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  1. Hi, I'm back, sorry guys but due to life, death and all sorts going on around me I've neglected tlf for a couple of years, hopefully more time to play with cars now, my garage has changed since I was last posting here.... Update.. 

    Exige 260 cup track day car, elan +2 show car, elan S4 fast road car, elan sprint awaiting restoration!! 

    Looking forward to contact with friends old and new. 

    Cheers, Martin 

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  2. Spoken to Nathan at group Lotus, still waiting to hear from MS.

    Sound like fun to learn how they they turn pictures of my car into a computer game......

    Jonny, unable to make the 10th at present,..............working on it

    But will be at Duxford on 3rd.

  3. Thought  I put my name down for this.........

    No Esprit (for now, watch this space) So will be in the Exige 260 Cup unless by some miracle I find the time and enthusiasm to get the +2 back on the road.........

    Book me in please Andy, what time are we meeting at brockbushes ??

  4. I was hoping any facelift would get rid of that horrible contrived wasp-waist sill line. Was never a fan of the original styling (or concept) but the rear end smacks of "me too" Bangle BMW pointless wonky-donky lines and the front is off a SEAT.


    When are we going to get a really good looking Lotus again?


    Mark, get your eyes tested..................that is a fabulous looking car  :harhar:

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