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  1. Hi Phillip, I know the problems of self employed and i also have lots to do before I can get out to play, so dont worry about the time, have a blast over to durham soon as you are free as I expect to be there till late................Got to stop and eat sometime of day!! Hope to see you at some point.
  2. Mark, I fully agree, the Dyvels is a great venue and if we get a few people to join us then a visit is a must !! ( Xmas party ???, wishfull thinking!) I only chose the Ramside as its very central to the area with a great car park and on the A1, I am open to any ideas for venue of future meets, lets wait and see who turns up with ideas.................. see you on the 11th
  3. I want to try and get a regular meet started for all forum members/ lotus owners in the area, I know dark nights and wet weather are offputting to some people, but I do know many like me who use a lotus all year round, so come on show some enthusiasm and get yourselves out ! I have mentioned meeting at the Ramside Hall (big well lit carpark) as its fairly central to the area and handy for the A1, food and drink available. SO........Tuesday 11th October I will be there to welcome anyone who wants to come along for a chat/drink from about 6.45 Any bright ideas for venues/ future meets/ runs out welcome, happy to try and organise/coordinate as req. Hope to see lots there, Martin
  4. Mark, sorry but i dont understand your comments, but feel free to start a new thread, anything to get some life into forum members/lotus owners in the North east !!
  5. Anyone off to Pistonheads meet at Batley (Leeds) tomorrow ??
  6. And my solution was less than £50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Peter, I have AVO adjustable all round on my S4 and have had great fun finding the most suitable setting compromise for my local rural pot holed tracks and motorway (2ml. from A1) If I am planning a longer trip on "better" roads it only takes 2 mins. to crawl under each corner and add a click or two to make all the difference............. It all adds to the fun of big boys toys !!!
  8. If I can get away from work I will have a run over...............
  9. Hi Phil, no problem, keep in touch and watch the forum as I will try again to get a local meet started before dark nights/winter sets in. ANYONE OUT THERE IN THE NORTH EAST UP FOR A MEETING ??? please let me know and i will try to sort a date and venue ..................................
  10. Just the car I am looking where do I find 27k?? sshhhh! dont tell Anne
  11. Had similar probs. with mine and would blow fuses very often, stripped down and rebuilt with no obvious fault, works fine on a 25a fuse! anything less only lasts a few to ideas guys ??
  12. me too!! see if this works today............
  13. Hi Adam, I dont know your location, but if you are prepared to travel to the North East I can reccomend Jamie Dent at Northallerton, he did a full strip down and colour change on my S4 early last yearfor under £1500, think he is quoting a little more now but a brilliant job. He also refinished my +2 6 or 7 years back and its still fresh and show quality from a poor condition shell. Phone him on 07712 648643. hope this helps.
  14. Hi Phil. sorry I missed you at Donnington, I was prob. drooling over an early Elite or similar at other end of carparl!!! I will be off to NYLOC meet on Tues. at York if tou fancy a run out , expecting 60 or so Loti. Usually a croup set off from Stokesley square 6.30 ish, you would be very welcome.
  15. I agree, a total lack of organisation for parking and directions, but still enjoyed the day out..................
  16. Hi Phil, see you on Sat.You will easy find me, just look out for the only Lava orange S4 in the car park!!
  17. Hi Phil, pleased to see you are finding your own way round running repairs as labour costs can be high getting dealer help to rectify minor problems, Dave Walters is a good bloke to know as he is a mine of usefull info, I met him recently at Gaydon Supercar Sunday. Shame you are busy next weekend as NYLOC are having a group run down to Donnington on Sat. morning, you would be made very welcome to join in the fun!! If you are still having brake problems (All S4 brakes are CRAP) give me a call .......I have a solution!!
  18. Hi Phil. At last, life in the NE. I am near Scotch Corner , Richmond, so not far from you, We have several Esprit owners locally who frequent this forum......................sometimes!! But we do have many Lotus owners in the area involved in various local clubs, you have a few NYLOC (North Yorks Lotus Owners Club) in Redcar/Boro but I dont know of any Esprits near you. let me know if you want to meet up for a chat and tyre kick sometime and I will see if I can get a few other nutters (lotus drivers) to turn out. Martin
  19. OK. Looks like not only am I the only one in the North East to be using his car, but the only one reading the forums!! Maybe I should join up with LEGS or NMEG...............North or South West ??? mmmmmmmm
  20. oooooooooooooohhh!!!!!!!! still quiet int north I the only one to use his Esprit ???
  21. £5 says you break it in the first 1000ml........................
  22. Tony, I hope to have the final set up installed and road tested soon, Mike (G-Reaper) and I are currently testing various vacuum switches in an attempt to get a constant predictable vacuum to the servo, some recent tests have proved unreliable. as soon as we are happy with the parts we are using then we will post our findings. I am still using the Subaru servo after damaging the MR2 unit with high vacuum, I hope the new switches will overcome this problem as the Subaru setup is a little overservoed for me with a very light pedal, this space! Mike is using a master cyl. and servo similar to the Esprit SE models on his S4s, road testing results available soon !!
  23. Mike, remove bulb, job done, can always be replaced!!
  24. Good day out, nice to put faces to names and meet up with some I already know, had a hot run home (failed aircon) 463 miles round trip, anyone travel further ??? Bet I have the best fly collection.........
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