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  1. Sounds like the same problem i have, everything seems to be working but no assistance to braking effort, i will try Jonathans brake bleed procedure then rip out the whole system and fit a new Wilwood master and proportioning valve, no servo, no ABS, no problem! (I hope)
  2. Very very happy a cheque in the post from the tax man, just having trouble deciding how to spend my £5.43!!!!!!!!!
  3. Reccomend you try Henderson Taylor (ask for Matthew Taylor) 0161 4377442, he managed to beat all quotes for my S4 Esprit and Elan +2 (highly modified) including road rescue and track cover etc. Its worth a phone call???
  4. Is there anyone there ???????? Hope to have Esprit back from repaint this week so will be looking for any old reason to have a run out (weather permitting) Any meetings on the A19 ??
  5. Yes, could be up for this work depending! handy for me, straight run up the 68..........
  6. Elio D Angelis, not mentioned on the poll????? Talented and a gentleman, a very close 2nd to Clark in my mind.........................
  7. Yes, count me in, if i ever get the Esprit back from the paint shop and fix the brakes!! The further north the better for me but could make a trip out of it, date dependent.............
  8. Hi Jonathan, I have the Hi Spec "big brake" set up on the front with 4 pots but this is the exact setup i was thinking of fitting, please let me know how you find it? its going to be a few weeks before i can start on mine as car is in for repaint, Have fun!!!! Martin
  9. Hi, I have looked into going this route to replace my S4 crap system, all looks a straightforward fitting and set up but do you know the master cyl. diamater?? Various sizes available off the shelf but would like to try and get it right first time.........
  10. Sounds good to me, 12 months to try and break it again!! Hope this sorts it and its not an ECU problem.............
  11. Well done! job sorted at a sensible price.
  12. Keep us all informed of any progress, must be many other frustrated owners looking for an alternative system. Must be an opportunity for someone to produce a DIY "KIT" using a vacuum servo.......................or any other ideas????
  13. Keep us informed as to how they last as the rear Pro techs I fitted to my Elan +2 failed after 2 years and less than 10000ml Maybee I am just unlucky???
  14. Hi Jonathan, thanks for that, Car pulls up in a straight line, all pads and calipers free, no leaks when holding pedal down, just no assistance! martin
  15. Hi guys, your help needed........recent purchase of S4 with Hi spec front brake conversion,disabled abs,Hawk fast road/track day pads, I am 14stone 6foot and fit but find it impossible to stop the car from any speeds, my 8stone wife describes the car as fu... dangerous, i have read through all this thread and done the tests i can............the pump is heard to work for 30 sec. after draining pressure fully (approx. 50 pumps of pedal) and cuts in after 2or 3 depressions when running but it still seems to have no assistance to the braking force, i have tried fitting softer front pads with little improvement. pedal travel is short before bite and has no "air in system" feel about it, i have asked about other owners only to be told ...S4 brakes are crap! I realise its an over complex system but my 40 year old Elan puts this to shame, something must be failing or I have high expectations. many thanx. in anticipation of your help or informing me this is the best i can expect!!! ( NB. I can not lock the wheels on a wet road! all calipers and pads are free and clean)
  16. Hi, I have been in the jewellery/watch trade for over 30years and although i am a goldsmith/diamond mounter by trade, I feel qualified to comment (feel free to take note or ignore as you please!) Firstly, mechanical watch movements are not accurate.......i have NEVER seen an accurate Rolex (must be one out there!) but 4min out per day is not acceptable, however the older the watch the more wear and play in the moving parts cause problems...............most of us have rebuilt worn engines due to mechanical wear!, same problem.........poor irregular oil changes cause damage to moving parts. Now we have made the connection between cars and watches,keep thinking on the same lines, if you employ a time served expert to work on your pride and joy then expect to pay for time and parts, if you want only genuine manufacturers parts used make it clear!, aftermarket parts are available for most watch movements often at a fraction of the cost. Not all mechanics understand your Lotus, not all watchmakers understand your Omega/Rolex/Longines etc. Seek out a specialist for your needs and remember all things mechanical have a usable life expectancy. regular sympathetic sevicing Will extend that life, dont be a "wait till it breaks then fix it" man. Like a car, a normal sevice should only take a few hours, but ordering of parts may take days or weeks if waiting for parts from manufacturers, no professional will keep you waiting longer than need be as he only gets paid when the job is done!! i am in no way touting for work but will happily help anyone with a problem . martin. ps. if you want an accurate watch, buy one with a quartz movement next time you call in your local petrol station! ( many cheap watghes share the same insides as expensive brand names!!!!!)
  17. Thanx. for info, sorry but unable to make tues night this time, please keep me informed of any meets etc. martin
  18. New to forum and Esprit ownership, anything happening in area???
  19. S4, SCC082910RHA61253 L213 LMO Yes it is that car.......................ex Tim Shaw (sold for 50p on Ebay) Now slowly working my way through it trying to sort out the problems and return to something like standard. Trying to sort out that paintwork,but may be looking at a full respray! anyone got ideas for colour change??? please bear in mind red and black interior.
  20. 1 more in the area now! I am just south of you at Scotch Corner/Richmond, new to the forum and Esprit ownership so just finding my feet! Would be great to meet up some time. I also use a cover.................Elan+2 in garage, need to sort out junk and make day!!!!
  21. Still for sale!!, is it worth a look as thinking of p.ex the S4??
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