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  1. As a professional programmer I'd be interested in offering my time to help with revised versions etc.
  2. Those were my thoughts. So as a precaution first thing to do is new cambelts and tensioners -
  3. I thought the 100k was on a 4 cylinder car? So all V8 owners have stuck to the 4 year/24k schedule and annual tensioner maintenance rigorously? Obviously failure of the item would be obvious, however is there any detriment to running without tension adjustments? Premature tensioner wear I imagine and risk of cambelt snapping?
  4. Reading the LEW scheudle for V8 Esprit services it lists the cambelt as due for replacement at 24k or 4 years and tensioning every 12 months. I spoke to Steve at SJ Sportscars who reckons it should be changed every two years. What is the general concesus for low mileage Esprits (2k a year)?
  5. Not sure why they went that route but at least it doesn't define the engine character like some (Maserati 3200 for example).
  6. Looks good though with the new bushes will you not need a geometry check?
  7. I'm the opposite - I don't like turbo cars at all to be honest - have always had big V8s .
  8. Cheers Mike. Glad to see you sold your V8. France was a bit far for me I'm afraid. Apologies if this thread has gone OT .
  9. Thanks. Would go OEM disks and Mintex pads - not a fan of EBC in any shape or form. What's the service schedule for the cambelt?
  10. Pads & discs will need doing so just wanted a rough guide to price. The V8 sounded tinny from behind the car on startup - better when revved apparantly. I've not heard it myself as a friend has viewed a car for me.
  11. Another newbie looking at a first Lotus. Have already decided on a post '98 V8 (other option is a TVR Cerbera 4.5). Have driven a GT3 and am hoping the V8 sounds a whole lot nicer ?! Have one in mind with Brembo brakes - how much to replace all round? Seats could do with retrimming -
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