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  1. Thanks for your advive. I found a local place that charged me $150.00 with one year warranty. I love it but the dealer didnt like it so much.
  2. That is what the dealer is telling me. Im in Miami Fl.
  3. My passenger window motor is out and Lotus wants $900.00 Dollars to replace it. Can anyone help with a cross refrence number?
  4. Can anyone help with the passenger side window motor cross refrence #, on a MY 2004 Esprit.
  5. Ok installed the resisitor and the fast flash is gone. But now when i turn on the headlights you can barely see the lights flashing. Evwerything works until the headlights are on then it shows a very dim flash.
  6. Does anyone know what this ballast module(25w) part is. It is included in the list of parts required to retrofit the rear LED lights from a MY 06 Exsige/ Elise to the Esprit.
  7. I will try using the flasher you have and see if this works for me. I will keep you posted. Thanks Ruben
  8. Hi , and thanks for the response. Are your lights the OEM lights with all the parts requested for the installation or aftermarket?
  9. My 2004 Esprit has LED rear lights that were installed at the dealer but the fast blinking problem has never been corrected. They have changed the flasher but it continues to flash fast. This last time they claim it is a problem with the voltage regulator but it is not worth changing the alternator. I started to take manners into my own hands and install a resistor but came across a ballast module (25W) which i have no idea what this part does, so i wanted to know if anyone has come across this part and if a resistor could be installed to correct the fast flash on the output wires of this ballast module. Thanks Ruben
  10. has not set their status

  11. Hi Dave, I love them. I am a big fan of wing style mirrors. You need to be very careful not to damage the Carbon finish when making the base to mount on youre car. But then again there is a fix for eveything these days.I would get from the seller the install instructions which will probably show you a picture of the mounting base on the mirror and you will have a better idea of what your project will entitle. Maybe just ask him for actual pics without the cover. Ruben
  12. Hi Dave, They came from a Ferrari (F430). They are not a straight fit but nothing major to do. I had to make an aluminum plate to the shape of the Lotus and then routed down the center enough to drop the F430 part in and give it a flush look then weld them together. Three set screws were also welded in place prior to these to parts being sandwiched to make one. The main cost here is the mirrors. They are not cheap. New they run about $6000.00 US for the pair but of coarse this is not the way to go. I picked up my set for $1000.00 on E-bay. Between the mirrors and body shop cost i would say about $1800.00 finished and ready to install. To me it was all well worth it, considering these are top quality mirrors not some cheap alternatives.
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