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  1. Not quite as you need to take final drive into account as well. I have the long ratio box, I do very occasionally wish I had the short ratio box when wanting to overtake from 50-60mph as it would make it easier to leave in 3rd but on the other side the longer 6th makes for a great cruiser and the sad reality is that I do more of the later, than the former even as a 'weekend car'. Some people hate the LR, some people like @series_one prefer it, the ideal gearbox would probably have the IPS ratios for 1 - 4 and the LR for 5/6 IMO but not going to happen.
  2. If it is BOE then the Supercharged Evoras will retain the OE throttlebody boot, where the NA Evoras will use the BOE supplied silicone boot. That would imply that it won't fit without the BOE supplied silicone boot in the NA kit.
  3. IIRC there's 4 clips under there to keep the cover in place that are designed to fail when the airbag goes off. Problem is that it gets rather hot in there in the sun so they can randomly fail causing the panel to pop open a bit. Need to remove the dash and replace the clips to fix it or just leave it and remember that it's a "quirk" of the car that makes it a Lotus 🤔
  4. My car goes back tomorrow so have the front bumper refitted after this frankly poor attempt. I recall them being perfectly inline before but looking at a couple of other Evora's they had there they were also a bit off (if no where near as bad as this). Would appreciate photos of your Evora nose side on so I can get an idea of what is an acceptable panel gap.
  5. I do wonder how easy a sell the NA SR is? I know there are a couple of people on here very happy with theirs and despite liking my NA, I think I would struggle to part with £40k for one when an S is in such easy reach.
  6. Mine does, I plug my battery conditioner in to the boot power socket when the car will be left for a while.
  7. Once again on nephew care duty today and took him to Duxford, I park up a few spaced down from a family of 4 decamping from a Qashqui and the father pays the car some very kind complements, the mother replies that it's no good for the kids. I don't think she was very happy when I opened the passenger door to allow my nephew to climb out the back whilst telling them that's it's a practical 4 seater family car 😇
  8. New headers and my engine hasn’t exploded between M25 and Le Mans so I guess I am safe. Any way to reset it without a OBD interface?
  9. I recall a thread (I am fairly sure on here) a few months back where someone posted a printable template for fitting Headlight beam deflectors for driving in Europe. I remember at the time thinking that would be really useful for when I go to Le Mans so I downloaded and saved them. Of course now I come to print them I cannot find the files on my laptop and cannot find the thread and am left wondering about my sanity. If anyone has them or can find the thread I will be most grateful!
  10. Whoever you want and wherever you want. However Radium CAI are no longer made (don't really know why, read some stuff about engines running too lean and Engine lights, but take that with a pinch of salt given the happy customers above). Other options are available, see that last couple of pages of this thread.....
  11. Within 6 months it's nothing to do with the 3rd party warranty and all to do with the 2015 Sale of Good Act. The car must be Of satisfactory quality, Fit for purpose, and As described and the onus is on the Dealer to prove that a problem was not there when the car was sold. Leaking book, I don't care what Lotus say, a water tight boot on a modern car is a given. Their problem. Sub, they should have told you it was faulty, they didn't. Their problem. Head unit, 8 year old car, I'd be pushing them but I could accept that it's age/wear and tear related. Must say, given your experiences with Snows I would never consider buying a car from them.
  12. Giving a colleague a lift to our hotel last night and a group of yoofs walking past give the thumbs up and shout nice car m8 as we go past. Colleague turns to me and in a slightly sulky voice says "that never happens to me in my Porsche"
  13. Start.mp4 Shaun at Essex Autosport worked late last night to get 2bular headers added onto the 2bular non Valved exhaust already fitted in time for some extra noise on the way down to Le Mans next week. Phone camera doesn't really do it justice but it sounds awesome! Very naughty Drive.mp4
  14. Check the glovebox? I bought new locking wheel bolts when my key shattered. Took Kwik-Fit 20 minutes to swap them over including making a key to get the old locking key bolts off. I am not sure if I would bother with locking bolts again given how easy it was for them to make a key.
  15. I assume you’ve missed a zero off the end I don’t understand the 2000rpm drop being a problem. 2->3rd in mine is 7000->4500rpm and that is fine. Also the reality is that unlikely to be be doing top revs or flat out 4->5th, well ever to be frank.
  16. I don't think it can be done, @series_one looked into this going the other way to add the CR 3/4th to a LR box if I remember correctly and the feedback from Lotus was that it wouldn't work as the rev drops would be too much though I'll admit it didn't make much sense to me. If it can be done then 6th isn't too long for cruise IMO, if you want to accelerate with any degree of speed from 60-70mph then you need to drop to 5th or 4th but that's not so much of a problem and I've found that in reality unless going up hill staying in 6th is fine given the traffic flow/acceleration of most cars. Benefit is a great long distance cruiser (OK, not what the car is really for but a testament to how well it rides) and great economy (I saw 33mpg on the computer yesterday at 80mph)
  17. A builder stopped staring at an attractive young lady's bottom long enough to shout nice car before returning to his perving.
  18. I've not heard the OEM system as mine is a 2010 car and came with the standard non Sports exhaust so I can't comment. I can say that it doesn't feel too noisy at cruise (even at slightly illegal speeds, cough 100mph on Autobahn etc) and makes more than enough noise when having fun. I did originally order the valved exhaust but after a chat with Jim I decided to go with non-valved as I wanted to be allowed on track days in the UK. Happy to meet up, feel free to send me a message.
  19. What are the problems? I fitted a non-valved which sounds brilliant and went straight on.
  20. Breathing seems to be the restriction on the NA with Headers being a restriction as standard due to the cats being there. All of the replacement Headers remove the cats and replace them with a standalone cat further down. Once replaced people have mentioned Essex Autosport as being able to tune the ECU for more power and I think Hangar111 do the same with their EV300 tune. ES Motorsport have also told me that they can now offer a ECU replacement and tune that should see more power once breathing mods (CAI/exhaust) are installed. So my musing is a set of headers from Jim @ 2bular as I have his backbox installed and really like it and then getting one of the above to tune or replace the ECU for more POWER!!!!!!
  21. Sounds normal, not a box that likes to be rushed across the gate in my experience.
  22. I didn't like filming the look of blind panic on my face as I went round 😅
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