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  1. Chaps & Ladies, I'm pulling this date as I have another forum who are eager to learn the art of drifting & over grip limit handling. I trust this doesn't upset anyone. If you are interested in future events, please post up and we'll look at dates as appropriate. Thanks Jo
  2. Glad you had a great day and learnt lots. No problem ref. the 11th, name off the list - enjoy your day with the F-i-L. Speak very soon Jo
  3. That's great news! And we're looking forward to seeing you next month too. Date firmed and just 3 places available now GDOGLH: Sunday 11th Sept 1. Juninho1976 (Rakesh Kotecha) 2. 3. 4. Jo
  4. Topics covered: * Charity * Racing Success * Sprinting Review * Rothertham Tom * VOSA - new service * Uninsured vehicles CAT Driver Training Enjoy the read. Jo
  5. Hi 'Juninho1976' You are correct that the Group Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling Course covers the areas that are detailed in the link you gave to the 1-2-1 Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling Course. There are 4 of you sharing the course and you get 1 hours tuition in car - of which the majority is taken in our Caterhams. This because of the wear and tear that the art of drifting and learning to drift/drive over grip limit does to your car. Our drift Caterham has been mechanically prepared specifically for this purpose. There are two exercises that you do in your car. The first is equivalent to taking a fast corner but will not be wearing on your car, the second we wet the Steering Pad/Apron to minimise the wear to your tyres. And yes, absolutely fine to be a complete novice. Trust this helps to give you the answers. Hope to see you on the 11th September Jo
  6. Newsletter issued yesterday with information on our July 'Ring trip, our ice driving adventure to Sweden, and recent blog written by our resident Expert: Chief Instructor, Colin Hoad, on driving the 'Ring in the wet for Enjoy the read. Jo
  7. Ice driving anyone? Latest newsletter just released. Enjoy the read here. Jo
  8. CAT's Gone Digital Here's the latest newsletter explaining all, issued today. Enjoy the read. Jo
  9. Great to read that you had an enjoyable and beneficial day Alan. Trust you're everyday driving has become more enjoyable as a result and that you aren't troubled too much by still hearing Colin in your head Jo
  10. Here's the latest news from CAT: Summer News Jo
  11. Lovely to meet you Paul and glad the day ticked your boxes Look forward to seeing you again. Jo
  12. Flattery will get you everywhere Felix Glad you had a great day and made it safely home. Congratulations to Beady for winning the Champagne for the Gymkhana and to internets for Driver of the Day Look forward to seeing you again soon and make sure you don't practice your new found skills at your local Town Hall roundabout Jo
  13. Great Also fyi, it's looking like we're heading to the 'Ring for a private track day on 23rd August. Let me know if you'd like to know the details. Jo
  14. Confirmation packs will be going out in the post next week. 4th place has been filled Jo
  15. April newsletter just issued if you'd like to read. Jo
  16. Hope this is helpful - Colin regularly road tests new vehicles for local business publications and this was his article on the Ford S Max. He has also just done one for the Peugeot 5008 but I can't post that as it is a word document - but you might not want to read about that as it is a new vehicle. If you do, drop me a PM and I'll send it another way to you. Good luck with your decision. Jo
  17. Hi Paul Yes there are 2 places available ... now 1 with your name on the list Full payment is now due and I need details from you to prepare your confirmation pack etc. So will you give me a call in the office on 01234 757633 or drop me a PM with your contact number and I'll call you. We can chat then if you like about further training, or else wait till the 9th and discuss throughout the day. List now looks like this: 1. Internets 2. Felix 3. Beady 4. Look forward to hearing from you. Jo
  18. I'll keep you posted on our 'Ring plans for the Autumn when they're decided ... probably a few months away yet. Now that you have trained with us you have the option to come for a Driving Clinic, which can be one or two hours during the longer daylight hours. The only requirement is that CAT has been at Millbrook on that day, but given we're there practically every day that shouldn't be an issue. These sessions are £155 per hour in your car. The alternative is to come for a longer session either a half or full day but obviously the price goes up accordingly. Half day is 4 hours in duration with 3 hours actual driving time, the full day is just short of 8 hours with 5.5 hours driving time. It is just you and the instructor so no bells and whistles (ok Gymkhana, Engineer, on circuit toilets, buffet lunch, prizes oh and stimulating company ). The price is £540 or £899 respectively in your car. And if you really want to you can then continue on the Academy Programme for a further 4 days Thank you for being a great walking/driving advert for us - apologies to your wife .... has she thought about ear plugs Jo
  19. Glad you made it safely back home ... and Dave I can't believe you stopped off for more food Did the black cat make you go 'ahh' or 'AAAAHHHHH' - i.e. was it the Millbrook Black Panther that is rumoured to be prowling the hills Great to meet you all and spend what was a very enjoyable day for us as well as you. You kept Colin and Paul safe which is good Official Results: Quiz = Jonathan Driver of the Day = Chris from CCI End of Day Gymkhana = Wookie with a Mile Straight Apron winning time of 30.38 seconds Look forward to seeing you again and thank you for making yesterday a great day Jo
  20. Knock and Scooby & Evo will let you in Weather's looking good Safe journey and look forward to seeing you at the gate at 08:15 Jo
  21. Aah ... you'll have to let yourself in as we'll be at Millbrook There is a Total on the A421 where the Travelodge is, a Tescos in the middle of Flitwick and a Shell to the north of Flitwick, about 4 minutes from Millbrook. There is also fuel within Millbrook but it is more expensive - usually standard pump price plus VAT. See you tomorrow Jo
  22. Current forecast is looking better than it was: Make sure you use the right postcode if coming via satnav: MK45 2JQ And look forward to seeing you at the Security gate for 08:15 hours please Jo
  23. I don't think the Minder receives it It is something we are always in discussion with Millbrook about but no positive outcomes for everyone yet. That doesn't help you I know - sorry Jo
  24. You can, but you need a Security Minder with you .... minimum 4 hour charge £280 + VAT. That seems to put the stop on souvenirs unfortunately. Jo
  25. Hot off the press if you want a read: Evo boys sharing the Performance Driver Course. It complements the written article in this months Evo Magazine Jo
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