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    lotus elise and toyota surf
  1. I had to charge my battery after being on holiday. Put the battery back in today and started her up and sounded fine. Went to go out in it this evening and after driving for about 200m it started sounded very burbly and didn't sound right. I can sort of describe it as a blown exhaust kind of sound, then the engine management light come on. Pushed it all the way back home and when i lifted the boot the air filter had come loose and the pipe had come off, which could have explained the noise. I fitted it back on and tightened it up and started her up again. Shes still making the noise and the
  2. 1. Bibs 2. Mdw (malcolm) 3. Knorbert 4. Patrick Swayze aka "lap record" aka x27eve 5. "Smokey Joe" FinStien 6. The Persian 7. PFD 8. Wolla5
  3. i should be there - normal (dirty) car
  4. Bibs i've already got a passenger. Got a friend who works at lipscomb coming along with me. If you've got no way of getting up there i can run you up first then come back and get him.
  5. Is this still happening? What time are people getting up there?
  6. I'll be there. I'll hopefully bring a few others along too.
  7. Whens the next Kent meet? is it thursday?
  8. Times come for me to get a new induction kit for the lotus elise. Question is, which one?
  9. Spotted round the back of kings hill way. Don't know the name of the road. Was a last minute spot and didn't get the chance to put my hand up.
  10. I'll have to keep my eyes open for one for sale. Also thinking about whether to de-cat the larini or save for the larini sport cat.
  11. Is it worth getting a hurricane for my 2001 Lotus Elise S2. I have some sort of air filter on there already but was wondering what people thought of the hurricane. I also have a larini exhaust.
  12. Heres one for people to think about. I've got creases / cracks next to both of my headlights. Any suggestions as to what they are and how they got there would be appreciated. Me and Bibs have both looked and i think either someone has gently tapped the front and the pressure has creased it or its a DIY repair job that is starting to show its face. Any ideas?
  13. This will be on the buy list. Makes a change from playing COD all the time.
  14. wolla5

    Hello All

    Hi all, thought i would introduce myself. My names Paul and i've got a 2001 Lotus Elise S2, had it for about 3 years. Went to my first meet a couple of weeks back at Brands Hatch and was nice to meet everyone. I'll definately be at the next one.
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