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  1. 14 minutes ago, Mctaff said:

    Do you have the older model or the new one?

    I’ve got the new shape Vantage.

    I had three of the older shape, and regretted it to a greater or lesser extent when I let them go for something else. 

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  2. It’s more than eight years since I had my Evora S and I went along to the session in Hamilton this afternoon with an open mind.  Indeed after a chat with Graeme, Laura and the chaps from the factory had talked myself into placing a deposit on a green and tan V6 when I got home. Until that is I got back into the Vantage for the return journey.

    I have no doubt that the Emira will be a winner for Lotus, but at the moment I’ll stick with the Aston. Of course that may well change when I’ve had some time in the demonstrators next year.  In the meantime I shall continue to watch from afar. 

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  3. If we all had that choice Monaco or Great Britain which would you choose.

    As for Jackie Stewart he lost any real respect from me when he never attended any of my Memorial weekends to Jim Clark, for the last number of years down at Duns JC home town. As many of you know it was the 50th anniversary of JC and Lotus winning the F1 championship this year? I organised this year’s JC event again. We received great support from Lotus, Classic Team Lotus, Andy Middelhirst and Club Lotus. We had Jim’s two Type 25 race cars and his Cortina for the weekend.

    I secured permission from the Local Police and council to close off the main road on the Sunday and race the cars up and down the street. We attracted 3500 people on the Sunday all who lined the street for the 2 hour demonstrations. We also had over 50 Lotus cars on show for the public to view. At the end of the run we drove in convoy 7 miles over to Chirnside church for a service and the laying of a wreath on the JC grave. The route was lined by many people all who watched and waited for the convoy of cars.

    This weekend was the start of the celebrations for the year, Goodwood revival, Silverstone.

    We of course did write to JS but the reply was he had something else on that weekend as all the other weekends he did not come to.

    Now that they have seen the level of support for JC and what can be done it is interesting to see them come out of the wood work. The Jim Clark room in Duns also has seen a marked rise in visitors this year.

    David Coulthard did a great piece for the BBC on JC and we also had support from Dario Franchitti.


    The cynic in me says that should you have said Rolex was sponsoring the event, and HRH The Princess Royal was in attendance the response from JYS may have been different.

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  4. The inaugural Concours de Grott was won by Derek's Solar Yellow and Black roofed Evora. This is a prestigious competition with no prizes, just the Kudos or embarrassment of having the car that has not seen a bucket of water and sponge for a few days/weeks/months.


    I'd like to thank the team from BEAR Scotland.  Without their care and dedication to the maintenance and upkeep of the trunk roads of East Central Scotland, this would not have been possible. :D

  5. 1. Kelly's Eye (AndrewC +1) Breakfast and Bingo for two

    2. One little duck (George & Sandra) Breakfast and Bingo for two

    3. One lone tree (Kay & Mark) Breakfast and Bingo for two

    4. Knock at the door (Dave & Sharron) Breakfast and Bingo for two

    5. Man alive (Derek & Karen) Breakfast and Bingo for two

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