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  1. Alien abduction ???? No more absurd than some of the theories in the media.
  2. I called in to see Mike today..................and THE car,...............WOW, what a find. The original paintwork is outstanding, the underside is cleaner than my 350 and the interior still has that special smell that only fiberglass and leather can produce. Looking forward to hearing this pull up in my drive on its first test run !!
  3. Is it me or my computer, but try and try again and I get a blank page....................
  4. Job done with engine in place.............8 hours on the ramp, support engine remove mount, oil filter housing pipework etc and then it is possible !!!! Lots of swearing, loss of skin and coffee involved, all for a £16 switch, (Lotus wanted £100+ but are out of stock with no idea when available ???? )
  5. I had AVO fully adjustables with standard springs on my old S4 and had similar problems with rubbing on rear after trying to get a lower ride , after hours of adjustment and experimentation (is that a real word ??) I concluded that the factory ride height was "the right one" and remember that lowering the front can alter camber angles etc, often leading to deterioration in handling and front end grip. For road use I think the standard factory spec will be hard to beat, after all they probably spent many hours and many settings to arrive at the best allround setup.
  6. Mike, good to catch up with you and Matt, would love to see any pics. you managed to get.
  7. I love the V6 and would have one myself if my back would allow me to get in and out ! But I recently watched a Honda S1 totally dominate a couple of V6 on a short tight track, the cup may be different and a longer more open track may give the V6 an advantage. Horses for courses as they say ??
  8. Greay day out, the rain held off most of the day leaving a track mostly dry with some grasy sections covered in leaves, agood turn out of mostly Exige/Elise variants with a few Evora, a couple of modified Exels and me in the Sport 350. I was almost sent home before the start as I could not pass the strict 90db. after a little negotiation we compromised and I was allowed to run at a max of 4000rpm !! now we all know how hard that was going to be, I tried and really tried hard and the Esprit with its long gearing and enormous low end torque could hold its own no problem but by the afternoon sessions temptation took over and after a few laps at full power and no black flags I just had to let it go go go !! Big thanks to all at Newcastle Lotus and the team at Croft circuit. The coffee and buffet lunch enjoyed by all !
  9. Philip, get yourself along for 8.30 breakfast, its a Lotus Newcastle promo thing, they want as many Lotus owners/potential owners as possible there. grab some pax laps and still be home for lunch and time to sort the bedroom !!!
  10. WooooooHoooo !! got a place on track, that nice Iain Norton at Lotus Necastle offered me a cancellation slot, think he might want a pax lap in the Sport350.........happy to oblige. Anyone else on here going ??
  11. Oh Bugger !!! Full up, 40 cars booked in. I will still be along for a nosey and pax laps. Doubt I could make the noise limit anyway.
  12. Mike, thanx for the reminder , will see if i can arrange cover for the day, new ECM. new brakes etc. need to stretch her legs on an oppen circuit..........430bhp should be enough ???? Have you got the Esprit up and running ???
  13. Sorry to work, let down by my staff again !!
  14. Looks like I may now be working Sunday .................but will try to get cover. Watch this space !!!
  15. I recently tried to do this to get at the oil pressure switch............NO !! support engine remove mount etc, then filter housing. Almost a days work on the ramps to change a pressure switch. I would like to meet the design team.......aaaaarrrrggghhhh. Have fun and good luck !!
  16. V6 Cup in Lotus Newcastle, yellow /black WOW !!!! now what can I sell to raise 67k ????
  17. Sorted !! Cut damaged end off, new push on fitting with stainless mikalor clamp. under £10 and less than 30 minutes under the car !! Road tested..............REALLY tested to Very hot, not a drop of oil to be seen.
  18. OK, thanx. for the info. will try to repair in place first, fittings on order. no problem getting end free at oil filter but I think the oil cooler end looks very corroded and may prove more difficult!! wish me luck.
  19. One of the oil cooler hoses is leaking at the crimped end fitting onto the oil filter housing, Lotus want approx. £300 for 1 hose !!! my local hydraulic hose maker will supply one for under £50 if I can tell him the end fitting size and thread, anyone know this please ??? Any ideas how best to get new hose through chassis ? thanx.
  20. make that 3 x Sport 350 (just need to confirm cover) Cliff, that will give me approx. 12 hour round trip ! just another daily run, why spoil it with a stopover ??.................are you running on tachograph ????
  21. Red stuff all round..........great on road but a recent track session showed a lot of fade under hard frequent braking, yet to investigate if pads were the cause or brake fluid due for change.
  22. As it says on the case, it will resist water penetration to 100m, to be fully waterproof it needs screw down crowns a screw on back and a sealed glass, all rubber seals to be in good condition and pressure tested (a good watchmaker will be able to test for you) Having said that, most water resistant watches will survive a trip to the local pool, take it from a diver who has worked in the watch and jewellery trade for 30+ years !!
  23. I had a S4,modified to near S4s spec, bodged with bits from here and there, painted in the brightest colour possible ( most of you know the car!) and I only ever had minor problems that I could sort myself, that car could take any abuse I could throw at it on motorways or country roads and it just begged for more............but I longed for a V8, so I sold the S4 and my beloved Elan +2 (big mistake) to buy the ultimate V8, a low miles full history etc,etc Sport 350. 15 months on and I miss the S4 , the V8 is FAST, looks great, BUT I feel like I am driving a 1980s ferrari, it feels fragile and ready to break if I push it hard, I have not had any major issues but even minor work seems to need specialist attention, ie 6 hours to change a oil pressure switch (dismantle oil filter housings and turbo pipes,engine mounts etc,etc.) Its now a very rare car, so needs to be maintained and kept as the factory intended . Anyone want to do a deal on a S4s or even better a Sport 300 ?? I think a 4 pot that needs driving hard to perform suits my needs more than a torque monster V8.
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