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  1. As a few people have messaged me, Scott did take the Decat, my garage is slightly emptier and a charity has received a generous donation.
  2. I think the magic carpet ride statement is often mis-understood as I had similar feelings to you not long after getting my NA and driving it back to back with my BMW 5GT (7-series hatchback) where despite it running on silly 20" wheels the ride quality was better. Where the Evora comes into its own with its "magic carpet ride" is down a poorly surfaced British B-road, I have a great example near me, the B1381 looks nice and straight doesn't it? Well it has more camber changes in 200m than most roads have in several miles, several of which will do their best to throw you off into a ditch if you're going too fast. At the speed limit it's fine, much above in most cars and it becomes very hard work, in an Evora it just floats down the road way faster than other cars would feel comfortable due to its "magic carpet ride".
  3. I was astounded by the improvement in build quality on a 2015 Evora compared to my MY2011 car, the door closed with a thunk rather than a clatter
  4. Agreed that the paddle shift box is poor (not sure I'd go as far as terrible), it was actually OK going down gears but going up I had to remember to lift slightly otherwise there was an almighty bang as the next gear engaged, it was very much a box you had to drive around rather than with which for me made a manual the only option. Sat-Nav, well it got me out of Yorkshire when I had no phone signal for Waze and for a 2008 car it's about what I would expect, bad. Speed vs. noise very much better on the later 4.7 compared to the 4.3 Running costs, I'm not kidding myself here, consumables (tyres/brakes) don't seem too bad and main dealers are now offering fixed price servicing but based on previous owners experience I'll be keeping the warranty that's now just over £2k/year as there's only been one year in his ownership where he wasn't up on buying it (and he drives with far more mechanical sympathy than I do). It wasn't an unfair assessment of the 4.3, I drove one and felt something was lacking, despite on paper being faster than my NA it simply didn't feel it which really surprised me as I'd never understood how people could say that a 4.3 V8, 380bhp car felt slow. I don't quite understand how the 4.7 with only 10% more power & torque feels so much faster but it does. Still doesn't stop me randomly musing about full exhaust and remap to take it to 460bhp until I remember that I probably shouldn't be spending £5700 right now I'll quote my Dad here, "a rubbish drive is better than an excellent walk"
  5. He's talking about putting some non-lethal tyres on his V12 (ones that work when it's not a glorious summers day) and doing a run for Fish & Chips one weekend so you might even get to go in both of them!
  6. Very much agreed. Also helped from a sellers perspective to understand why a car that was up for sale for less money than mine and was on paper a good car was not selling. To me it didn't sound like niggles, it sounded like there were some issues that would need money spending to sort out.
  7. Aston arrived on Saturday. Huge thanks to Dave @Hangar 111 for helping get the sale completed. There was a niggle that I wanted sorted prior to sale that was very simple, obviously being a Lotus it turned into a complete nightmare but Dave stuck with it and even presented an invoice that I thought was insulting to the amount of time and effort he put in (he wouldn’t accept additional payment). Will miss the Evora but she’s gone to a great home with a fellow enthusiast (and nice chap) so I know she’ll be well looked after. On with the next adventure!
  8. By all accounts it does make a difference as it removes some unneeded restriction but I did mine same time as backbox so hard to quantify. I think I have one knocking around in the garage if the new owner doesn't want it. Yours for postage cost and a few £ in a charity tin of your choice if you want me to check?
  9. Agreed sale of my Evora yesterday to a very nice Lotus enthusiast, more interest in last 3 days than whole of January so market definitely picking up. I had a very nice call with a chap from Australia, Mark, who is looking to export an Evora. I did wonder if it was a scam when he got in touch but after 30 minutes on the phone it certainly didn't smell like a scam and I would have been happy to try and work with him if I hadn't sold the car yesterday. He's waiting for approval to join the forum so if he does get in touch with someone with a car for sale I'd suggest having a chat with him.
  10. You might want to take a look at this thread before considering the option. May be better off looking at a S depending on how attached you are to your car.
  11. It's been up for sale since October, I think it sold at one point but came back. That could mean the seller has just been unlucky as the market isn't great at the moment (and I say that as a seller as well) or it could be that there's something the owner is not saying in the advert (to be very clear I am not suggesting there is anything) as I'm surprised that it hasn't sold at £25k for what looks to be a good car. Early Evora's can suffer from the following..... Clutch - Won't last forever but worth looking for a car that's had it replaced. Headlights can need re-lacquering as the initial process that Lotus used wasn't great. CR Gearbox can suffer from weak 3-6th gear ratios causing premature failure. Front wheel arch liner brackets rust away to nothing (someone sells a stainless steel replacement for £25 or so) Air conditioning condensers can fail Passenger side airbag cover pops up, £500 to fix an TADTS On the plus side, drive train is pretty much bomb proof and no reports of electrical gremlins.
  12. Yes, that’s what Jim told me and quieter with valve closed.
  13. Body shops can now take a photo of the paint and then a clever computer will tell them the colour code and any slight deviation so they can mix up an exact match of the colour on the car. More important when doing metallic colours on fibreglass than usual, even more important when Lotus have put the wrong paint code on the car sticker and you’re trying to work out why there is a slight colour discrepancy on your newly painted bumper 🤬
  14. I’m about to pay £500 +vat for the front bumper, to do the bonnet as well was £1050 +vat (total) quoted. It’s labour intensive as it can be tricky to get the panels to line up again properly. Make sure to use a body shop that can put a camera on the paint to work out the exact colour. As I found out, Lotus colour codes are not to be trusted.
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