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  1. Just saw a question on elisetalk about importing a 25 year Lotus 7, see link below, and one guy (Monte Busa) appears to have a brother who is a customs broker who may be able to give you some advice.
  2. Somebody did bring one of those over as I saw it at the LOG (Lotus Owners Gathering) a couple of years ago. He may have brought it over as the Opel version due to a more limited production run. Join up with as that is a US based group which has lots of local chapters. Also in October is the next LOG which will be near Gettysburg so not far from you and well worth going to as you can meet up with lots of other local Lotus nuts. Amazon has a British Food store of sorts if you are craving jaffa Cakes, Hob Knobs etc (Yes I'm a Brit too based in Pittsburgh!) if you need anything feel free to reach out to me. Enjoy your stay here Andrew
  3. You lucky so and so! Not at all jealous!!!
  4. Lotus has just announced the introduction of the Evora Cup car, which will compete in its own spec series in 2010. Stripped-down and powered-up, the Evora Cup car weighs just 2,645 lbs and features a larger 4.0-liter V6 engine that makes an impressive 395-hp. The race car is built to FIA GT4 specs and will be eligible to run in many international racing series, as well as in the Lotus Evora Cup, which will take place at several racetracks throughout Europe in 2010, with plans to expand the series for 2011 already in place. Lotus is supporting the series with
  5. I really like the colour on the first picture. That is very classy!
  6. Thanks Mischi. That's got ot be pretty uncomfortable for the passengers.
  7. Bet you're starting to count down the days Congrats
  8. Anyone notice that the plates show the car still as the Eagle. Pretty amazing they haven't done proper shoots by now.
  9. From what I was told at LOG 28 some of the early production cars will be pulled from sales and given to the US team to allow Federal certification. If that happens that will be good news
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