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  1. Alan, happy to let you play with my S4 bits!
  2. Hey Hopo, do you have a problem with Yorkshire ??
  3. Any chance I could change my order to Sausage..........................please???
  4. Very nasty, get well soon!
  5. Daughter has stolen the daily shopping trolley while her Freelander gets replacement engine (broken crank!) so the S4 is my daily car for now, after 2 weeks supplies were running low so off to Tesco we go, problem is, Anne forgets size of boot and fills a big trolly and Stella at £20 for 3 cases is a must have option, no spare wheel in front so in goes the Stella and the bags of frozen goodies and to my surprise and several onlookers, assorted bags of tins, boxes, bread and oyher essential stuff like 12 bottles of Chardonnay etc, etc all go in the boot, so the question is what have you managed to carry in your Lotus ?? I once got 40 bricks and bags of sand and cement in the +2 !!
  6. Bacon sarnie here please, any chance of a coffee with that??? Looks like I am travelling solo, will that make room for anyone else ?? (sorry, but dont seem able to manage to alter the list....................stella on offer at tescos, 3 cases for £20, would be rude not to help them clear the stock)
  7. Hi Graham, would you mind if I tagged along as I will be heading that way from the North, would be good to break the motorway boredom by joining a convoy. Hilton park meet would be best place to join ,I think!
  8. MOT test today....................................NO PROBLEMS !! Brakes performed beyond all expectations and almost jumped out of rollers , the examiner did ask if the car had originally had ABS fitted as wheel sensors were in place but no dash lights showed, I pointed out the lack of abs pump and the replaced master and servo running from engine and vaccum pump, he examined the new mountings for security etc. and pronounced the system to be more than adequate for the job!! I think the soft Volvo pads I have fitted did the intended job and gave instant bite at the slightest touch of the pedal, great for roller testing but not too clever on wet roads as too easy to lock wheels up and not as good as the "Hawks" for enthusiastic driving.
  9. Thats my car Dave !! Andy, it is not chrome orange, it is Lotus Larva Pearl Orange ( slightly redder than chrome ) Used as a launch colour on the S2 elise and available across the range, but I have never seen another Esprit in this colour !! Anyone know different ???
  10. Hi Mike, great news, sort the brakes!!!!!!!!
  11. Had a heart in the mouth experience tonight when a car pulled out of a side road and I had to break hard on a wet road from about 35mph. started to slide as front wheels locked (no ABS out of choice!) managed to just avoid a nasty smash so it got me looking at my tyres and thinking hard, I have Dunlop 9000s only 1/2 worn but may be about 10 years old and found to be VERY hard and starting to show a few cracks between tread blocks so they are well past the use by date possibly due to recent brake testing with the new set up!! So anyone reccomend a modern tyre with good braking power for 17" rims on a S4 .........................please??
  12. best of luck with your flights, ash caused me a long delay and a diversion from Newcastle to Leeds last night and although UK air space is clear today Europe is now having problems,the knock on effect of aircraft and crew in wrong places could cause delays/cancellations for weeks to come, lets hope the volcano soon settles down and returns to hibernation!!
  13. Things dont always go as planned!! A real shitty day all round, so appologies to anyone who was expecting to see me today, plan was to have the day off work and play with cars ( anne (wife) has Alzheimers so not easy to get a day out!), best daughter in the world Amy was to look after Anne for the day,problem no.1 Amy gets called in to work, Anne says , No problem she will be OK for me to pop out for a few hours..............phew. she is having a good day! Problem no.2 we are short staffed and I need to work the morning, Thats OK we can close at lunchtime and I can still blast up the A68 and get to the show early afternoon, all goes to plan untill last customer of the day has a fall (68 years young lady pulled over by her daughters dog!) and breaks her hip !! ..............................999 HELP!................................eventually paramedics arrive (very very big respect for these guys and girls) and off to hospital they go, all this has confused Anne, problems just keep mounting up and I start to feel the forces of evil conspiring to prevent me ever getting the Esprit out to this show. It starts to rain heavy and I give up and think, well next year might be better! Just had a few beers and a hot bath to relax, Never mind, off on holiday next week !!! AS it says at the bottom.....................Dont worry, be happy!!!
  14. Mark, sorry to hear about your dog,but packing a case WILL NOT take all day Sunday and Monday, I am also off on hols. tuesday am. so I know it takes 5 min. tops!! Might I see you at Newcastle airport,we should be checking in about 7.30ish ??
  15. Now looks like I will be working Sunday morning Could be 1.30ish before I arrive, save a space for a little 4 pot please.
  16. At this rate we might outnumber the TVRs..................... now that would be something!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAIN FORECAST FOR ALL WEEKEND I guess you V8 guys will be staying at home
  18. Bibs, thankyou and point taken about full membership....................
  19. Thanx. guys, I can see how it should fit so will try to make up some fittings, but what is the velcro in the centre for ??
  20. Now we have the weather for topless motoring I thought it would be a good idea to take the roof out of the S4, now I have a deflector thingy but it has no fittings attached (in car boot when purchased) can someone tell me what I need or even better post up a pic please ?? Thanx. Martin
  21. Hope to see you at Brockbushes, but if running late see you at the show!! martin
  22. What do you mean ?? "Tangerine dream machine" more commonly known as the "Tangoed Turbo" I dont think anything going on in the area at present, hope to see you out and about, are you going to the show at Corbridge next month ??
  23. Hi Rob, good to see you have the car out again!!
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