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  1. Ask the KGB, they must have an old training manual lying around ??
  2. OK, finally took the plunge and give up on the whole lot and ripped it out!! Removed master cylinder, resevoir and pump, associated pipes and electics. Replaced with Toyota MR2 (non turbo) master cylinder and servo, new pipes made up and fitted as req. with a Wilwood pressure limiter in line to rear brakes, just bled the system and leak checked, best pedal feel i have ever had on this car and the best brakes ever, best feel ever, even before I connect the servo, still need to run pipe under car and connect into inlet manifold, will report back soon as i grt a chance to do this. Best part is parts cost less than £70 so far!!
  3. Mark, about a dozen cars met at the Windmill on A19 instead of the diner on tuesday, talk of looking for another venue with better food!! Watch this space, I will post up if I hear any more. martin
  4. Roger, wheels refinished by the wheel specialist, Newcastle, they have branches all over the country (franchises) so expect prices to vary, did a deal for 400 all in but dont think he would do it again for that price as it took a full day to seperate the split rims and 2 days for a lad to peel the chrome off by hand before they could do anything else!! really pleased with the end result, the test will be to see how they survive a North Yorks winter.........
  5. Been to Sharm several times for holidays, mainly because I dive and the Red sea is is a paradise for me and Anne is happy to stay around the pool with a book or join me on the dive boats. I have never felt the need to jump on another plane to Cairo to see the Pyramids although a visit is on my things to do list, but will do a boat trip down the Nile and see all the sights! The hotels in Sharm are mostly very good with all inclusive a great invention for me as I think I can eat and drink far more than I ever pay for the holiday although the food can become a little boring and I often feel the need to eat out in town, great choice of the usual Mc Donalds, KFC etc, even found a traditional english fish and chip shop! A couple of very good Indian, Chinese and Thai restaurants in the main centre. Staff and the locals are all very friendly and will treat you like royalty for a small tip, make a point of becoming friends with the head barman and restaurant manager and I guarantee you will never have to wait for a table or service 50 Egyptian pounds (about £5) tip will make you a King for the week. The hotels are safe and secure apart from the drunken Russians but keep your wits about you when venturing out of the hotel complex and Never accept the first price for anything, always be prepared to haggle to the point of being insulting with your offers, its what they expect and a compromise is usually agreed, they all like cash in any form, I carry sterling, dollars, euros and egyptian, On my last trip I made a purchase in a chemists with euros and got change in New Zealand dollars!! Take a trip into the desert, I find it amazing. Enjoy your holiday, go with an open mind and remember it is a very different culture to ours although i think in the last few years Sharm is becoming more and more European. Martin
  6. No, got a V8 spoiler and round rear light back end, sorry if thats no help................must be a standard S4 in the area?? Is it urgent as I do know of one in the York area and He may be at a local meet next week?? Martin
  7. I have S4 (but looks like 02 v8) about 45 min. north of Bradford any help??
  8. MartinL

    6th of july

    Anne and me aim to go , hope to there about 7ish......................... I hope!
  9. my local garage have all the gear to test and refill my S4 aircon but were unable to find the connector/filling valves, anyone point me in the right direction???
  10. On the doorstep event for me, will be working am. but should be there before 1, I normally attend this event with the +2 but happy to bring the Esprit if others are going. NB. It ALWAYS rains for this show (past 3 years anyway!!)
  11. Carl, please let me know if you find a source for new masters as my initial phone calls were a failure!! PS. Pete at PNM reckons he can overhaul/recondition the master unit !!
  12. I think my master is finally dead, after Sundays run to the Gaydon show I was feeling less than happy with my soft brakes and thought I would have "one last try" at bleeding................. Started by depressurising system, about 40 pedal pushes, remove top to find the rear resevoir looking like milk it was so full of minute air bubbles!! after a few minutes bubbles dispersed and fluid looking normal although level was slightly down...............time to experiment as something very odd going on, push pedal down slowly and a million small bubbles emerge from bottom of rear resevoir, more on release and continue for several pushes, allow fluid to clear and try again, this time no bubbles, at this point I am thinking I had found and released some trapped air, great..........replace top and turn on power to run pump, try pedal..........feeling much better, best have a run down road to try............. Oh shit, just the same soft pedal. Started whole procedure again, more bubbles in fluid, then noticed the puddle of fluid under the master!! My conclusion is the master seals on the rear section have failed allowing air into cylinder and allowing fluid to weep out. Anyone got a spare master cylinder??? Are new masters still available ??? Do I rip it all out and fit an alternative system?? Any bright ideas ???? My original complaint was the lack of assistance, but it looks like I have only had any real effort from the front brakes for some time although the rears were good enough to pass an MOT ???
  13. Me and Gavin had a great day out, nice to put some faces to names. thanx. to martyn for organising, nice to see all the working TVRs in the world in one place.
  14. Half way through polishing the car and it starts to fu.....g rain, not a little light drizzle but a full on monsoon with thunder and lightning!!! Hope its dry by 5am so I can try and get some of the streaks and blotches off before setting off down the road.............
  15. Jonathan.I have followed your brake bleed method and the manual and another method reccomended by a lotus mechanic, i am certain the system has no air in it but I still have what I consider a soft pedal, however the car has just passed its MOT with the tester commenting thaathe brakes work a lot better than they feel, I know they will never feel like a modern overservoed bm but they just dont inspire confidence. my over 40 elan +2 has far superior stopping power and that is no 100mph+ supercar, just dont know what to try next.
  16. Checked mine also, Pump runs after 4 pushes; pump runs 32sec. to refill after depressurising, can hold pedal till leg aches and pump wont run, no leaks........... whole system bled as per Jonathans procedure, all fluid replaced, all calipers stripped, cleaned, checked for leaks and sticking pistons, new pads etc, car pulls up in a straight line, JUST NO ASSISTANCE AAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHHH ABS disabled So do I now pay 400+ for a new master cylinder or fit a Wilwood master with proportioning valve in line to rears with no servo and no abs. at approx £150
  17. Same problem, followed same procedure, no assistance, conclusion S4 brakes are shit, got to replace the whole system to be sure!
  18. Ok guys still looking good for me and Gavin, sorry been off line for a week (diving in Red sea!) see you around 9am at meeting point.
  19. OK for me..........................time??????
  20. thats great Matt, tea and bacon butties at your house ???
  21. My S4 has 4 headlight conversion, no problem at MOT test yesterday, only needed small adjustment to height of 1 beam, tester did it FOC without me asking!! but he did ask if I should have 4 tail lights?? I have late V8 round tail lights fitted, He gave me a pass certificate, I said thankyou, see you next year!!!
  22. Due to Annes poor health, we find ourselves unable to take our holiday this month and as no close friends or family (that I would give it to foc.) are able to go I am looking to recoup something or lose the lot by not going, I know its short notice, but I need to change ticket names by Monday 7th. Details................. 16th to 23rd June, 7 nights ALL INCLUSIVE at the Hilton hotel, Sharks Bay, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt (red sea), This is a Thomas Cook holiday and includes transfers, in flight meals and extra baggage (handy for diving equipment) This has been booked for some months now and stands me at £1137.75 + £70.00 admin to change ticket names. make me an offer................... We used this hotel last year and found it to be very good with great staff and great food ( english head chef!) a lot better than others we have tried in the area, A very good dive centre on site with a brilliant house reef (white knight) Go on, treat the missus to some sunshine. pm. or phone for more info. Martin 01325 374309. NB. Flights are from NEWCASTLE
  23. Map book..............£3.99 Works for me everytime, far!!!
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