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  1. great run out . hope the passengers enjoyed it !!
  2. I love it when a plan comes together !!! Traffic, car , family, dogs , horses allowing I should be able to make this now but will be setting new land speed records to make Washington by 6.00 see you soon..................................... i think.
  3. Still no work cover confirmed .........but...trying hard to arrange.
  4. Hi, thanx for the invite, would normally have taken up your offer but sorry to say I am expected to attend a family wedding this weekend in Croydon..............might take the Esprit for a blast down the A1 and back as its a day trip only !!
  5. Errrr, mmmmmm no....not sure dont start me thinking about it......... my head hurts
  6. Satnavs ???? What is this evil you dare speak of ?
  7. Washington services...............................eeeerrrrrmmmmm North or south, or do we just wave at each other over the motorway ????
  8. Cool, hip hop,celebrity ??? sounds like an idiot to me............. I must be getting old !!!
  9. Eerrrrrrrrmmm.............. someone tell me what I missed ???
  10. Now listed in classified section @ £32500, priced to sell....................I hope ! For some reason ad would not accept my photo, will take more and add to listing later or anyone wanting pics of any area of car just ask.
  11. Bibs are you trying to say my S350 is a little loud now I have the Quicksilver exhaust on ?? I dont think it will be more than 125db @ 5000rpm
  12. Happy to have a run out if I can get cover for work for a few hours,sorry but wont be able to confirm untill thursday.
  13. Trevor, thankyou, not seen that ad on Ebay, sounds very similar to my car, is 40k a realistic price today ?? I would be very happy to get anywhere near that. Sorry but I dont have any spare wheels.
  14. For various reasons the Sport 350 may shortly be up for sale (naturally the first ad. will be on here) a few phone calls to the dealers has brought mixed reactions and leaves me a little uncertain what to do for the best, naturally I want the best price I can with the least hassle........... Sport 300 prices have gone through the roof and as nice as my car is I dont think its worth 50k No 350s appear to be for sale to my knowledge so how do I set a price ??
  15. Searched the garage and sheds, just about got a full crossflow engine box of bits, now just need to source a good AX South African block and we can start building a 1900 engine, with a nice KC234 cam running twin 40s should be good for lots of torqe and 130-140bhp, stronger and more reliable than a twink.................untill I can find a good twin cam to rebuild.
  16. john your ideas are brilliant, .................. now who would like to buy my sport 350 to fund this all new engine from QED ??
  17. john, you may have just given me a plan. mmmmmm 2.0 zetec on webbers or bike carbs, no messing with electrics or fuel systems, easy straight swop when a twink comes along, sounds great .............think again, need a chassis change or at least major alterations by a very good welder to fit the zetec. 1760 crossflow here we go !!!
  18. Just bought a +2 complete car minus engine, went to view with a zetec conversion in mind but the car is so original and complete it seems a shame to bastardise it with anything but a well sorted twin cam...........................but then the extra performance and reliability from a fuel injected zetec would be nice.....................or a strong well tuned crossflow is an option (an engine I really like tuning and working on) Any other ideas ?? Anyone got a twink lying about to sell ??
  19. Andy, I will try to think on and bring some wooden stakes ( I always have some handy as we have a local vampire problem) if the wind is not too bad we can peg out the banner in front of the cars...................or sit under it in the thunderstorms.
  20. Thunderstorms !!! Its all your fault Andy, if you drove your car more than once a year then the rain Gods would not feel the need to save it all up for this one day a year when your car ventures out............... I will be there, I have arranged staff cover, if I have to pay them then I WILL be having the day out come rain/thunder/sleet or anything else the weather throws at us,( but not if the roads are covered in ice , the Esprit will try to kill me then, ) I think we really need to be on site before 10.30ish, how about 10am at Brockbushes ???
  21. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH !!!! PANTERA I would happily swop the 350 for that...........
  22. Hi Dave, it must be something about Sport 350 owners, I am licensed for 15 cats, 35 dogs and room for 16 horses, welcome to my world !!! Give up all idea of an easy life, its hard work and very time consuming, the animals are usually ok but the owners can be a pain...... Nearly 20 years here and just thinking about selling up now that its just me running things, just ask if you need to know anything. ps. Make friends with the local vet.
  23. Hope to get there. Do we need to enter or just roll up ??
  24. Alien abduction ???? No more absurd than some of the theories in the media.
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