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  1. Quite right, different road trip. Lucky chap!
  2. Not watched yet but assume it's the roadtrip that he wrote about in Evo, released now to give Evo exclusivity whilst the magazine is on the shelves. In effect, filmed around 2 months ago if I remember correctly.
  3. I really hope the black seal isn’t production or looks better in the flesh as that looks bloody awful and I have a red car on order.
  4. Any good pictures of the Ice Grey and Alcantara interiors? I really can't make up my mind.
  5. You say it should happen but when the BMW i8 came out there was a £3-5k (I forget) price increase between people placing orders and taking delivery and BMW basically said, pay it or don't get the car, tough poo. Great that Lotus have kept the price as it was a year ago despite 10%? inflation levels.
  6. I've spent a bit of time going through the reviews over the last few days (as I need to decide whether to go ahead with my AMG FE order) both on YouTube and in the written press. The only one that seems to be critical is the Evo track review, the Henry Catchpole review in the magazine is very good (4 star, not quite as good to drive as a Cayman but looks amazing and build very well), the Car review against the Cayman and A110 is very complementary, and it comes across more in the written form than the YouTube video. Seems to be the same across the board, engine/gearbox a bit old hat (hope AMG can fix that), not quite as good as a Cayman above 8/10ths (important for Journalists and the driving gods on here, probably not for mere mortals like myself) and a bit heavy for a Lotus. None of that really puts me off when looking as the junior supercar styling, the fact they have finally nailed an interior that I can live with as a daily driver and frankly watching just how much fun Harry Metcalf was having blasting around in the car on roads that he knows like the back of his hand. Like most on here, I was hoping for a 5*, kicks the Caymans arse type of review but being realistic, given just how mature the Cayman platform is and how good Porsche are at making cars that was unlikely to happen. I know which one I'd rather have on my drive.
  7. It's got me thinking. Problem is there are so many filters on the photos that it probably looks nothing like that, clear if you compare the Yellow to the photos appearing on Twitter.
  8. Click on his name and find out. Works on Carfection with 1m+ followers on YouTube.
  9. I got lucky and bought a "high mileage" (9000 miles), 10 month old car for £500 under new list price in December. Only car I could find for less than new list price and when I looked a month or so ago, they were all up for sale over. If you want one, I'd say just buy a used one for as little money as you can, 5 year warranty so nothing to really worry about and pretty much depreciation proof at the moment (famous last words). It's a brilliant car for going very fast down B-roads and puts a grin on your face but it lacks something that I can't place that would make me regret selling it which is fortunate as I'll be selling it in Nov/Dec to fund an Emira.
  10. Sorry but September 2021 is not an early order, if anything you were late to the game. There was huge demand at Goodwood on 8/9/10th July so realistically any order after that is likely to take a lot of time to arrive. Take a look at to see where people have placed their deposits. Only 3 out of 50+ deposits placed September 2021 onwards. If you want something "new", just keep your order in and buy something that will be easy to sell on when you need to, it's not a huge financial commitment at the moment unless you really need the £2k to buy something else and it gives you plenty of time to buy something, get bored and replace it with an Emira. That's what I've done with a GR Yaris.
  11. email didn't come with any fancy coffee or biscuits 😠
  12. What you view a crass and curt, I view as a succinct summary of what Lotus are trying to achieve, in my point of view. Aston and Jaguar leaning on their history isn't exactly doing much for their sales figures, so why are people buying Ferrari and Porsche, because they are making very good cars that people want. Exactly what Lotus seem to be doing with the Emira if the order book is anything to go by. As you don't like brevity, let's take a look at another car manufacturer who hasn't needed to reinvent themselves as they've had to invent a brand from scratch, Tesla. I've bought two cars from them, both with zero involvement from Dealers, I placed an order on the website, paid my deposit, got a rough delivery date (sometime in Q1/22 for latest car) and received a text message a week before giving me a link to a website to chose the date and time to collect the car. Collection itself was in a shopping centre carpark and literally took 5 minutes. You know what, it was brilliant. No dealing with sales people, no 10 minute pitch on PCP finance, no wasting an afternoon going to a dealer to view the car (if I'd wanted to view, no upsell on stuff that I didn't want. So this brand, renowned for dodgy comms & dodgy build quality has an army of owners who will evangelise about the brand and cars, boring you senseless, because the cars are very good at what they do and they can't build them fast enough. Remind you of anyone? I hope that this response meets your standards for intelligence, sensitivity and length. Weren't you invited to the car launch events at the Dealers? I had a lovely time chatting to a number of senior people from Lotus about the car. Can't imagine many, or any, other brands letting that happen.
  13. You mean they are trying to be profitable so the company can continue to exist.
  14. Anyone know if there's a chance to sit in a production Emira as part of the tour?
  15. and the V6 for comparison.... Clearly expecting the cars to hold good value after 4 years which is good. Just hoping they will allow a higher deposit as whilst I could pay outright with value of cars that will be replaced with Emira, it would be nice to get some cash for other things, I'm just not a fan of interest payments that high. Anyone know if paying off chunks of PCP is normally allowed once you have the car to reduce overall monthly payments and interest?
  16. That's really interesting thanks. Similar situation in that I have money for Emira available (need to sell a Vantage and GR Yaris) so could buy outright but there is then the voice saying it's not much more to get in to a 570s, thing is it would be financed and when you look at £12k interest over 3 years or £333 of the £800/month payment it does make it much harder to justify.
  17. Out of interest, how affordable if you don’t mind saying? 570 has struck me as a possibly one day achievable supercar.
  18. Car is on Apple News if you are a subscriber (to Apple News)
  19. Pretty standard I'd imagine. I was recording some videos for our website last week, it was roughly 1 hour of footage for a 5 minute video.
  20. Lotus have clearly stated that the i4 will be 360bhp. There's an image from someone who has seen the Chinese show car saying that the FE will have 400bhp. Everything else is just guesses and supposition.
  21. From another forum where the translation was posted as the comment from a native Chinese speaker was
  22. Chinese YouTubers taking a look at the car . Not anything new if you've poured over all the other info on the car but didn't stop me watching all 4 videos
  23. Could be 360bhp as standard (and as announced for the base edition) with a power pack for 400bhp as an option which is included in the FE cars as they're fully loaded. All random speculation obviously.
  24. Slightly longer translation makes it clearer they are referring to the i4 though to be clear this is a random person/journalist writing on the internet so could be complete bullshit. Lotus have stated the i4 will be a 360bhp engine at launch.
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