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  1. Erik, I have a spare wind deflector with no fittings and a small chip out of one corner (filler and paint to your colour needed) if its of any help pm me !
  2. OOOOHHHH NOOOO !! bad news, shit happens to many of us and I really dont think that any car dealer would want this to happen at point of sale, BUT if the car in not 100% when you next go for it then walk away and look for another, just my 2p worth.....
  3. loving the look and the Union jacks on the wing are outstanding, now thinking about making some for the end plates on the 350 wing.
  4. Check as above,but 1st pull wire off and push back on as it may just be a dirty/corroded contact.
  5. I rang this place today looking for the ECU as still having problems with mine, sounds like very little left worth having, he is expecting someone from "up North" to collect engine this week and they want the ECU with it, anyone on here?? Got the feeling they expect to get a fortune for every little part they can remove but dont want to be very helpfull on the phone or I might have rang at a bad time !!!
  6. I saw this last night and thought the same. then thought........what do I need and what could I justify buying??
  7. My old car............I p/ex this to a dealer in June this year after 3 years of fun and lots of cash, the car was in very good shape mechanically and although it was "recorded" the body had been very well repaired from minor damage, as dave says the paint was very good although not to everyones colour was how I wanted it !! I dont know what it has gone through in the last 6 months but I doubt if it is in any worse state, if anything I think it will be better as the last owner had some paintwirk done to repair stone chips and rabbit damage to valance, I know because the body shop rang me to check the paint codes! At the end of the day you pays your money and takes a chance on any older car with history of repairs and rebuilds/modifications or you pay top money for a totally original car with perfect service history and low miles and could still find that lack of use requires a fortune spending to bring back to perfect. All this could be talked over for days on here but it is all irrelivent as the car is now SOLD and living in Scotland, I know as I spoke to the new owner last night after he had driven the car home in the snow! He sounded "over the moon" with his new toy and was aware of a few jobs needing some work but as he has been a "LOTUS" man for many years it is only what he expected, I have offered to help in any way I can if he comes across any non standard issues that I may be aware of as on several occasions myself I had to find faults and trace non standard wiring and I was responsible for several modifications myself. I have already reccomended he ask on here for this space!!!!!!!!!
  8. It appears to be flight costs greatly increasing due to fuel and higher tax that is pushing up the price of the package holiday. I found hotels to be similar or less this year.......... I normally book flights and accomodation seperate to get the best deals outside of school holidays.
  9. Well done Tim, good choice of car! it looks stunning. welcome to the forum
  10. It passed.................thats all !!!!!!!
  11. Seats look have the same carpet as me !!!!! (has yours faded badly in sunlight ??) sorry to be off topic.
  12. I have voting forms..............................nothing more, dont know who is standing, political or not, no door knockers, so I wont be wasting my time at the village hall !!!!
  13. Hi Mark. I will look out for you, we have several Evora drivers turn up. dont worry about the time you arrive, nothing formal , people come and go all night!
  14. Yes, 4th tuesday of the month (no December meet) @ The Buckles on the A64 expect 40ish cars this time of year and 80+ in the summer Tyre kicking from 6.30ish and talky bit (optional) 8ish all welcome, hope to see you Nov. 27th
  15. Do we have all the cars we need ??
  16. Bibs, I think this is what Alex wants to get to but parts are not available for his year/model.
  17. Steve, my point exactly............they are all similar, but different!. hence my comment to Alex to make his car the way HE wants it to handle/ride.
  18. Gunter, my 1st choice to purchase was a 03/04 car. but I could not find a suitable car for sale ! the Sport 350 turned up at the right time at the right price and felt right when I drove it. I could be tempted to change if the right car was available.
  19. I am off to the weighbridge tomorrow.....................................just so I know! I test drove a few V8 before buying the Sport350 and they ALL felt different on roundabouts with some having a lot of roll and a softer feel in the older cars, I put this down to wear and tear on components but changes in spring and damper rates must have occured during the production period, Alex, best of luck finding the parts you need. after the time you have put into your car, get it the way YOU want it.
  20. Thanx. for the great welcome guys, good to put faces to names of the few i had not met before, shame about the rain, I ran out of it on return trip just south of M18 and into freezing fog!! made it home in time to see Kimi win the GP, good day all round..........see you at NEC
  21. Black Pudding...........YUKK just for allowing me another 15 min snoooze you can have my share Dave if you like! Looked on Google, home to Hilltop 177ml, 3h 11min, est. fuel cost £35.43 so recalculated to Sunday am in V8, 2h 40min, est fuel cost £???
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