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  1. Hello again NMEG - good to see that excursions are still going on. Been off the Forum for about 6 months due to IT problems, and Esprit been off the road due to oil and water leaks awaiting fixing. Both problems now fully resolved and looking forward to 'flying again'. Hope to meet up with you soon. David.
  2. Hi Bibs. Been off the Forum for 6 months due to IT and car problems - now fully resolved. Tried to send a PM but getting message back that "The member cannot receive any new messages" Suggestions on how I send it out gratefully received. Regards, David.
  3. Sounds good but I'm still grounded with an oil leak, and on the look-out for some new pipes so can't join this one (plus I foolishly promised to redecorate some rooms before Christmas!)
  4. I liked to use the 'View New Content' as a bookmark to get straight to the new Esprit stuff, but it seems to be searching across all the Forums now no matter what screen I click it from. Is this an option we have lost from the new integrated Forum approach, which I like in most other respects?
  5. My oil and water pipes are looking dodgy now so I want to replace. Welcome update from people on potential sources of these and prices. I think PNM may be doing them now - anyone have any experience and price for these? Have Pipelines prepared a kit, and what do people recommend between alloy and stainless unions? Do Lotus supply OEM or will they also rust through in another 10 years?
  6. I'm sure its been on AutoTrader for a lot longer than 3 months - at least they've reduced the price. There's a similar one up for sale in Wigan which I think must have been there for about a year -
  7. Rats - visiting CT on business and missing this by only a week. Looking forward to a bit of sun though. Lotuses are rather a rare site in SA - aaw a lovely red G Turbo in Centurion last year. Whereabouts are you based, Richard?
  8. Sorry I missed this. Computer has been down for over a month and only just repaired so it fell off the radar. Looking forward to the next one.
  9. All depends on your budget. Sevens seem to go for
  10. Can certainly recommend Simon at Windy Ridge - 01477 532285. When I first took my Excel there for a tune up about 12 years ago - he asked did it have a stutter at about 3000 revs? - yes - he knew exactly how to rejet the carbs and has been keeping it in tip-top condition ever since. Excellent value too. He has 3 Lotuses himself including an S2 Esprit and has always done an excellent honest job for me on both the Excel and Esprit. I've continued to get the Esprit serviced at CN to keep up the FDSH, no complaints, but any interim work gets done by Simon.
  11. Squeeze Munter into goal - nothing will get past her! I think some of the others will be picking up a lot of red cards though.
  12. Unfortunately I'm on holiday too. Watch out for the lunatic bikers and speed cameras.
  13. david

    NWEG Event

    Sorry but I'm off on holiday - have fun.
  14. Well that makes 7 of us. Get your entries in before Saturday deadline. Free day with LEFty for the winner!
  15. Happy birthday, Dave. Just searched the internet to see what is so attractive about tank I understand.
  16. Bought the 3 step Deep Crystal system (paint cleaner, polish and carnauba wax) last year but only got round to trying it out a few weeks ago. I kept putting it off as I was concerned it was going to take ages to do compared with the cheaper one-off polishes I'd used previously but was pleasantly surprised. Applies and polishes off quickly with no residue or marking on different substances. Has reduced previous swirl marks but not fully taken them out, and gives a much better finish. I've still got lots left in the bottles so won't be in the market to buy again for a little time.
  17. 141,253 miles is good going. I make that approximately 8,800 laps of the TT circuit, and about 575 laps a year for your time of ownership. Excel gets everyday usage, but I keep the Esprit for "high days and holidays". 39k in 10 years. I would be tempted to use it a bit more if I had the freedom of the Isle of Man roads on my doorstep. How much is the ferry trip these days? We could check to see if there was enthusiasm for an NMEG/NWEG day out.
  18. david

    LEF Calendar?

    I've bought LEW calendars every year, but I wouldn't think the market would be big enough for 2 competing. Why not team up with Kato to do a joint one?
  19. Sorry but will be jetting off on holiday that weekend - have fun. Ian, obsessions are there to be indulged - you only live once (unless you are James Bond). Why don't you add S350 to the list you are considering?
  20. Another great day out, although what qualifies as a Supercar seems to be getting more debatable each year. Numbers of exotica were definitely down on previous years - most eyecatching for me was the new Ferrari California (complete with baby seat in the back!) and the Jag XJ220 I suppose. No Veyrons, Ascaris, Pagani Zondas, Caparo, Koenigsegg - not even an Enzo this year. Good convoy down and a free car wash on the way home. I tried going M40, M42 North to M6 rather than M42 and M5 back - must have only been about 30 seconds quicker as I passed Graham/Simon as they were queuing from M5 to get onto M6. Ian, I thought they had a speed limit on the track run - how do they stop racing from taking place?
  21. Just got back from an evening out to flooded roads at home. Volvo managed to get through about 18" - hopefully water level will have receded by the morning. Don't fancy trying that depth in the Esprit. Fingers crossed for Squadron scramble tomorrow at Hilton.
  22. Well I was really looking forward to Supercar Sunday on Father's Day as in previous years. It only took me 30 minutes to get to Hilton this morning - lots of time for a coffee and a chat. 7.45 came and went. I should have checked the forum before I left as there was obviously a change in the meeting arrangements which I must have missed. Never mind, full speed ahead to Frankley to see if I could catch up with the convoy there. Couldn't have driven quickly enough as they'd already left. OK, straight to Gaydon then - not many other supercars on the road though - perhaps most were going to the Grand Prix. Never mind, there were quite a few classic bikes around which was more interesting to look at than the usual motorway dross. Approaching Gaydon, still no supercars. Check the diary - yes its definitely Father's Day today. Arrive at Gaydon along with a steady stream of classic bikes. Doh - whose bright idea was it to change Supercar Sunday away from Father's day and what dimwit didn't check before he left. Never mind, I've got the fun of doing it all again next Sunday! As a time check - left Hilton at 8am, left Frankley at about 8.15 and arrived at Gaydon at 8.45, so we should have plenty of time with the proposed plan of leaving Hilton at 7.45, travelling well within the speed limit of course!
  23. Utmost commiserations - what a painful sight! Any idea where the leak could have come from to cause the fire?
  24. Sorry to hear the bad news, Graham, and hopefully it will be all shipshape for Supercar Sunday. Yours is newer than mine so I'll have to do some inspection myself. Where has it corroded through? Any idea of the history of how its been kept for it to rust so quickly? I haven't inspected the tanks before - doea anyone know how accessible they are and whether its possible to inject some waxoyl to help delay what appears to be the inevitable?
  25. 1. Backmarker +1 M6 2. Gasmangt3 + 1 M5 3. Oneshot + 1 M6 4. Davebarny + 1 M5 5. Ian Heighway M6 6. David, M6
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