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  1. Rob, my car runs an American "chip", Rolling roaded at 425bhp, otherwise its standard.
  2. Thanx. Rob................ WOW, only 16 or so left here, and I know of 4 for sale !!!!!
  3. MartinL

    Apple trees

    My son is an arborist, I will ask.
  4. When I had my S4 I changed from Dunlops to Toyo T1R ........complete change of car hadling and grip in all weathers was amazing. just changed the 350 from toyo to michelin Pilot Sport 2, even better than the Toyos, just my findings, but everyone has thier own favourites.
  5. Change date for me as was already having problems with care for Anne this sunday.
  6. Derek, is it the "T" shaped mounting plate that the pump is bolted to that you need?? I have a pump and brackets from my S4 and good master cylinder if anyone needs parts ??
  7. Derek, I think I may have one, will check in garage in daylight and let you know.
  8. Andy, I will be heading south on A1, M18, M1 depending on destination, we may be able to meet on route??
  9. And I thought this forum was all about cars ??????????
  10. Well done Darren (and Northamoton motorsport) i hope you are pleased with the result............. but could you keep up with Dave on the run home?? Have you arrived at a better "driving" car and in real terms what difference is there in everyday use ??
  11. Some people will always take the cheapest option and dont mind the treatment or conditions! I transport Horses in better conditions!!!
  12. only 1 return flight.....................never never again!!
  13. Snowing all day in N.Yorks, very good covering on the fields and side roads but most roads are open A66 closed over the Pennines but that happens all year round so no surprise there!!
  14. Andy. thanx. for that. I know the place now, about 1 hour for me on a clear run over the 66, Time we showed them some real cars, lets see if we can arrange a run out!!!
  15. The 350 needs new rear pads, currently has some unknown cheap things in, front are fitted with green stuff and have plenty of life left but I cant say I am a lover of green stuff having ran it in other cars, bearing in mind it is only for road use (might get 1 or 2 light track days........I hope !) whats the latest thinking and what are you using as I may as well fit new all round to match.
  16. Andy, is this a one off or a monthly meet ? I would be up for a run over the hills, weather permitting! Where was the meet, looks like services but not ones I know.
  17. Dont know where you are headed but how about meeting at Donnington sevices or that area ?? Just another thought , have you done a visit to the Donnington grand Prix collection, well worth a visit.
  18. Derby ?? just down the road for me.........well an hour closer than Leamington Spa!
  19. Snow now melting rapidly in the Dales !!
  20. Darren, head North, then I wont have so far to travel for breakfast !!!!!!
  21. Just when we thought we were getting away with a few cm of frozen white stuff in the dales its now dumping snow on us rapidly.............days like this I could emigrate to a warmer climate!!!
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