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  1. Not looking good for me to make this problems!! Hope the weather is kind for you all and enjoy the day.
  2. Nice piture show Owen..........thanx.
  3. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH !!!!! The sport 300s are just fabulous, the scandal green can have my garage space anytime. Anyone want to swop for a Sport350 ??????
  4. Philip. Sorry you missed a really good day out, plan better for next year !! dont know if I will make Corbridge now as clashes with another family commitment............still trying to get out of it though.
  5. I sent Alan Email approx 4.30 reply see what we can sort out in morning,
  6. Martin, what time are you going as i feel I should be there before 9 now as I have car on show also and looks like I have no convoy to worry about if you want to meet on M1.
  7. Philip, sod the van, do it sunday or next week, this show is once a year so get in your car and come meet lots of Lotus nutters.
  8. Clean and polished..........ready to go............. need to avoid the cowshit through village and hope its not raining Do we need to be at a certain entrance or report to someone to get display cars in ??
  9. Anyone ???? There must be more than me from "up North"
  10. MartinL

    Replacement ECU

    Hey, Rob, I asked the same question a few weeks back, so if you find 2, I still need one !!
  11. Hi Fred, welcome, hope you find a nice Evora
  12. Errrr, Bibs. Saturday only !! must be out by 5
  13. I will be there all day saturday in the 350 but will need to leave by 5pm latest if thats of any help ??? No problem to be there early.
  14. I am heading to Donnington on saturday via A1,M18,M1.........I know its boring, but its quick! I intend to fuel and leave Scotch Corner services approx. 0645 to meet up with a few NYLOC friends at Woodhall services on M1 approx 0800 with the aim of getting to Donnington early to avoid the traffic, get in to the Lotus only parking and have time for a chat and some tyre kicking before the show opens. Would be great to get some North East cars/owners in a Lotus or the daily drive to come along.
  15. I watched it crash and sink. it should still be at the bottom of Coniston IMHO I have followed the "rebuild" on and off over the last few years and it appears to me that very little of the original is reusable, it may have been cheaper to build a replica from scratch but then sponsorship may not have been available, I will however be there when she returns to Coniston, if only to hear the deafening howl ot the engine one more time !!
  16. Hi Bibs, I hope you are correct, dealer has ecu......................just waiting to hear, I will be on phone in morning!!
  17. Chris. History, car came to me last year with a very healthy 425bhp rolling road printout and allegedly running an "American. high torque chip" all was fine untill october when I tried to start with a flat battery and cleared the memory, car was very slow to re-learn idle settings etc, since then car has seen little use over this long winter but has now shown no memory of cold or hot idle settings and will cut out at junctions and often at slow gear changes,traffic became a nightmare and the car almost unusable, investigation has revealed a Re-mapp to the ecu and not a chip change, idle control valve etc are working and resetting the ecu will only work with car running and after power off, settings are again lost ! I am waiting to hear from lotus about possible reprogramming or availability of new standard ecu, I have asked breakers etc and found no used ecu up to breaker is happy to sell me an ecu as long as I take the engine with it for 3k+ !!!! any ides welcome..............
  18. Bump...................
  19. Martin. Stay on site .......................................have a drink for me !!!!
  20. Anyone got a spare ecu for sale?? Anyone got a spare ecu that I could borrow ??.........................PLEASE Anyone know of a 350 or a V8 in a breakers that could have a ecu for sale? Anyone out there able to repair my ecu, memory not working and unable to reset etc.
  21.     Martin, why would you want to camp or stay in a hotel when you are less than 30 min from showground ????
  22. Hi Andy, Yes I hope to be there ................. if its not torrential rain again!! We need to wake up some of our hibernating lotus owners and see if we can get a TLF display. Do we need to book in ??
  23. Philip, I have a new gear change kit that I never got round to fitting on the S4 if its of any help pm. me.
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