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  1. My SIR light is on. I have a Tech 1 scanner with the SIR calibration cartridge. In order to troubleshoot the system I found an "inflator module load tool" Kent-Moore J 28715, but I need the correct adaptor leads for the passenger inflator and the steering wheel. These leads seem to specific to the vehicle model. Does anyone have a part number for the "adaptor leads"? thanks
  2. thanks che, i actually tested the wastegate with the mityvac pressure pump. it starts to move at around 5 lbs of pressure and fully deflects at around 10lbs. I can also move the wastegate freely with my hand and can feel the spring pressure. I also removed the red-hose from the wastegate solenoid and took it for a test drive to see what it does, it basically will boost to .7 bars, of course I have to let off the "pedal" so i don't overboost.
  3. i just removed my cats. found the honeycomb on the passenger side had worked itself loose and moved forward past the post cat o2 sensor. the other cat seemed to be ok. i replaced the cats with a pair of hyperflows, and also replaced the 4 o2 sensors. removed the muffler, and replaced with straight pipes and converted to a center exit exhaust with the new "cheese grator." sadly, i am still not getting transient boost. with the remapping of the ECU to the sport350, hyperflow cats, removal of the muffler and new K&N filters, I definetely get much better performance.
  4. thanks for the post. i am reasearching cat options at this time. car is at the shop with for an updated state inspection (currently expired) and airbag light on. can you share details on the cats that you installed? thanks
  5. hello, i tried contanting halloway via email no response yet, also tried to call, but the number seems to be disconnected. does anyone know if the kits are still available or a good contact number? thanks
  6. i took the car for a test run this evening, and collected some data using the V8 ODB scanner written by peter. i noticed during the run that the Fuel Status Parameter read 'FS1=Open Loop - Driving FS2=Open Loop - Driving' for some short periods of time during the run. also the wastegate duty cycle read 0 except for a short period of time where it read 7. Also, before the bost would go to 0, now it remains at about .4 in 1st gear.
  7. airbag light just came on. anyone know how to read the codes? thanks
  8. i connected by ODB scanner and i think they re-mapped my ECU to the sport350, here is the id for the ECU U700A035253-398MYFedSport350. i took the car for a test run and logged some data. the wastegate dutycycle always read o. O2 Sensor 1-1: consistently read below .1 for about 60% of the time, on the high side the samples were .415, .765, .78, .82, .875 O2 Sensor 1-2: consistently read below .1 for about 40% of the time, on the high side the samples were .2, .635, .72, .755, .78, .81, .815, .89 O2 Sensor 2-1: consistently read below .1 for about 40% of the time, on the high side the samples were .2, .495, .855, .86 O2 Sensor 2-2: consistently read below .1 for about 40% of the time, on the high side the samples were .12, .13, .165, .22, .39, .785, .79, .8, .88 i will try to post the actual graphs tomorrow. i need to convert them from excel into something that i can insert here. did not have time to remove cats this weekend, but wanted to log some data
  9. I just started the car and place my hand on the rear of the exhaust to see if there is a difference in back pressure between the two banks. i did not notice a difference. thanks
  10. i agree, not much knowledge here in houston on the v8 esprit.
  11. it has been at the dealer for about 7 months, not as bad as 18 months, but bad enough. peter has also suggested that it is a cat issue, which i am in agreement with him. it is definetely not an ECU problem. frankly, this is why i brought it to the dealer, so i would not have to troubleshoot the problem by replacing expensive parts such as cats. i think my next step will be to just go ahead and replace the cats. looking at aftermarket options now. also, no the dealer has not removed the cats.
  12. just picked up my car today. they sent the ECU to lotus to get it re-mapped. basically no resolution. still no transient. the good news is that they did not charge me anything. so basically i am back to square 1. Che, sorry for taking so long to respond, i have not been on the forum for a while.
  13. hello peter, basically no progress. the dealer is waiting for next steps from lotus engineering. i am actually contacting simkin today to see if he can offer some help.
  14. no, the cats have not been changed. someone (i think that it was Mark T-C) suggested the cats on a previous post. i have discussed the cats and backpressure with the dealear in the past, but at this point he is basically taking direction from lotusUSA on where to look.
  15. Mark T-C, assuming the dealer changed out the ECM correctly you are correct and were correct all along in that it is definetely not the ECM. prior to changing the ECM i had the mechanic remove the current exhaust, install the stock exhaust and reset the ECU with no change. the problem i am wrestling with right now is that the dealer is now waiting on some direction from lotus engineering and does not want to do anymore until they hear back from lotus engineering. if i start giving them direction on things to try, then tech hourly charges will start to get very expensive since it will be at my request and not part of their diagnosis. if i go and get the car to troubleshoot further myself and pay for the work they have already done while waiting for lotus engineering, then the dealer will probably move on and not follow up with engineering since they already have my money and I am probably more trouble than i am worth at this time.
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