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  1. It's been up for sale since October, I think it sold at one point but came back. That could mean the seller has just been unlucky as the market isn't great at the moment (and I say that as a seller as well) or it could be that there's something the owner is not saying in the advert (to be very clear I am not suggesting there is anything) as I'm surprised that it hasn't sold at £25k for what looks to be a good car. Early Evora's can suffer from the following..... Clutch - Won't last forever but worth looking for a car that's had it replaced. Headlights can need re-lacquering as the initial process that Lotus used wasn't great. CR Gearbox can suffer from weak 3-6th gear ratios causing premature failure. Front wheel arch liner brackets rust away to nothing (someone sells a stainless steel replacement for £25 or so) Air conditioning condensers can fail Passenger side airbag cover pops up, £500 to fix an TADTS On the plus side, drive train is pretty much bomb proof and no reports of electrical gremlins.
  2. Yes, that’s what Jim told me and quieter with valve closed.
  3. Body shops can now take a photo of the paint and then a clever computer will tell them the colour code and any slight deviation so they can mix up an exact match of the colour on the car. More important when doing metallic colours on fibreglass than usual, even more important when Lotus have put the wrong paint code on the car sticker and you’re trying to work out why there is a slight colour discrepancy on your newly painted bumper 🤬
  4. I’m about to pay £500 +vat for the front bumper, to do the bonnet as well was £1050 +vat (total) quoted. It’s labour intensive as it can be tricky to get the panels to line up again properly. Make sure to use a body shop that can put a camera on the paint to work out the exact colour. As I found out, Lotus colour codes are not to be trusted.
  5. Rather depressing that this car keeps coming up for sale, looks to be a good car at a good price.
  6. BOE seem well respected in the US, I had one of the CAI fitted to my car and it was a nice, well designed bit of kit. I'd guess with shipping and import you are looking at about £1000 for the part plus £800 in labour, not an insignificant amount of money but people spend more on exhausts
  7. It's all noise. I originally ordered a valved exhaust from Jim but after a chat with him I changed to a non-valved as I had planed to do UK track days (booked 3, didn't make it to a single one ). Basically, valved closed it quieter than non valved and valved open is louder than valved. The valve must open at 4k rpm and would fail UK track limits. I don't regret going with non-valved at all and have since added headers and sports-cat, sounds amazing above 3k rpm in the car (and awesome all the time outside the car or with windows down and something for the noise to bounce off) and is not intrusive when cruising. Always fun to start the car in the garage and this is only 3k rpm and a phone can't capture the low rpm dirtiness of the noise. Gives you a better idea of the low rpm dirtiness and this is pre-headers....
  8. Just to conclude this and a warning to others.... The car is Storm Titanium and the sticker on the car is B121 but after the bumper was sprayed the colour match never seemed quite right. I took it to a local body shop to see if they could do a better job, they put a camera on the paint and confirmed that the bumper was an excellent match for B121 but the rest of the car was B98. After a chat with the most excellent Dave @Hangar 111 it turns out that around the time my car was built, Lotus updated the Storm Titanium colour from B98 to B121. Presumably someone at the factory said paint that car Storm Titanium and the Paint shop did it in B98 then another person put a B121 sticker on it. Got to laugh 🤯though not at the wasted money doing a job twice 😤 So a word of warning, never trust the paint code on the car and always use a body shop with a camera which can detect the correct colour and pigmentation to use. Car now with Dave getting the incorrect colour painted on to the bumper.
  9. All sorted and squeak free. Added bonus that I could clean a few bits that are otherwise impossible to get to. Rear inside bolt made a bid for freedom into the centre tunnel and had to be coaxed out with a hook but otherwise painless.
  10. Need to remove drivers seat to fix an annoying squeak. Anything I need to be aware of like nuts dropping into the chassis or under tray if they are not secured?
  11. price on this one reduced again. Looks to have Premium and Sports packs so even at £25-26k it was priced well. Has anyone looked at it? Any problems?
  12. I was wondering the same. Strange that the engine is listed incorrectly but other parts of the advert read like an enthusiastic owner.
  13. We have a winner. B121 rather than B98 though (if there is any difference) So that's where it's hidden! Nothing like having to pull apart your interior to find a sticker that is normally on the door. I've found the paint to be very light dependent, totally different colour on a sunny day vs. a cloudy day.
  14. What is the name of the colour of my car as I am struggling to match it with the names I can find? Many thanks....
  15. Sounds familiar which is why I've given up on radio and moved to Spotify. Ignoring the easy access to loads of albums for one moment, it really does a good job of creating or recommending playlists that suit my belief that with a couple of minor exceptions, there has been no good new music since 2009
  16. Would only do 4-5k miles/year so thirst not really a problem. Boot certainly feels a lot bigger though that could be the more practical opening and doesn't take into account all that lovely space in the rear seats of the Evora. Agree that the Evora rides much better but then nothing else on sale really rides as well as an Evora. The 'problem' is that the connection to the road is something that I am rarely able to enjoy to the full potential of the car due to roads, traffic & time constraints. I went out on Saturday to buy some dog food and the route takes me across some proper Fen roads, the kind where you can have 10 different cambers on a 100m stretch of road with 3 of them in the same spot across the width of the car, the Evora is able to flow down this road at speed, the Vantage had to be wrestled at lower speeds. A clear + point to the Evora but then I only use these kind of roads every 2-3 weeks and half the time I'm stuck behind a queue of traffic doing 40mph unable to safely overtake. When I am able to exploit the Evora it is utterly mesmerising, however last couple of weeks has shown the Vantage is able to put a big grin on my face with the V8 & styling on every journey. Totally get that, I am wondering if it's just a change that I am after, lots of types of cars out there to enjoy.
  17. I can certainly understand not regretting it, why wouldn't you go back?
  18. For context I did test drive a 4.3 a month or so back and whilst on paper it is certainly quicker than an NA it didn't feel it. 4.7 is a different beast all together, pulls really well from pretty much any rpm (even 1k rpm in 6th at 30mph) and whilst the top end is certainly where the best of the fun and noise is at it doesn't feel like you need to use it all the time to get the most out of the engine. Evora on the other hand really does benefit from being revved out which does encourage me to drive it at 8/10ths (about as high as I'm willing to go on the road) which is helped by the better steering feel and more accessible handing. Evora is about 1350kg vs. about 1600kg so even taking into account breathing mods (hopefully) giving me around 290bhp that 218bhp/ton vs. 262bhp/ton which all seems far more accessible due to better gear ratios. Oh and the boot is rather large, 300L if I remember correctly though the forward half is only really suitable for small/flat items. Leaden is actually a good word but also more solid if that makes sense, the brakes for example don't seem to do a worse job is slowing the car down but there just isn't the ferocity you get when you stand on brakes in an Evora. I wouldn't say that the V8 feels skittish but my friend who I've borrowed the car from also now has a V12 and he has said that the V8 is better drivers car and that the power from the V12 does make it difficult to drive in anything but warm/dry conditions, probably not helped by the tyres.
  19. I'm a week in to a loan of my friends spare Vantage (4.7 manual) as he's been kind enough to lend it to me whilst my Evora is in the garage and I must say that I am smitten. The ride is worse than my Evora The seats are less comfortable than my Evora The Evora is a better 'sports car', better steering and begs to be driven hard The Evora is more practical (kind of with the back seats though boot on Vantage is much better) But.... The noise from the V8, the styling and the feeling it give you looking out over that long bonnet is 😍 I'm sorely tempted, off to collect my Evora from the garage tomorrow and will be loaning to a friend for a couple of weeks to see if it piques his interest. Anyone else done similar?
  20. Either removed or not a public post.
  21. They seem to come on a lot more when the headlights are on and do a far better job of cleaning the windscreen than the windscreen washers do.
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