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  1. Mark, get your eyes tested..................that is a fabulous looking car
  2. Is it really time to get wet again ?? I hope to make it there again this year, no sport 350 now so will be the Exige 260 cup or if I can find a little time it would be good to have the +2 out for its first show ......(engine ready to go in and lots of new bits in boxes ready to bolt on)
  3. This car has been seen a few times in the Bedale area but nobody seems to know where its from or who owns it,
  4. Light covering this morning, started to melt by lunchtime then 2 hours heavy snow, now frozen solid, main roads mostly well gritted but side roads are lethal, Oh well its winter in North Yorkshire, but if one more idiot says " Awwww its so pretty" I think I may be locked up for murder............. I HATE SNOW
  5. The Esprit has gone and I need a replacement, just been out today looking at Exige S and have to say the offers on new cars are tempting especially when you walk into the showroom and see a car in the right colour and the right spec. and the salesman says "you can have that on the road, jan. registered for less than 30k down, 3 years warranty, 3 years free seviceing, nothing more to pay for 12/24 months" Oooooh so tempting, shame they wont offer the same deals on a Cup car. If I thought I would be keeping the car long term I wouldnt worry about the residuals but I just know that in 2 years time there will be a new model I want........ Ho hum, dcisions decisions, after all its only a car and we all know they depreciate
  6. for the last year my daily drive has been a Subaru Legacy estate 3.0 B spec, living in the yorkshire dales i needed a 4x4 but didnt want another landrover type as I do need to cover motorway miles and I wanted performance, the scooby has done the job perfectly, I am very impressed with outstanding pulling power, acceleration and unbelievable grip and handling, full leather, built in sat nav, climate, twin sunroof etc. its got the lot, proved reliable and can carry 5 in comfort, road tax is high but fuel at an average of 30.5 over almost 10k isnt too bad, the good thing was the bargain price of 6k, its on a 06 plate but was a 2 owner pristine condition 36k car with FSH. I will run this car for the next few years or untill I get the urge for something else....... I like it.....LOTS
  7. Mark, I cant get rid of my daughter, went off to study at 19, came home as often as possible, bought her own house with boyfriend and still spent time here, fell out with boyfriend, sold house, moved back here................. now 29 and no sign of ever leaving, could be something to do with the 10 horses she keeps with me !!!! Happy to have her here, more like my best friend than a daughter now that her mums in full time care. just wish she was a better cook, I still do all the meals !! Got a 31 year old son, he left home at 19, lucky if I see him once a month............Ho Hum, thats life and children.
  8. well done Mike, get that all done and you can help with my resto............mines only been off the road 14 years so should be easy !!!!
  9. Great news Mike, I will call round when I can, love to hear the old girl running. before you further on with my +2 resto, summer project now posponed to winter project !!
  10. Enjoyed the show, 560ml round trip,the free tickets made it worthwhile !!! cheers Bibs, good to see the members turnout some cracking cars and a chance to meet some names
  11. Tickets arrived, thanx. Anyone travelling from the North early Sunday want to meet/convoy...................will need something to keep me awake on a 4.30 start. A1, M11,M25 for me.
  12. Must get engine built and back into my +2 !!
  13. Are we still doing this or not................makes big difference to my set off time if I no longer need to arrive before 9am. Shame not to put on a good show !
  14. Not all S4 require a cat, my early car never had a cat, my mot test man consulted a book of numbers and declared it was made pre-cat requirement, worth checking engine/vin numbers. Might be worth a call to Pure Lotus to clarify situation.
  15. very nice, I have one just like might even have an engine soon !! Very underated car, always in the shadow of the baby Elan, only recently starting to be more appreciated as a model in its own right.
  16. Hi Ken, welcome from another Sunderland lad, you must have been to lotus Newcastle looking at the solar yellow cup car, awsome beast, I am trying to resist it myself, I have been sat in JCTs Elise Scr demo car tonight at NYLOCs monthly meet and it is a very impressive car, lighter and more "chuckable" than the V6 and very little difference in performance, I think Buddsy is right when he says this is a slightly overshadowed car and not to be dismissed with such good deals to be had. I was told I could have 2 years 0%, 3 years warranty and free sevicing..............bargain imho.
  17. time to start digging out the fall out shelter ??
  18. I have a "pass out" and staff cover for the day, so it will be a day trip of 200+ miles each way, car wont be clean but I can be there for 9 (roads and traffic permitting) if you need the S350 for the day............
  19. A big blue spot over me !
  20. If I diet and trim down a few stone....................will it go faster ???
  21. Unbelievers, I have a picture on my phone of a UFO, I will post when I figure out how to............
  22. Rapidly coming round to that idea.
  23. So it must have been someone on here that rang me today as the car is only listed on this site, he must be familiar with V8s as all the right questions asked.......................then without warning, rants about how poor the V8 engine is and the cars were all badly built and by now it should be needing a fortune spent on it, so if it drives ok and is as good as I say it is then he might go to 22k (cos thats all its worth at best) If you are that man with a southern accent, please dont bother to phone back unless you are prepared to give me your name and phone number so I can tell everyone on here YOU ARE A TIMEWASTER AND AN IDIOT! rant over...............
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