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  1. Sounds like pump not working or leak in hose, as long as pedal is hard then its not a fluid leak, odd car spec?? have fun!
  2. Update.......................... Now have Subaru Impretza 1" master and servo fitted, solved the pedal travel issues and stronger mountings to stop the "spongeeeeeee" pedal So much nicer to drive when you have confidence in stopping power Just about ready for that Nurburg trip............ (Shhhhhhhh, dont tell Anne)
  3. We need a suitable venue, easy to get to from both ends of the area with "Lotus" friendly carpark, Ramside Hall springs to mind............very handy for the Durham area and good for the A1 any better ideas guys ??? Martin
  4. I had similar problems with the S4, gave up on repairs in the end and fitted a high torque motor. BIG improvement, faster engine tunover and less drain on batt. AND its lighter and smaller!!!
  5. I could be up for a trip South for this event if I can arrange work etc. (if I can go see the planes!!)
  6. Mother gone home, dogs eaten the leftovers, working on the mountain of Tesco cheap booze, now if only I could get rid of the decorations and get back to normality then I would be very happy!!
  7. Hi Mike, welcome anytime, give me a call on 01325 374309
  8. Sorry to hear the job situation is giving problems, lets all hope for a better new year, I think a number of people will be happy to see the back of 2010 !!
  9. Hi Mark, pleased to hear the GT3 repairs are under way. any progress with the other restoration?? I heard Jamie was having a look with a view to painting...................... hope you still have a job to pay for all of this Lotus expenditure ??
  10. As the everyone in hibernation since the A19 meets died ??
  11. Looking great.....................................see you Sunday
  12. Sorted................MR2 master and Servo.Hi Spec front calipers, disabled ABS, now I have brakes that really work. Pics as promised,
  13. I might be able to have a run over as I have a delivery to make in Hartlepol at 6/30ish, good reason to use the Esprit!! Mark, have you sorted the GT3 clutch??
  14. Sounds very like the problems I had with the S4, see thread calling all brake Gurus. In the end I gave up and changed the whole system and fit a "normal" vacuum assisted servo and master from a MR2 , disabled ABS .............job done! very light and very strong stopping power! Hawk fast road/ track day pads and even from cold I can stop without fuss or undue effort. Lots of talk on hear from people with similar problems and solutions, I tried many ideas with no improvement, I hope you have more luck than me in sorting your system !!
  15. Hi Mark, just caught up with this thread, sorry for the delay, to count the coins in my piggy bank now !!!!!!
  16. Hi Iain. Wave if you see me in tangoed Esprit s4 or the Elan +2 , Richmond/ Scotch corner area, not many Evoras in this area so far so should spot you easy!!
  17. Hi Dave, Pics. to follow and a step by step guide to braking heaven!! ( well at least a massive improvement on S4 brakes!!!) I have done about 500ml with new set up and all seems good, i am just sorting pedal travel now as I feel its a bit long although its all very progressive and light even with "hard" pads . I do need to alter the mounting brackets to something a lot stiffer than I have fitted now as I feel a bit sponginess is caused by flexing............. ............... its all good but I know I can get it even better, just need to get some time to play watch this space..................
  18. Roger, I have had big problems with Protec shocks failing and poor fit on my Elan+2 so will not even consider as an option, looking more and more like Bibs has the answer..........
  19. Thanx. for the ideas but all I really need is 2 front shocks!! already have new springs and adjustable rears, looks like the fronts are originals and I like the the way the car is set up now...........but always room to improve!!
  20. As title, looks like I need to replace front shocks, anyone reccomend make/type to use for normal road use ??????????
  21. Hi Mark, sorry to hear you have problems, give me a call if I can help..............
  22. David, you are correct, I failed to mention one of the most important parts in the conversion, a non return vacuum valve needs to be in line to prevent pressure build up. I have adapted a Rover (dont know what car???) Turbo manifold valve direct into the inlet port used for the dump valve take off for me!!
  23. Servo now up and running.............................AMAZING!!!!!! after a few problems with brackets and location etc the time taken has been well worth it, the brakes now feel light and instant, ver unlike any Esprit I have driven but more like my over servoed Astra, wont be to everyones liking as no ABS, but OMG THEY REALLY STOP THE CAR I think it would be possible to do this conversion in an afternoon if all the parts were to hand, I have taken out the wilwood limiter to thr rear as i managed to fix the original in line with a good clean out so parts wise i bought a master/servo for £15 of Ebay, brake pipes I made up myself from stock parts and the biggest expense was some copper small bore heating pipe to run the length of the car and somesilicone vacuum hose and clips about £35 brackets and nuts n bolts all found in the garage! I will report once I get a few miles on with town/motorway testing once I am happy with the pedal position and adjustment
  24. Hi Carl, you are welcome any time or we could meet up if need be, let me try to get the servo all workinkg then you are welcome to try it out for yourself and see if its to your liking......... I am iust of the A66/A1 near Scotch Corner if thats any help, we work from home so most times are good.
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