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  1. Yeah, get your motor out or sell it to me.......... Please
  2. Hi, I'm back, sorry guys but due to life, death and all sorts going on around me I've neglected tlf for a couple of years, hopefully more time to play with cars now, my garage has changed since I was last posting here.... Update.. Exige 260 cup track day car, elan +2 show car, elan S4 fast road car, elan sprint awaiting restoration!! Looking forward to contact with friends old and new. Cheers, Martin
  3. Hi, I dont think that there is a relay, just a fused circuit with an old fashioned flasher unit, that will be behind the dash or hanging on wires above the drivers footwell, sounds more like a bad earth on front or rear indicator, are all sidelights ok as they share the same earth, good luck !!
  4. Sorry guys, life , work and the forces of evil are conspiring against me, doubt if I will make it now......
  5. Buy the Esprit and tell me where the Elan is for sale............problem sorted for both of us !!
  6. 238 MartinL Exige 260 Cup Woohooo, late pass out for the day......... Any convoys/ meet ups on M1, heading from Yorkshire, early start...
  7. As Dennis says , the A1 is not a road its a swimming pool !! Never seen anything like it and forecast says we would hit it on way back, sorry guys, hope you manage to stay dry
  8. Big brother madness, whatever next, i hope they dont stop me pi..... into a pop bottle while im driving, after all that could be seen as storing dangerous fluids
  9. Andy, vampire killing wooden stakes and mallet will fit in the rollerskate................but struggeling to get cover for work am, may be early pm. before I get there, will keep you posted. sorry.....
  10. Spoken to Nathan at group Lotus, still waiting to hear from MS. Sound like fun to learn how they they turn pictures of my car into a computer game...... Jonny, unable to make the 10th at present,..............working on it But will be at Duxford on 3rd.
  11. Wooohoooo, party time .........all 4 of us, is Mark (loose cannon) not joining us ???
  12. Dennis you are starting to sound like a plane spotting geek to those on here that dont know you ....
  13. Yes, I have a cup 260, totally standard as it left the factory except for full harness belts, motorsport green with red/black interior, Errrrrrm, what you want to do to it ????
  14. Once again the massive north east support is outstanding Thanks for trying to drum up some support Andy,...............
  15. Andy. it will be the Exige, L2 CUP. 10.30 at brockbushes works for me, thanx,
  16. Thought I put my name down for this......... No Esprit (for now, watch this space) So will be in the Exige 260 Cup unless by some miracle I find the time and enthusiasm to get the +2 back on the road......... Book me in please Andy, what time are we meeting at brockbushes ??
  17. Its like the horror stories you hear about every V8 engine having liner problems, its just not true...... Use the car, IF it breaks, fix it !! little point in having a supercar if youre frightened to use it. Never had problems with my Sport 350 box on road or track.......
  18. Dont laugh Bibs, you never know if you dont ask !! As my old Grandfather used to say "shy boys get nowt"
  19. errrm you thinking of selling ??????
  20. Oooooohh that is so good looking........ I want Iwant I want one just like that..... just when I thought I was over parting with the 350............bugger, looks like im in the market for a late V8
  21. Martin, please add me to the list, no sport 350 now but will bring the Exige 260 cup unless by some miracle I find time to get the Elan +2 ready in time.
  22. Mark, get your eyes tested..................that is a fabulous looking car
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