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  1. David. When I started looking for a suitable master and servo I knew the approx max diamater for the space available and knew I had limited height to play with so I searched ebay for something that looked a likely fit!!............£15 for a Mr2 unit looked good value as a starting point, with very few problems and a home made bracket it was in place very quickly,initial tests proved to give much improved braking and pedal feel but with a lot of travel and a "spongey" feel. in an attempt to overcome the travel, I felt a larger bore master might do the trick so back to ebay for a similar size servo but with a larger bore master, Subaru impretza give 1" bore (mr2 is 15/16) and a nightmare to fit in place needing new brackets and alteration to bulkhead etc. The result was no improvement in pedal travel but a very light pedal with high initial braking but still a spongey feel, I felt this to be very overservoed and prefer the feel of the mr2 and the ease of fitting, I used the car like this with no problems for some time and realised after much reading and talk to "brake people" that the pedal travel is all down to the pivot and pedal length ratios and after checking pedal travel against piston movement found that to improve would mean redrilling the pivot point on the pedal but as it is impossible to get a drill in there and I dont feel like stripping out the pedal box this aint going to happen to my car at this point!! At this stage Mike got involved and his investigations into GT3 systems with electric vacuum pumps set us off in that direction, something we are still playing with............ However along the way after trials with pumps and vacuum tanks I found that a combination of engine vacuum with a tank almost eliminates the spongey feel and gives VERY strong braking at all speeds and more important is the confidence you gain! The pedal travel is not a problem when you know that you are not going to run out of piston travel and the advantage is greater control and feel, I am happy to "mix it" with Elises on all types of road and all speeds with no worries, I can stop as quick as them, We may gain something with pumps and switches, I am open minded and prepared to try to improve. MR2 v Subaru parts ?? imho the ease of fitting and the better feel gives the MR2 my vote, the Subaru is a pig to fit and is overservoed for me Anyone want a already modified Subaru servo and brackets ??
  2. Mike can get you a new switch, but that will only get the abs working and wont improve the braking efficiency or pedal feel, good luck!! Sorry, didnt make clear in above list of parts, the master and servo you need is the one from NON ABS models with the dumpy servo, the big flat pancake type wont fit in !! or if you pm. Mike he has the part nos. and source for the SE master and servo if you want to buy new items.
  3. Hi David, I am sitting eating lunch, then back to work, so no time for full step by step, I will get round to it as so many are askingI you will need MR2 master and servo, any model as long as it has the low resevoir (easier to fit than the Subaru item) Vacuum resevoir tank (Audi A4/A6) 8mm copper heating pipe 8mm vacuum hose, samco or similar about 2meter and clips. 2x non return valves basic engineering skills and tools to make mounting brackets and new brake pipes , recut servo rod thread to metric etc "T" for vacuum takeoff at manifold Brake fluid etc. Several spare hours, patience and a understanding wife!! all parts available from ebay!! I think start to finish in less than a day DIY once all parts to hand Mike and I are still experimenting with vacuum pumps and various methods of switching but the system fitted without as I am currently running is 10 times better than the original S4 system with LOTS of feel and the ability to lock wheels at speed if req. MOT ??? dont see any problems, my last tester didnt ask, as I understand the regs. (someone out there will know better and correct me!) If its not fitted/removed/disabled then its not part of the test. PM. or phone if you need more info. Martin
  4. For all that want to see/try my brakes, you are welcome............... I should be at Gaydon for supercar Sunday if you dont want to have a trip North!!!!!!!! martin HOW MANY s4 ESPRITS IN ENGLAND ???? HOW MANY HAVE CRAP BRAKES ???
  5. Hi, try Jamie Dent based in Northallerton. tel 07712 648643 Last year I got change from £1500 for a full strip down and colour change, he has done a few jobs for ne including my Elan +2 and horseboxes etc. always a quality job, only a 2 man place working out of old farm buildings. so low overheads I guess!! A few more pics on another thread, "another esprit respray" (sorry dont know how to add a link) I have both my cars available if you want to see the quality of work or more pics. martin
  6. Your wish is my comand!! 94 S4 just out of paintshop last year, Lotus larva orange pearl.
  7. I know a man who can paint orange in the north east, high quality at sensible money!!
  8. Lets face it, S4 brakes are crap, 15 + years back they may have been up to the job but time has taken its toll on the Americanised system Lotus fitted using solenoids and electric pumps making the whole thing more complex than it needed, Lotus soon realised this and reverted to a vacuum servo and master cylinder for the GT3 and V8 and parts for this set up are now almost unavailable or impossible to find via Lotus. Lotus have no intention of continuing to supply parts for older models so it makes sense to find alternatives that work, only the purist and the concours geeks need stick with total originality and thats ok cos they probably dont drive that hard but if you want to use the car as it was intended then to me a braking system that works is important. As mike says I am using a Subaru master and servo (a MR2 is a simpler fitting job) with a Audi vacuum tank and vacuum direct from the engine, this is simple and it works well. We have experimented with vacuum pumps but are currently trying to source suitable vacuum switches but I am unsure as to gaining any great benefit from this, this space Best of luck to you guys wanting to wait for pressure switches, as I think you may find you end up spending a fortune and still have no consistent braking, watch out for that 40 ton truck in front, he can stop, can you????
  9. I have never bought a car from Jay at Pure Lotus but know many who have and are happy customers, he is a great supporter and active NYLOC member. He has a Lotus trained workshop man who is highly regarded as "knowing his stuff" locally, the business has been on the go for some years now and have just moved to new larger premises so they must be doing something right!!
  10. Mark, MetroCentre meets ????
  11. Doctor Doctor, I think I have "little four pot syndrome"................................... Dont worry its not so bad as a "V8 power complex". just take 20 litres of premium fuel and see just how many more miles you can travel than them. thats if its not raining and they dare to come out and play (or they dont break down) You will soon feel better....... If you dont mind a little 4 pot tagging along, work depending I will be up for this show. Anyone feeling brave enough to set a date for a meet at the Ramside or other venue??
  12. Just caught up with this thread, great day out last year and would like to join in this time. please add me to the list with navigator!! thanx. martin
  13. That would be me! Heading home after visiting "Grim Reaper" (Mike) to see how his brake system replacement was getting along, left him fitting brake pipes to master cylinder and full of enthusiasm after a test drive in my S4 with "real brakes!!"
  14. Mark, they think we are too slow to keep up
  15. \sounds like a plan to me..............................................if I am not working!!
  16. NYLOC, great for NorthEast with a lot going on, but on here for anything technical !!
  17. Never seen that in the UK Roger, point taken thanx. guys just shows , a problem shared is soon solved,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  18. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! Thanks Guys for all the input on this one, seems like 2 problems at the same time, fitted new arm with no improvement so in desperation started pulling connectors and plugs apart, cleaning contacts etc working out from the arm, under dash etc, then to repeater light etc, suddenly it worked without finding anything obvious. so thinking i had wasted money on a new arm I refitted old arm and lost indicators again, refit new one and as if by magic all seems ok. I now have a known good arm fitted so if they go off again I know to look for bad connections in the circuit.......................................somewhere!
  19. New arm fitted, still not working......................any more ideas ??? Has the flasher unit got a left and right side that wokrs independent of the hazards?
  20. Hi, many thanx. for all the thoughts on this problem, will check out the switch again and try cleaning etc. tomorrow wish me luck !!
  21. Still not working, have checked all connections I can find, switch looks ok.bulbs etc all seem fine, not much fun driving right handed routes only!!
  22. Roger, I came to a similar conclusion, will investigate in daylight!!
  23. Left turn indicators stopped working, after stopping for fuel and restarting car they worked for a time then failed again, now nothing!! right side work fine and hazards work, no loose wires or any visible faults. any ideas on where to look appreciated........... 1994 Esprit S4
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