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  1. Hi Dave. Thanx. see you there. Hope weather improves.........................sleet/snow in Yorkshire this morning!!
  2. OK, jct.1 on M69................time please? I dont know the road, is there a suitable safe place to park and wait ??
  3. Darren, south on M1, then could use M42 or cut across to Coventry M69, could be near 3 hours but feel the need for a good run out !! and would be good to put faces to names.
  4. Anyone heading from the north, I have a pass out for sunday and could be up for this !
  5. Hi Paul, ask your test station to check, they should have similar info. as my tester. I believe 93/4 was a regulation change year for cat equiped cars, so your car may have left the factory with a cat in prep. for the new rules but may be fitted with an engine no. listed as no cat required ( I think that is how my tester explained it !!) PM me your engine no. if you have no luck and I will track it down for you with my tester...................that will not guarantee that your man will accept that !! Derek, just seen your post, I think this may be one of the regulations introduced that was not actually passed as law, I am checking up, watch this space!
  6. Hi Paul, you may not need a cat for the mot depending on engine number, my 94 S4 was listed on my test station lists as cat free but later models needed a cat, its worth checking before spending money!! My car was tested in June just before I sold it and I dont think regulations have changed in the last few months. Martin
  7. What a waste of money, full trial with all the trimmings, why not just deport him and make him pay his own air fare. He will be out in 12 weeks and we will all share the costs. We live in crazy times.
  8. Out of my area to attend, but I must say..................GREAT IDEA !!
  9. IMHO the ideas of DB caught the imagination of the media............5 new models WAS news, and had people buzzing about Lotus Now........silence Now media attention, no free ads. on international TV at newstime I hope I am very wrong, but I would not be surprised to hear a 10 second news line stating Lotus is to end car production, having read all the above ( and believing it to be fact) it appears that the lottery fairy would be hard pressed to come up with the money to provide long term security for the factory. It may be that only the likes of VW can save the name long term ??
  10. If you are not a concourse originality nut then you will find a vauxhall/ford/saab plastic non return valve will do exactly the same job for a few ££.
  11. Martin, You never use your car for it to break down, why do you need a repair ?????
  12. Faults ???? Welcome to Lotus ownership, the word you are looking for is ....... eeerrrmmmmm??? someone remind me please ??
  13. That car looks like new, must be rare in silver, what colour interior?? Plate spaced to look like a Belgian registration, is that in the hope Mr plod ignores him ???
  14. Car is the wrong colour but would be happy to help out on the stand if you are short of bodies on the sat or sunday ??
  15. I attended a course last year, total waste of time IMHO, 4 hours of boredom and it cost more than the fine! but it did save me 3 points. I expected to be surrounded by "boy racers", how wrong I was, 25 on course and mostly over 60s, I felt quite young! The lecturers were unfamiliar with HGV regs. and driving hours and no idea about tachographs. My mother attended a course a few years back when she was 73, she thought it was great and was given a skid pan training session as part of her "Education" Courses are provided by private companies and do seem to vary in content from one area to another.
  16. Welcome, from another Sport350 owner (no.16) re. fuel consumption, I soon discovered there is a relativity formula to this..................the bigger the smiles, the higher the fuel bills! Have fun.
  17. MartinL

    Red SE ? on M1

    Not me, must be another sad bas....d in a silver Seat . i was on the M1,M18,A1 returning from Daventry........................and why am I never spotted in the Esprit as i drive up and down the country???
  18. MartinL

    Red SE ? on M1

    Oh bugger, I was spotted, and I thought I was in stealth mode.................
  19. MartinL

    Red SE ? on M1

    Today 5.30ish heading south on M1 near Tibshelf services................looking good in heavy traffic, closely followed by a brace of ferraris, I was heading North in the Seat................anyone spot me???????.............No chance!
  20. I hope to have a look in Saturday, .horses and daughter allowing!!!
  21. Thanx. Bibs, heading to garage now to charge batt. ...............only parked up for 3 days!!
  22. As per the the title really, lights pop up when starting from cold and fall back with a bang, as i dont think this should happen has anyone any idea why ? Everything else seems ok (other than ongoing hot start problem) thanx for any ideas.
  23. Hi Vin. sorry no pics, mainly used it on suspension and exhausts.
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