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  1. Chris, it depends on how your tester reads the regs. Is it not better to have an efficient braking system.or an obsolete system with parts impossible to replace giving unreliable performance ??
  2. No problems with mot, car has no abs so no need for a warning bulb................
  3. Derek, I think you may have a point! 2 years+ of use and thousands of miles without a single problem, place an advert and you get flashing lights............. I also have a horse for sale and its gone lame......... Thats life!
  4. No. 11 for sale @ Pure Lotus North Yorks.
  5. Thanx. Phil for the offer, I may take you up on that if I have more problems.
  6. Thanx guys, problem is, I dont have freescan and its so long since I last used the paperclip method i forget how it works, anyone care to remind me of the colour wires to short out etc,
  7. Strange happenings on the S4 dash last night,I was on the A1, just leaving the 50 limit and put my foot down, after cruising at 70 ish for a few minutes the engine check light came on, I eased off the gas expecting problems, everything sounded and felt ok. by the time I decided I was not on fire or about to explode the engine the light went out. about 10 mile later the same thing, On the return trip approx 40ml..................nothing, all ok. I have had a quick look around the engine today in daylight and found no obvious cause, anyone got an idea where I should be checking ?? The car performed as normal at all times, it was dry conditions but I had washed the car earlier, should I blame an enthusiastic use of the hose for water in electrics ??
  8. I hope to make it this,weather,wife, etc. permitting, will be 12ish at the earliest,save me a space.
  9. RIP. I was a huge fan of the Monkees, the simple schoolboy humour and slapstick of the TV shows was not to be missed, the music was a bonus, but never fails to bring back happy memories every time I hear them on the radio...............
  10. On the +2 you will find the ID plate in the engine bay, read the ID no. it will start with the year of manufacture ie. 72546894
  11. So whats up with S4 prices?? I recently had the idea of swopping my S4 for a V8 up for sale at a well known Lotus dealership for 20k, initial polite response was favourable to a part ex. "love your car, well looked after, fortune spent etc etc" then the crunch...........we could allow 6k !!! and to insult even more they thought they might be able to move it on at only 12k !!! Many of you know my car has "History" and is not totally standard but 6k is an insult for a car that has a file of 2ok + spent on it over the last few years in my opinion. Serious offers over 6k considered???
  12. Hi Nick, well done. Now help me, how do I connect to the original harness to work the fluid level warning light ?? PS. that looks a very neat installation.
  13. Removed mine when I changed to adjustable AVO all problem,
  14. My car has one fitted by previous owner, great when I remember and frustrating when I turn the key and get nothing! it also glows bright red and bugs me at night.
  15. Just do it, if anyone objects(ie planners) say no to removal on security grounds, it wjll take years before they get legal enfocemrnt, by then you will have moved or need a new garage door! so change it for a different type then they will need to start all over again..............or move to N Yorks,councils have no money to fight planning problems and often give in before legal costs !!
  16. hey Dave, I warned you about those hard nickel brake pipes !! Hard work done now, keep us posted on the progress. martin
  17. Hi David. Looking good far!!!! keep at it, the result is worth the work. i now have PNM 310 slotted discs with the HI Spec calipers, Hawk pads (Subaru master/servo) standard rears oooooooooooooooooo so nice to be able to stop with ssoooooooo much feel!!!!! and no crappy abs cutting in too soon.
  18. +2 workshop notes/manuals turn up on Ebay all the time, I bought one a couple of years back for about £30, a real good source of information and the exploded diagrams are a big help and clarify how bits fit ! Good luck with the sale.
  19. Well, at least 3 of us turned out !! If anyone has any requests for meet venues/ runs, post up here.................
  20. Hi Tim and welcome, is Andy still selling cars with you or has he now got a proper job ????
  21. 80 views on this post,.................................... I hope you are all turning out to the meet !!!
  22. Hi John, I am not familiar with Scooby setup, but my vacuum take off runs off all 4, direct from inlet manifold and I dont really care as it now works great !! Martin
  23. EUREKA !! as some old guy once said...............I also feel that i have now resolved the few remaining gremlins in my system, i f you read the previous posts my myself and Mike you will see the problems we have encountered as we have experimented with various sevo/master combinations, vacuum switches and lotus electrics, Mikes system is a work of art and looks like the car came out of the factory like this, i have gone for a "working alternative" and although the results are spectacular alongside original S4 brakes my car may not be as neat as Mikes, however it WORKS. I am still using the Subaru Impretza (non ABS) master/servo that needs new brackets and re machining to mount, but have always had long pedal travel and a slightly soft feel...........not any more!!! A chance conversation at Donnington with a former Lotus engineer pointed out the obvious, too much vacuum, Subaru run the servo of one bank ie. 2 cylinders, the servo is set to work at a lower vacuum than the 2.2 4 cylinder produces, I have installed an adjustable bleed valve between 2 non return valves in line and hey presto a hard pedal with little travel and wheel locking ability if required!!! and lots of feel as a bonus. Parts used..... Subaru Impretza master/servo home made mountings copper and silicone vacuum pipe non return valves Audi vacuum resevoir "forge" turbo bleed valve used to controll vacuum jubilee clips etc. Workshop time ! Mike and I have spent LOTS of time working on this and have resulted in 2 braking systems that may be used as alternatives to the aging S4 Delco set up, we have not used ABS as we both felt it was crap to start with, but no doubt someone will be along to tellus how to improve that as well. In the UK this is not a problem but may be in other parts of the world so please check before ripping it all out !! Now if only I could find a way to stop the new pads squeeeeeeeeling at slow speed ?????
  24. MartinL

    S4 Esprits...

    A very very good Azure blue/cream leather S4s for sale at Durham, owned by Mike (G-Reaper) I know the car well and it is immaculate ,very low miles and had a fortune spent recently to make better than new, I know its not your wish list colour but sometimes we all have to compromise on what we want !! pm. me if you need his number. Just a thought, you wanna buy a Lava Orange S4 (better than S4s engine spec!!) with split rims, brakes that work , immaculate bodywork, 4 new tyres last week etc. etc. going very very very cheap as I have a V8 itch to scratch !!!!!
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