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  1. Has anyone else experienced a low coolant temperature showing on the gauge in day to day traffic; I'm wondering if I've got the 'stat which is stuck open. Other symptoms include tepid air blowing from the heater when turned up high, and taking a while to record any temp from start up. This is after a jounrey of some time / distance and at a reasonalbe speed.

    I'd normally seek advice from the ever helpful team at Murray's (thanks guys) but I'm away a lot at the moment, so throwing myself to the mercy of TLF / LEGS.

  2. Version H has made a massive improvement to the car, and remember I was already running with Version G. Pick-up is much quicker and the car feels more alive.

    Craig was busy when I collected the car last week, and I wasn't aware it had received the update until I passed on my thanks for a quick and efficient job (again :) ), and jokingly asked what magic dust had been sprinked on the engine. Craig confirmed the Version H reflash. Sorry mate; I fear you'll have a the ususal suspects beating a path to your door again

    The difference, at least on my car, was amazing, and it's also improved sports mode too.

    Another very happy MMC customer.

  3. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning, and a breakfast which was more akin to a feast. Not sure when I'll need to eat again.

    Some super shorts there Brian; you even managed to capture the sunshine.

    Looking forward to June already.

  4. Brian,

    I've just had this same 1st gear issue. It's a huge hole in the throttle map which only appeared at the weekend. Thankfully the car is off to MMC tomorrow, and they'll have it for 10 days. All being well it'll be fixed when I get it back.

    It seems to be something else every week just now, however it they are all known problems, which I guess is reassuring that it's not just me that's jinxed.


    PS sorry for the hijack

  5. What is the view of the insurance company's, do they consider this a modification?

    When I did the Type-49 wrap on my krypton green Elise s/c, I advised the insurer, who noted it, but there was no change in premium. I also understand that there is no requirement to advise DVLA, as it's not a permanent colour change.

    Caveat: Past insurer and Government agency advise can not be used as a guide to current / future advice.

  6. Gents,

    Thank you for the various options.

    Hegg - I much prefer what you have achieved, and it's similar to what I was looking for. I'll keep an eye out for something similar this sid of the pond.

    In the short term, I bought a couple of universal mats which cut to fit, and they are good enough to see me through the next few weeks, keeping the carpets for the better weather.

    Thanks again, and best wishes to all for 2011.


  7. Thanks to the sterling effort of Graeme, Caig and Alan at Murray Motor Company I picked up my Evora earlier today. A big thank you to all concerned for getting everything ready in a few short days, including having the alloys done in satin black, which really suits the storm titanium, and getting the winter tyres fitted - certainly money well spent there - I think I was the most nervous man in the country as I made my way to Edinburgh in the Exige on 48s.

    I may have only driven the car the 25 miles from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy, but can already confirm all that has previously been said about the excellent ride, steering and brakes. Oh, and the sound of the v6 through the sports exhaust - fantastic. The c/r gearbox also suits the car.

    In summary, my new Lotus is not only Lotus, but also a proper car, and I'm not sure I can pay it any greater tribute than that.


  8. Gentlemen,

    This is all music to my ears as I've just bought a 2+0 with sports pack and the C/R box, with delivery planned for Christmas Eve.

    The car also benefits from the 2010 revisions and the new gear change. It's been the Murray Motor Co demo car, and replaces my Type 72 Exige. Graeme at MMC worked a deal which was impossible to refuse (the 10th car we've bought from him), so I'm in an Evora about a year earlier than imagined, and so looking forward to Friday.


  9. Hi Brian,

    I'm afraid we are a late cancellation due to dog sitters preferring to go and watch Raith Rovers tomorrow afternoon. I'm afraid Ted & Dougal are not big fans for getting squashed into a plastic car and watching the scenery pass by in a blur.

    Sorry for the short notice; hope you all have a great afternoon.

    Derek & Karen

  10. Here's a couple of my new T-72 Exige, which I collected last week. Still running it in, but it seems to have more precise steering and gearchange than my '08 Elise S/C. looking forward to adding the miles and seeing what it is really capable of.

    ETA - A big thank you to Graeme and all the team at Murray Motor Co in Edinburgh for being so easy to deal with. Thanks guys :)





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  11. Hi Derek & Karen,

    It would be great to have you along and the outing is open to all Loti whether 4,6 or 8 cylinders.

    I saw your new car at MMC on Monday, it looks great.

    One question though have you got a black and gold pinstriped racing suit for Kermit or is he to attached to your Elise?

    Hi Brian,

    Looking forward to the car car. I handed the Elise over to MMC on Tuesday, and pick the new one up early next month.

    Kermit has re-located to Karen's Mini in the meantime, but is busy looking at the Classic Team Lotus webstore for the JPS overalls. :welcome:

    Looking forward to catching up again on the 11th, if not before.


  12. Hi Brian,

    Just spotted this. Hopefully you wont mind a couple of interlopers with a mere 4 cylinders? We're collecting a new Type 72 Exige 240 in a couple of weeks, so subject to having the running-in service completed, we'd be delighted to join you.


    1 & 2 Brian & Jackie

    3 & 4 Mark and Jane (including munchies)

    5 & 6 Allan & Debbie (including munchies)

    7 & 8 Gordon & Linda � Preliminary yes� will depend on timings - Will need to confirm later

    9 & 10 Derek & Karen - Provisionally, subject to running in being done, and dog sitters!

  13. A big thank you to Graeme Robertson at Murray Motor Co for encouraging the factory to send up the orange pre-production car for the weekend, fresh from cold-weather testing. I'm sure VP09 (for the anoraks :P ) felt right at home with given the bracing winds in Edinburgh the past couple of days.

    Having seen a few of the earlier cars, in the more restrained shades, I can honestly say what a difference a bold colour makes. Chrome Orange highlights a much more striking design, with previously missed details and the overall shape coming to life much more than before, and so much better than any printed or screen picture can capture.

    I'm not going to go on about the car - there has been enough of that on the site already, without me repeating here, although like the rest of you, I await with interest the forthcoming press reviews and subsequent test drives.

    What is a certainty is that at some stage over the next 12 months, Mr Robertson will sell me another car, and this time I'm sure it will be an Evora, and it'll have anthracite wheels.

    Thanks again to Graeme for organising this, and to the factory for taking the time out of their schedule to have the car in Scotland for the weekend.

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