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  1. Try the Kennel Club, they will have a list of breeders with pups available now, We find it a good way of nationwide advertising when we have pups for sale.................sorry no Dobermans, we only breed Golden retrievers and English Springer Spaniels.....................good luck finding a pup!!
  2. Looks like a good day out, me and Gavin please with the S4. Thanx. Martin
  3. Wheels are back and looking good, chrome stripped off and powder coated.
  4. Toby, The wheels are 3 piece split rims with chrome outers, now peeling and blistering badly. after contacting several wheel restorers and pricing rechroming, the decided action is to strip chrome and powder coat the outer rims chrome silver with the centre "spokes" a black chrome, hope to have them back on friday.
  5. I do not have permission to view!!
  6. Hi Martin, yes,wife,children,dogs, horses etc. allowing. should be there....................... and dont forget the volcanic ash!! anything could happen!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Had you guys all gone home to hide from the rain by the time I arrived at 1.30ish, only a few Loti on site and a constant stream of various performance cars heading out and on the A68 as we tried to get in! Was not impressed with what was left of the show, lots of Porkers (all look the same to me in the rain) Lots of red italian things and the obligatory noisy TVRs. The car park was as good as the show!!! Hope you all had safe journey home, hope to catch up and meet another day. martin
  8. mkelite, no this is not the guy that painted sparkys car and yes a total strip down for a colour change, even the inside of the door shells are painted, I have many more pics. of car in varios states of strip down and rubbing down, priming etc. should you wish to see them pm. me you email. the job was done over about 11 weeks start to finish but he will do 2-3 weeks for a little more cash!! He has worked on several vehicles for me including a full strip down and colour change on my Elan +2 about 5 years back it still looks show condition now, I have also had him paint HGVs and the work and finish is always 1st class, my cars are available for anyone to look at as examples. Some of the guys from on here will see the car at Corbridge tomorrow (16th) they might like to comment on the work!!! jamie is happy to take on any jobs from small touch ups to major repairs, give him a call.
  9. David, thanks for you comments, interior is staying burgundy and black, I did have concerns that it would clash, but with the black seats (from you, Thanks.) I am quite happy to leave as is for now! Mark, hope to see you tomorrow at Corbridge, you can check out the finish for yourself!
  10. About time for this infamous Esprit to change its ID Horrid sparkly black hiding coats of many colours,,, Thats more like it, should I have it in white?? About time for some colour...... 31 seperate parts to paint Now where do all the bits go?? At last...........very happy, now need to get those wheels sorted, and the brakes and the gear linkage and a mot. and and and.......must still be more to do! Big thanks to Jamie Dent 07712 648643 near Northallerton N.Yorks for what must be the best value quality strip down colour change respray this year!! Change from £1700
  11. ??????? Do I NEED TO KNOW???
  12. Dave, you are totally insane or a real enthusiast!! look forward to meeting you!!!!!!!!!!
  13. £1700 yes £1700 no joke! pics of strip down and prep to follow on new thread. great finish. The same guy painted my +2 5years back and its still show quality with no cracks or crazing, He had the Esprit about 11 weeks, fitting in between other work, if i had wanted it quicker then price would have been a little more, he has also painted HGVs for me and always a 1st class job............ Jamie Dent07712648643 based near Northallerton, N, yorks
  14. Rob, I am very happy with the finished job, a full strip down and colour change. I will post more pics of strip down and repaint on a new thread as soon as I have time to resize and post.
  15. I appreciate what you say, but head a little further north and get change from £1700 !!
  16. After all the time you are taking,rubbing down etc. and cost of materials would a professional spray job not be more economical and a superior finish?? My S4 has iust come back from a full strip down and paint at what I think a bargain price............
  17. Hi guys, Esprit is back from painting (at last) and looking great......................shame i have to work Sunday am. Hope to get away by lunchtime and have a blast up the 68 for a look round. hope to see you then..........
  18. Points to watch out for as above in elanmans comments, good chassis is essential check point but not a major problem to change for a competent DIY mechanic with a big garage and lots of spare time!! Engines although considered a complex unit are really a doddle to work on compared to modern stuff but do have a habit of needing regular rebuilds to keep in top condition (very few are dry and free from oil leaks) and rebuilds dont come cheap, my current engine to 1700 fast road spec. cost 2K+ in parts alone. Interiors seem to let down many +2 but seat retrimming and carpets are not a problem, dashboards suffer over time but again good quality replacements are available. bodywork/paintwork needs to be worked on by someone who understands fibreglass and flexing panels but this need not cost a fortune if you are prepared to do some of the prep. grinding back to glass etc. My shell was in a poor way with blebs and stars on every panel with impact damage on rear wing, now 4+ years since painting about 16000ml and used all year round it is still in show condition and I got change from1.5k ( total strip down and colour change) The same painter has just finished my S4 with a colour change and its sooooooooo good! (I really need to work out how to post pics.!) I had the+2 at Malvern with a "For Sale" on the screen that created a lot of interest but no offers,just as well cos would be sorry to see it go as really enjoy the car with lots of performance and practical with a 5 speed box enabling motorway cruising and economy(35+ on a run) The box is transformed by using modern synthetic oils! Happy hunting for the right car!!! just ask if you want any more info as I dont think ther e is any part I have not worked on/stripped at some point.
  19. Council snow plough driver in the Bahamas!
  20. Pleased to see i am not the only one to keep a +2 on the road at this time of year............
  21. Thankyou Simon, one day at a time, its just that some are not as good as others,keep a sense of humour.....Anne laughs about her lack of memory all the time. Anne is still driving with no problems but a couple of weeks back I was driving and complained she had left no diesel in the tank, her reply.......How am I to Know that??? I have a sign in my front screen "Dont worry, be HAPPY" I count my blessings, things could be much worse!!
  22. My wife, Anne was diagnosed with early Alzheimers last year at age 52, a big shock to all the family, she has given up work as a college lecturer as totally unable to cope with day to day stress. So far her memory probs. appear to be only short term with am often forgotten by pm but next day she will remember, I am often given messages days old as she remembers them and often need to return urgent calls days late! (sorry to anyone waiting for me to call) The hospitals and medical staff have been 1st class and a great help,medication will hopefully slow down the inevitable, but for now we are able to enjoy life day to day and make the most of our enjoy good health while you can as you never know just what might come your way. ps. there is an upside to this as I get away with spending a fortune on the cars and tell her that she said it was ok yesterday!!! martin
  23. Oh! bugger, my kids is all grown up.....................better bring the dog along!!!!!!!!!! look forward to meeting you guys......... martin
  24. Its March, no snow and the sun is out!! Anyone out to play this month? esprit is still in a hundred bits but Elan is on top form for a run out................. martin
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