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  1. With prices on nearly new supercars - modern Astons, Porsches 997 etc. dropping through the floor any thoughts on Esprit V8 residuals? If I was looking now I don't think I'd pay 15-20k for a 10 year old Esprit v8 when I could get a 5 year old Aston or 997 porker for

  2. Why?

    Engine oil is different to gear box oil - engine oil has to do several jobs, despite mileage. Moisture from cold starts/short runs, contaminants - coke, acids etc from the combustion process.. These contaminants should be removed regularly due to there corrosive effect within the engine so age matters rather than mileage. Hence the oil change as you lay the car up rather than when you put it back on the road.

    Gear box wise, The main demands on the oil is from the shear loads between the working parts. If it hasn't done the mileage how does it become old with age and need changing? Its effectively a sealed system no contaminants involved.

    I can't totally disagree with the 'better safe than sorry' principal, on the other hand I don't believe in burning money when it can't be justified, just on the vague odd chance.

    Opinions please?

    Jeff H

  3. I have the same setup as yours (primary shaft from GTO engineering + Quaife LSD)

    I have no problem at all, except the different way to shift into 1st gear.

    I still have some issue to align the reverse gear. (sometimes it cannot be engaged)

    but I will do the alignment during my next oil change.

    anyway, back to the subject.

    after this new setup, the stop n go action is not as responsive as the original setup.

    but rolling start is very quick!

    my suggestion is, with the Quaife, do not attempt to do traffic light burnout from resting.

    it's not good for a car with or without a mod anyway.

    note: the new GTO shaft is noise and generate more heat (higher temperature) in the gearbox.

    *this may affect city drive, which I try to avoid not to get into heavy traffic in downtown.


    I don't under what you mean by the 'stop n go action' unless this is refering to the slightly higher 1st ratio? Which I only noticed when moving of gently as its a little more difficult. Quicker starts I don't notice any difference and I guess I wouldn't notice if I was really agressive as well... except for the flailing drive shaft noises!!

    I am also interested by your saying the box is generating more heat? How have you become aware of this yourself please? And why? I can't see that the different style of cut on 1st gear would make the difference? So is it the Quaife Diff that is generating much more heat?

    As far as extra noise there is additional noise but only in first gear.. If you drive slowly in 1st alternating between accelerating gently and slowing (with the window open so you can hear better) its obvious its the straight cut 1st gear meshing (the extra noise is one reason manufacturers stopped using straight cut gear on everyday road cars)... If you have this noise or similair in other gears then that doesn't seem right to me...

    Other than the slightly higher 1st gear ratio and the straight cut gear noise in 1st I couldn't tell any difference from a standard box to the one I have now.

    Jeff H

    Ps. GTO Engineering did my box for me two years ago and its been fine.

  4. Have a look on the concurrent GTO contact thread there is a link to there new website and look at the UN1 upgrade page - there is a mention about he need for diff size bearing.

    I found Kevin very helpfull and a spot on guy when I dealt with him I'd expect all to become clear when you get hold of him.


  5. I've always liked an Oil Temperature gauge. It gives a much more realistic indication of genuine internal engine operating temperature. I remember years ago, being amazed how little Oil Temp you can have even though the Water Temp gauge has come up to a fully hot reading. I find it works very well for me at keeping my right foot from getting to heavy, too early on the loud pedal.

    I have an Lotus OEM Oil Temperature gauge (S4 type) that I want to fit in the dash in place of the clock - pre facelift dash.

    I though it would just be a matter of wiring it up taking an additional wire from the oil temp sensor in the sump plug. Didn't work for some reason... My guess is the the sender is of the wrong type/rating to work with this gauge?

    I seem to recall reading that whilst the oil sensor feeds info direct to the ECU that information isn't used by the ECU for anything, in fact I think early V8's didn't have the sensor fitted - I may be wrong on these points. If this is right then I could simply disable the wire to the ECU and replace the sender with a type that will work with the S4 gauge?

    Does anyone have any input on this or any suggestions for alternative options to get this type of oil temperature gauge working?


    Ps. Speaking of loud pedals I used to have an MG Metro (took it from 12 months old through 100,000 miles and into a scrap yard over 20 years later). That had a stick located between and slightly in front of the front seats - you could depress one of the pedals and move the stick about quiet easily. On most cars its called a gear lever and is part of the acceleration process. On my Metro however it seemed to be some sort of engine volume control - when I moved the stick about that's the only thing that ever happened! No change in acceleration just a change in engine volume.

  6. Dare I suggest we all have our own sado-masochistic traits - being Lotus owners that is....!

    Definition of a true sado-masochistic relationship, The slave says, 'Beat me Beat' to which the Master says in a cruel voice, 'NO'...

    Lotus owner turns key, instructing car to work properly, car refuses to work properly...



  7. It's not the wobbly mirrors you want to worry about... Its the water in the oil in your engine, the broken 5th gears in your gear box, the chewed up first motion drive shaft, the slipping clutch, the sticky waste gates and the rusted out fuel tanks..... That you want to worry about.....!!!

    Sorry, just jealous that its wobble mirrors that you spend your time on as its about 10th on my priority list.....

    Honestly, if it wasn't for its F1 legacy 'Lotus' as a viable business would never have got beyond the 1980's....

    Its the first car I've owned that I don't give a damn for stuff such as poor operating electric windows and poor door opening and closing - I'm spending all my time chase after all the serious faults that affect performance and just keep the pile of c..p road legal!

    It's a great hobby for someone with lots of spare time... I run 5 cars and I'm semi-retired and the Lotus need 4 times more effort and money that any of my others cars and that's after 3 1/2 years ownership experience.. I'm really not convinced the pleasure is worth the excessive effort. The performance is outstanding when it works fine. But your just waiting for the next fault....

    Jeff H

    Ps. Most fun as a daily driver VW Golf GTI Mk2. Bought in 1992 - still fun to drive, cheap to run, totally reliable.

  8. Road tested my 96 V8 tonight with laptop recording data - Gendan software.. I suspected a problem - I've been getting some popping on tickover for the last 1,000 miles and now have an occasional problem getting no boost when applying steadily increased throttle in lower gear, the car seems to hesitate and hold back (like an old carburetor did when cold with not enough choke) feels liek the fuel is going in but the engien just isn't picking up then Whallop! boost seems to kicking in with a thump in the back, no build up just all at once!

    1. On three of my O2 sensors i'm getting variable readings within limits which will probably draw as curves if graphed out - so I guess they are okay. But on Oxygen Sensor 2 Bank 2 I'm getting 0.49 V all the time - with no changes.. I'm guessing this might indicate a knackered LH Bank Cat? Although its throwing no fault codes..... - Yet..!?

    2. I'm guessing, 'intake manifold pressure,' is my best option for assessing boost? any ideas what sort of reading are within parameters? Or is there some other reading I should be looking at to assess boost pressures?


    Jeff H

  9. Does it feel as though its hesitating and then your boost comes in suddenly?

    That's the problem I had (and it seems to be coming back intermittently again), last time I had the waste gates changed. I also needed a new cat as it seems I was dumping unburnt fuel and that wrecked the cat.

    If it might be the same, I'd get it looked at quick rather than risk the cats.

    Jeff H

  10. Nope as the V8 and later injected 4 pots have internal pumps and yours is external, breathers may also be different too?


    I recall a thread talking about Lotus getting the exciting stock of spare tanks rust protected a few years back. I recall a comment that there was someone like 30 different part numbers and therefore variations on the fuel tank through the cars production life. 15 different tanks per side or so I guess...

    Jeff H

  11. I'm sorry Jeff, but if the money going out includes Several hundreds of Billions of pounds to hold up Northern Rock then we are just paying for incompetance.

    And here's a few other examples taken from press releases:

    "The government announced the budget for the Games had risen from

  12. ok heres one for you, labour put the taxes up so they would have more funds for the nhs hospitals, last year when things went tits up for me, i didnt get a scan in time becuase "it would cost too much to get the staff in new years eve and fire up the machines" and then a further scan was put off until " they had the funds to pay for the specialist reader to travel from cardiff for the day" the treatment i needed was not available becauser fo" lack of funds" the equipment couldnt be used becuase of " no fuinds to train the staff to use them"

    in the years since labour has been in, they have introduced more stealthy taxes than the conservatives ever did, and wheres the failities to show for it?

    as for fuel 2/3rds of it is already tax, when a litre of fuel costs a retailer 46p you have to wonder where does that tax go? we already pay a road tax fee yet we do not see the uks road struture improving to the quality other eu countries have, in my raod alone we have in excess of 200 odd potholes marked up by the highways agency, yet they have no funds to fix them, but they had loads of funds given them to stick over 300 plastic speedbumps when asked for them.

    they want to charge us soon for driving per mile on the roads, but then thats what the road tax is for , and i cant see them giving that up lightly.

    we pay vat on food, fuel, electricity, gas, and now increased water rates and community charges. i expect to wake up one morning and have a life tax bill on my doormat followed by an air tax for the air i breath.

    crime is rife in this country, but its a shame the biggest thieves are the ones that sit in the commons, and we are to bloody scared to do anything about it

    To my certain knowledge no government for at least the past 30 years has claimed that there is any direct link between revenue from the Road Fund Licence and paying for Road Maintenance, I vaguely remember reading once a claim that there never was even at its inception. Which is why telling cyclist they shouldn't be on the road because they don't pay road tax is a misnomer, never mind difference in wear and tear between a cyclist and a car which weighs 100 times more and does 10 times more mileage. All tax revenues just gets put in a big pot!

    Your National Insurance contributions is the only 'tax' that you pay that is said to still have a vague link to you and its original purpose in providing pension, social security and Health services.

    So much of the chancellors revenue comes from multiple sources PAYE, VAT, petrol, car tax, corporation tax, stamp duty, capital gains, cigarettes, alcohol and lots of others. That its impossible to allocate stuff pound for pound it just has to get pooled.. Tax is also used in a dissproportionate way for social reasons such as a deterant on smoking, spirits and speeding.


  13. I think the USA have been the only country to come in near to budget and actually end up making a profit out of running the Olympics. perhaps that's one reason they ran it twice almost back to back. The IOC got to keep the profits and used it to fund sport development in third world contries.

    Like the vast majority of projections they are just a 'best guess' and often massaged to achieve a desired result - made to look viable and convincing to get a YES... Like most things from house renovations, business start up or major projects like aircraft development or the Olympics, or me getting the wife to agree to me building a new computer! You always have to look at a 30% to 50% overbudget situations when considering the project critically, as 9 times out of 10 that's where you end up...

    Jeff H

  14. I hear people talking here who haven't had any academic training in finance and doubt work in finance industry (call center staff don't count here.. lol)..

    The country is just like a family household, lets say your one of the children. The household has only so much money in - Dad working full time, mum works part time. The household has two types of expenditure money that must be paid out, mortgage, rates, heating, lighting etc. and money spent on extras like cars, holidays, xmas pressies, nice clothes, etc.

    Now, lets say dad pisses up a large proportion of his limited wages in the pub (or runs an Esprit - same thing really) - Well that what its like living in a corupt third world country. The money is there but not being distributed properly...

    Lets say Dad's decides that your education is a family priority, and will sacrifice his nice fast sports car and holidays overseas to put you through a private education. Well that's what its like living in say Sweden, where as an adult you would be paying about 40% tax however education and child welfare services are very generous indeed.

    Or maybe you have a gifted older borther who gets to a top university on a long education course but will end up with a great job at 25, nice for him. Again that has to be funded so you as the family thicko has to get a job at 16 and pay your way.. as the families budget doesn't stretch to 2 kids at university - well that might be America with a large spread between the have's and the have nots.

    The point is there is no 'ideal' that will keep everyone happy, in fact in even the fairest case 90% will moan. But the countries budget equation remains a simple one. You can only get out (as a whole) what has been put in.

    Yes, people will always argue, that they haven't 'personally' seen any benefit for the additional police funding. And that 'you' as an individual feel abused by the tax system. or the people WE as a society put into power are incompetent in there distribution of tax revenues. But personally, I'd rather pay a few hundred pounds more a year in tax and social services get maybe 10% more funding, 9% or which they waste, if it can pick up on 1% more of abuse children.

    Similarly, I find speed cameras are good for me personally, because I don't tend to speed much and the more money they raise the less tax I might have to pay. I also love the fact that on the school run my pre 2002 gas guzzling Esprit V8 pays far less road tax than a post 2002 4x4 baby buggy - for now at least. Or, that I'm gonna pay

  15. People always just alwasy have to have a winge about the tax and the budget, regardless of what goes on.

    People either don't know or don't realise the government has to balance the books, money has to be spent on thousand different things to give us all the things we expect in our society, roads, police, schools, health, social services, etc etc etc. We can only get what we pay for. If society as a whole wants to put less in we can only expect less we can take out. No Police, crap roads, long NHS queues, no unemployment benefit, paying for our kids education directly.

    Okay, I know its far more complicated than that and a massive generalisation and there are all sorts of side issues like re-distribution of wealth that people argue about..

    Its just like the house you live in but on a massive scale. Money in = Money available to go out.

    Jeff H

  16. Why?

    What are you trying to achieve here? The Lotus Esprit mid design period is now mostly 20 years old. Its out of date and very much 'old technology'.

    Even, the V8 was only ever a very well engineered application of well established ideas back then in 1996..... But that was 12 years ago..... And 12 years is a very long time, in car terms... 0-60 in under 5 seconds was a big thing back in 1996, but now its a routine requiremement for anything that wants to be seen as a performance car today...

    20kg here 20kg there! If your that fussy about bits, then why WASTE time on a Lotus Esprit - just go and buy a Porsche 997 for

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