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  1. Ejection Seat!!!

    No really.

    1)Cup holder could give or take -- I agree it is nice to get out and strech your legs

    2)Stereo simple one with USB and Aux and iPhone interface.

    3)Built in Nav. ( NO ) IMHO I think the Lambo looks silly with a LCD screen in a supercar

    4)Instant up and down windows

    5) Please no paddle shifter 1) looks stupid w/o stick 2) Needs a 6th gear ( strong gearbox)

    6) keep low profile and play off final run Esprit not Evora. Evora looks like a grown up

    elise, we dont need a grandparent in the family

    7)Totally agree with ride height adjustment for driveways and speedbumps

    8) great idea to have LCD display ( maybe small one on dash like the Gallardo ) that

    will give you CEL info and tire pressure and other tidbit info like that

    I don't think it needs much - Just a fresh updated exterior in keeping with the Esprit

    wedge design. Balls on power to weight as close to 50/50 as possible. Handling is a

    no brainer and make it stop on a dime.

    I think with the final run Esprit, the Elise/Exige and Evora, Lotus has it in thier bag

    it just needs all the pieces of the puzzle put together correctly with quality a paramount

    wow did not mean to go so long, but I hit a slow patch a work

  2. I was looking into this also but the iPhone app was DashCommand.

    There is a cool littile WiFi adapter that hooks to your OBDII and then

    syncs with your iPhone. Aside from being able to check and reset

    codes, what interested me is that it seems that you might be able to

    add a boost gauge either directly on your phone if you have a mount,

    or it seems that this company has add on wifi gauges

    link is If someone with better knowledge of the V8s ECU

    could look at this and see if this might work to get a boost read in a very non-invasive




  3. Dont know if this helps, but.. Had a similar situation on my 98 V8. My ABS light would

    come on at start, then go out after driving to about 5-10 mph. Brought it

    to Lotus of Atlanta and Service said that ( as stated above ) no codes are stored

    unless ABS light stays lit. He then said it was common for pre 01 v8s to do this. Again

    probably a voltage hiccup. He assured me it was not an ABS problem ( or any other problem for that matter), just a gremlin. Feel pretty confident in the diagnosis since it was from a trusted Lotus service/dealer

    From this I can conclude that unless it stays on the ABS is still operating.

    Let me know if you come to any other conclusions


  4. Quick question. I have a 98 and the ABS light stays on until about 5 mph. Does not go off

    while at idle, but goes off when I start down the street. Only happened twice, but wanted to

    know if this was an sign of something down the line or just a normal hiccup. ( I did just replace the



  5. Wayne,

    It is at Lotus of Atlanta, they did take a day to look it over before giving

    me a to do list. It did seem however that the Oil Cooler was a sidenote

    and may have been a flashlight visual through the grate up front. I feel that

    they did not take apart the front end to find the issue. This I think is why I am

    hung up about spending another $2000 on this. For a second opinion Not really sure

    what to do. There is a mechanic closer to me that works on my 750 and has

    a guy that works on Lotus ( however I think he has only worked on the Elise/Exige)

    Soooo.. Is it something I should monitor ( Oil pressure/Dip stick ) -- just a bit

    torn on what to do

    thanks again


  6. Quick question

    Brought my 98 esprit in for 1st time service under my ownership

    (Had it 3.5 weeks)

    It is at the Lotus Dealer in Atlanta

    There is quite a list of leaky gaskets ( expected ) and Timing belt

    and tensioners and gaskets and h20 pump are being replaced

    needless to say quite a bit to chew off in first visit

    After all this rambling my question is....

    The service tech eluded to the fact the oil cooler has a slight leak?

    he had put it on the bottom of the list, but he did go into CYA mode

    and suggested replacement of the oil cooler, however the sticker shock on the

    part got me Parts and labor about $2200.

    so 1) is this really needed at this point ( other stuff ($5000) work seems a higher priority))

    2) can this be done at a later date / not at the dealer??

    thanks to all in advance


  7. Andy,

    thanks for the reply. I think you may have a point on being a little timid

    with the car. The Corvette is an auto ( brainless ) and I am scared about

    all the talk of this delicate renault gear box!!! Not sure what the rev

    limits are on the car since there is no redline indicated on the Tach??

    Do not think I have let it go past 5K. I guess being timid I was looking for

    boost at a lower rev. ( will the high torque chip allow boost at a lower rev??)

    also any thoughts on upgrading the wastegates??

    thanks again


  8. I have had my 98 esprit for about a week and a half

    and love it.. wanted one forever and it is everything

    I hoped for, however....

    reading into many threads I too would like some lower

    gear punch.. I am guessing I do not have the

    "high torque" chip.. so is PUK the best place to get it or

    dealer?? also would new wastegates help w/o replacing

    the stock turbos??? and finally, if these mods were done

    would I 1)infact get more punch out of 1-3 gears and 2)would

    I need to upgrade the radiator??

    sorry for so many questions that span different areas

    but I think this is all I would want/need to get the most out

    of my esprit at my driving level..

    thanks is advance to any replys


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