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  1. Thank you very much, I am new to this vehicle as it belongs to my Oldest Son but I am confident that between the two of us we can do this. Will try out your suggestions on Tuesday when I see him.
  2. Thanks for that information. Where is the "relay located?, engine bay? Also is there a listing of the Lotus Car Notes that can be reviewed on the web?
  3. Sometimes it comes on when the key is turned to ign. Probably does not come on more often. It will come on sometimes when the engine is cranked, will run for a few seconds but only dribbles of fuel.
  4. A 97 Esprit, would not start, disconnected the fuel line from the tank to the filter. Pump would run sometimes and then not. No Fuel when cranking, again sometimes the pump would run and other times it would not. Just little dribbles of fuel. Possibly not related (could be) the fuel gauge does not register any fuel. There is fuel. Loaded about 9 gals. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I did read the thread from Joel about replacing the pump.
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