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  1. Errrrrrrmmmm ! time to update the website............
  2. Today I have 31 Dogs, 11 Cats, 8 horses, 1 shetland pony and 4 goldfish to look after and feed/muck out !!! But then I do own a Kennels,Cattery and livery yard !!! if anyone needs pets looking after.........................just ask. off to shovel more sh.... now.
  3. 576 original fitting on Volvo 200 series 74-94 and volvo Amazone !!!
  4. Phil, I think I may have the hose you need, will dig out the box of s4 brake parts and check.
  5. My local circuit.........less than 5ml, great offer....................BUT...................90db. limit !!! doubt if my Nissan Micra shopping trolly could make that, so no chance for the Esprit !!
  6. I have one spare from my S4 , I guess it would cost a fortune to send to Oz, its a big heavy lump !! i think the best idea is try to source some new seals if its a working unit that only drips a bit of fluid.
  7. Genuine car, should be a good buy, previous owner was a NYLOC member but I think the car has seen little use for a few years, looked stunning when I last saw it.
  8. Its the NYLOC show again ! Buckles inn on the A64, York ringroad. All welcome from 6.30ish till you want to leave !! FREE to take part Every car turning up eligable for entry Everyone attending gets to vote for Best Classic Modern Engine bay Interior Car you would most like to take home Shed of the day. Lots of fine Lotus machinery to see and usually other exotic and classics Expect 60+ cars
  9. Another 3 hours under the car and I give up !! some of you mechanic types out there must know the trick to this one..........please share the secret.
  10. Got that John, Bargain buy!!
  11. OOOOOOHHHHH!!! pics please have fun.
  12. Elan +2 ..............brilliant car, should never have sold mine! simple basic cars, nothing to be frightened of, engines are easy to work with compared to modern stuff and parts are all available at sensible prices although a full engine rebuild could cost you an arm and leg. just ask, someone on here will know the answer.
  13. I have a leaking oil pressure switch , How on earth do I get at it ?? It looks like I need to first remove the oil filter mounting but 1 of the 4 bolts is impossible to get at. I love Lotus engineering !!!!!!!
  14. In times of austerity and money saving............ Hang them.........job done, money saved. just my personal feeling.
  15. How old are the pads? I have found pads to harden and become brittle and less effective on cars that do low miles and often stand for long periods with no use. But as above, lots to check over that can cause poor braking.
  16. Yours for 370,000AED or about 65k in real terms its cheaper than when it left the factory.
  17. If you want LHD and can live with the colour combo, this is a steal !! ... -new-2004/
  18. Never heard about this and its only 5 mile from me !! Working am in kennels, Horse transport job pm Yet another show missed.
  19. So who have the UK cars and are they on the forum ??? Rob, you have 26 27 has changed owner to Andy ?? I have 16 Trevor has 11....I think No 18 in blue is up for sale only 10 to find, how hard can that be ?????
  20. Brilliant work !! must dig out my Bond DB5..........also well used and in need of resoration.
  21. All the reviews and anyone i spoke to said the Sport 350 brakes were fantastic so I was very dissapointed when I bought my car to find that they were really nothing to shout about with a hard pedal feeling like I had little servo assistance, investigation revealed "Green stuff" front pads and rears fitted with some unknown cheap looking crap. The lack of servo was traced to a faulty non return valve in the vacuum line and this greatly improved assistance and pedal feel but not the overall braking, several people reccomended various pads as "the best", eventually fitting EBC Red Stuff resulting in instant WOW......instantly brilliant brakes that are improving all the time as they bed in. The Esprit braking system seems to be fussy about the pads used, my old S4 worked best overall with Hawk pads but the brakes were non standard with a vacuum servo and PNM big disc front conversion with Hispec calipers. For everyday use I had some cheap Volvo Amazon (I kid you not !!) soft pads that had so much instant bite that I could jump the car out of the test station rollers!!, the downside was that I had no brakes when they got hot!!
  22. Delco brakes on the S4 are a complicated combination of electrics and hydraulics and can throw all manner of problems at you, but start with the basics ie. check fluids, leaks and connections. No doubt Darren (the forum delco brake Guru ) will be along shortly with the answer !! Personally I would junk the whole system and replace with a real servo!!!!!!!
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