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  1. I’ve got the new shape Vantage. I had three of the older shape, and regretted it to a greater or lesser extent when I let them go for something else.
  2. It’s more than eight years since I had my Evora S and I went along to the session in Hamilton this afternoon with an open mind. Indeed after a chat with Graeme, Laura and the chaps from the factory had talked myself into placing a deposit on a green and tan V6 when I got home. Until that is I got back into the Vantage for the return journey. I have no doubt that the Emira will be a winner for Lotus, but at the moment I’ll stick with the Aston. Of course that may well change when I’ve had some time in the demonstrators next year. In the meantime I shall continue to watch from afar.
  3. 1.Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 2. Jason F (snoboardr) 3. Craig +0 (Dewarcraig) 4. David +1 possibly (Alfa2Evora) 5 John + Marge 6. Mike C. 7. Al. +?? TBC work rota 8. Colin G 9. Alan & Gwen 10. Andrew & Alister 11. Tony (anthonyyule) 12. Andy C (C8RKH) 13. Derek
  4. Brian, YHM. Al, I've not got your email address,so you are missing out. Derek
  5. Posted 57 minutes ago 1: bingoking + 1 2. Mark +1 3. Gee21 4. Al. + 1 (not from the start - but a little later) 5. Derek + 1 (having just collected a new V8V from them yesterday, it'd be rude not to)
  6. You'll find that the exterior of the roof no longer gets hot from the overhead interior light with the LEDs.
  7. The cynic in me says that should you have said Rolex was sponsoring the event, and HRH The Princess Royal was in attendance the response from JYS may have been different.
  8. Nope. Accelerate hard perhaps, but brake hard and the coffee will fall forward onto the floor. Unless you mean brake hard, whilst reversing at speed? Pedant mode off now!
  9. Has there ever been a more cryptic and less informative thread?
  10. I'd like to thank the team from BEAR Scotland. Without their care and dedication to the maintenance and upkeep of the trunk roads of East Central Scotland, this would not have been possible.
  11. Bear in mind that your car's life with Lotus was 10 years ago. The benefits and problems of being on the press fleet will be long gone. It's more recent history will be of greater relevance.
  12. 1. Kelly's Eye (AndrewC +1) Breakfast and Bingo for two 2. One little duck (George & Sandra) Breakfast and Bingo for two 3. One lone tree (Kay & Mark) Breakfast and Bingo for two 4. Knock at the door (Dave & Sharron) Breakfast and Bingo for two 5. Man alive (Derek & Karen) Breakfast and Bingo for two
  13. Spend a few pounds on a couple of decking squares, and drive onto these when you need to jack the car. They are large enough and stable enough to drive onto, and will raise the car sufficiently to get a jack underneath.
  14. I've gone fron Exige 240 to Evora, to Elise S/C to Evora S. The S is a great car, but if you are getting 22, I have to ask if you are trying hard enough. I seem to have a ceiling of 20.
  15. Hi Mike, I'm sure we exchanged a wave on Friday afternoon in Kirkcaldy. I was inthe Evora on my way to BMW to collect a new aerial for my good lady's car. Your +2 looked great. Derek
  16. Never mind Euro, it would need to be Drachma
  17. Hi George, Trying to send you a PM, but the system says you can't receive any new messages. Is your inbox full? Derek
  18. 1) bingoking +1 2) M400kay+ 1 3) douglasgdmw (George) + wkd (Sandra) 4) Hedgerley 5) Liam Warnock +1 6) Gordon + 1 7) Derek + Karen
  19. Not sure I understand which icon you mean. My screen looks like this:
  20. While we are on about 2011 Alpine, is there anyway of getting the nav to show GPS speed?
  21. Hi Brain, Karen and I will come along too. John, It'll be good to see you, and the Eclat too (and your +1 of course). Derek
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