........sorted! now all I need to check is the rest of the car !!!!!!!!!
  24. Chris, I totally agree, big brother is not always right and some testers know that............ its worth finding one who knows when a car is safe and working flashing lights are secondry concern. I have no problems with safety issues but I do have a problem with idiots who know little or nothing about cars making up unworkable regulations rant over,
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