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  1. I managed to get out to MMC tonight to collect the Evora, and am so pleased with how the car looks following a couple of simple changes. The black roof and wheels transfers what was a fairly ordinary Evora into something really special.

    Again, a big thanks to Brandon and Craig at Murray Motor Co, and will see you at the Breakfast Club on Sunday.



  2. Steve,

    Hopefully we'll have it for the breakfast club. If not, I'm sure Brandon would stick the trade plates on and bring it along.


    LoL, I think yellow is bright enough for us these days.

  3. Stunning colour, but I would say that wouldn't I.

    Kirkcaldy has been without a yellow Evora for too long :)

    Trying to tie delivery in with Karen's Z4, so hopefully Andy can hurry along the chaps at the BMW factory.

  4. With Spring now in the air and the lighter nights with us, it seems to be the season for Evora purchasing. Not wanting to miss out I've gone and bought an Evora S; the 2011 yellow demonstrator from MMC.

    I didn't expect to be back in an Evora so soon, but a combination of envy from Karen getting a new car, a test drive in the S at the weekend, and a great deal from Brandon left me with an easy decision to make.

    I did think about changing the standard wheels for the larger diamond cut ones, but on hearing the price of replacement 20 inch tyres had a second thought.

    The Elise will go back to MMC, and the S 2+2, with Premium and custom Tech will be heading over to Fife in a few weeks. I wont have it in time for the April breakfast club, but certainly should do for the May event.

    Many thanks to Brandon for organising a great deal, and to Craig for his advice.

    Really looking forward to getting into another bright coloured car, and enjoying an Evora again.


  5. Hi guys,

    Can anyone who has recently renewed advise who are offering the most competitive terms for Evora at this time. Age 42, no points and business use. It looks like I may need to move from ESure, as they have an allergy to sports cars, despite my telling the call centre girl to calm down dear, it's only a Lotus.


  6. Like the rest of us up here, I can't thank Craig and the team enough for the help and support they've provided, but I am presently considering my options, which is a real shame, as they key components of it starting, stopping and steering are great.

  7. Build it properly so I don't need to go to the dealer every month with a different issue.

    Make the dash LCD screen such that I can read it in sunlight

    Fit a head unit worthy of a £50k car

    Move the mirror switch so a person with regular jointed wrists can work it

    Make the door arm rest more ergonomic

    Proper HVAC which responds to the inputs

    Fit longer sun visors which can actually do the job

    Have the cars tested from a 'can the buyer live with this' perspective as well as an engineering perspective prior to sign-off

    Make the battery box cover flush fitting with the boot firewall, so I can make use of the whole width of the boot

    As time goes on I find i'm getting less forgiving of the above.

  8. The good news is that I've managed to eradicate the one annoying rattle from the interior. It was an occasional rattle, and more noticeable on bumps / potholes in the road, rather than speed related. One of those which was annoying when it happened, but being occasional, I tended to forget about it until it happened again. However, at the weekend, I did remember, and took a look around to see what could be causing this.

    I keep the tool kit in the net behind the seat, and by simply wrapping the tow-eye, wheel bolt and locking nut around a pair of vinyl / latex gloves, so they are no longer rubbing against each other, I've managed to banish the noise once and for all.

    Now I have an Evora which no longer sounds like a bag of spanners.

  9. Another big thanks you to Craig and the team at MMC. I dropped the Evora off last week and left it with them while I was on holiday.

    Returned yesterday to a text from Craig, advising all fixed, valeted and ready for collection today. Picked it up and sure enough all going well.

    Popped in to chat Astons with Stuart Frame too. All in all a pleasent Saturday morning.


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