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  1. +1 (hopefully the kit has the suspension bushings) 1. Tony K 2. Esprit S2 (Paul Baxter) 3. Troy 4. peteyg (Pete Gentilli) 5. yeller77 (Eric) 6. matk 7. ghe67 (Giorgio) 8. dwil
  2. John, Congrats on the windshield removal. Just be sure to store it right. I spent hours removing the one from my ferrari 308gtb (also bonded in) I stored it face down on a bed of bubble wrap. A month later I discovered it had cracked from end to the other. I should have stored it setting upright resting on the bottom edge. 308 windshields are as expensive as esprit's
  3. I am interested in this upgrade, also! My interest may be inversely proportional to the cost. 100% if around $1000usd. Dave
  4. Thanks for the picture of the 'goose' Wayne. That car has some things in comon with the early esprit in that Giugiaro designed the body and it also has a backbone box section frame. Mine originally was a native of Michigan like the one in the picture. It was mechanically very fit when I parked it in my shop about 18 years ago. I quit driving it because upon preparation for paint a lot of corrosion was discovered in the doors, rocker panels and floors. Teigan, I will call JAE about those shocks.Thanks!
  5. Thanks, Need to quit spending so many unproductive hours looking at ebay for parts, pictures of cars and naked ladies on the internet and get out in the shop and spin some wrenchs! WayneB, I am like your accountant in being a "static" car nut. My static collection includes detomaso mangusta, 911T, s1 etype coupe, cobra replica. spitfire, 308gtb. Purchasing a distressed restorable vehicle is easy in comparison to actually getting it finished. Most of my projects could be drivable w/o much work but I think it a shame to drive a car with poor cosmetics. I am leaning tow
  6. hello all I bought a basketcase s2 esprit about 10 years ago and haven't started putting it back together yet. It is a complete, undamaged 16,000 mile car but the engine had been removed and partially disassembled presumably for modification. I have over the years purchased some performance parts such as aluminum flywheel and the dual dellorto 45s. I have also been kicking around the idea of an engine swap using a low mileage contour svt 2.5l v6 as long as it wouldn't alter the car in such a way as that it couldn't be returned to stock. One thing that is obvious that needs to be r
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