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  1. Have now acquired new slave cylinder from SJ Sportscars and will try fitting that at weekend - with bleed nipple uppermost!
  2. Thanks,will refit correct way up and see if rebleeding does the trick!
  3. will check the forks out tomorrow, although the pisston itself seems to move 2cm or so, and there didnt seem to be too much slack at the slave cylinder. No obvious leaks from hose, although it is still the red one! however may be a slight leak around the rubber diaphragm through which the slave cylinder piston comes out. Clutch pedal gets firmer the further in it is pushed. As the bleed valve is on the underside of the slave cylinder I suppose there could still be air in the system that wasnt bled out?
  4. A couple of weeks ago found increasing difficulty selecting 1st and 2nd gears in my 85 turbo, eventually had to drive home in 3rd. Not used since then due to snow etc. Can get gearlever to go into all positions with engine off but cant select any gears with engine running and clutch depressed, will almost go into reverse but crunches a lot! Checked master cylinder, fluid low so bled and refilled system today with ezebleed kit. Still no change, lots of slack in clutch still, and gears as before. When clutch depressed the slave cylinder piston does move a bit however, but cant get gears to engage. Car just back from
  5. I havent managed to get round to it yet, and now the gear linkage is playing up as I cant get 1st & 2nd gear, so I guess the heater has become a lower priority! I'll investigate your valve however, but I cant see any reference to it in the parts manual section on the heatting system. My heater always works when I first take the car out from the garage, but only full on, and I cant then regulate the temperature of the warm air. However once I have turned engine off, when I restart the heater is always cold and cant be persuaded to give me any warm air again that trip!
  6. Thanks, I'll have a look and see if I can find them!
  7. Do you know which thread? My 85 Turbo heater works intermittently so i guess it must be the valve, but am not sure where to find it. Is there a diagram of the heating system in the parts manual as I cant find much about it in the workshop manual?
  8. Email sent. thanks for everyones good work on this! Red Ken
  9. Brilliant! Ive got my pennies all saved up and ready!
  10. I would like to sign up for a set for the inevitable day when my 85 G car needs a new manifold. Will Lotus make enough for everyone or are they definitely limiting the run to 25? seems more sensible to enable more of us to keep the things on the road so's they can continue to make money from all the bits we need to keep them running nicely!
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a working boot lock for a 1985 esprit turbo? Mine doesnt lock as mechanism is seized and locksmith cant resurrect it ! it is same as the S2 elan/eclat boot I think. thought I had found one with lotus bits but theirs is seized also! Someone said it may be the same as the talbot sunbeam lock but no one seems to be certain what other vehicles used the same type of lock. Any help/suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.
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