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  1. Just wondered if theres anyone out there who can help. I have been having problems with the barke lights not working. During the process of elimination of the problem I decided to replace the brake switch located to the front of the master cylinder. with the item been only plastic I broke the switch getting it out and unfortunatley threw it away and orderd another. I have orderd and received 2 so far from seperate suppliers both of which dont fit. The switch is too long to fit in between the case and the inner wheel arch. I have tried taking the switch apart to shorten the overall legnth, this enables the main body to be fitted but it is impossible to fit the remainder back together. The master cylinders look to be in the original position, it is a very late 1974 car, did the switches change at some point ? Or am I just been thick ? Any help much appretiated.
  2. Hi are you saying that you would be interested in exchanging your Esprit S2.2 for my Elan +2 ? Chris
  3. Hi, are you saying that you would be interested in exchanging your Esprit S2.2 for my elan +2 ?

    Many thanks


  4. Hi, I am looking for an early Esprit, S1, 2 or 3. She must be in excellent condition, anything considered. I have just put my beloved Elan +2s 130/5 up for sale to fund my new purchase so would be willing to exchange or P/X etc, take a look you can contact me on [email protected], fingers crossed, I am sure someone out there can sort me out. Idealy a S2 JPS, or an S1. I have previousley owned an S3 n/a so a turbo would be interesting,
  5. Hi to all out there I have just changed the oil cooler om my 1981 S3 N/A for the first time,in fact it is the first time I have ever changed an oil cooler. Everything has gone smoothley and I have just filled her back up with oil. My query is,before I start up the engine,does the cooler get air blocked? if so do you need to bleed it ,if so how. Thanking everyone in advance Chris
  6. Hi anyone out there give me an idea of what to expect to pay for a cambelt change on a S3 n/a ? Cheers
  7. Whilst replacing the original carpets in my 1981 S3 I came across a 1981 one penny coin neatly placed under the carpet of the passenger footwell. Nothing outstanding in that I thought, just a nice gesture on behalf of the Lotus workforce, perhaps this is done to all new Lotus Cars. Then on lifting the carpet on the drivers side I found yet another neatly placed coin, this time a 1948 two shilling piece ! After a quick flick through a couple of reference books it came apparent that this was the year the first Lotus car was built, the MK1. Again is this just another nice gesture that is done to all new Lotus Cars or is mine a one off ? Any ideas out there ?
  8. Thanks for that, you mention boot area, the only carpet in the rear of my car is just below the two side windows, should all the rear be carpeted ? mine is bare with a boot bag covering that area, seems like I might need more carpet than I thought ! Chris
  9. Danny, cheers for that. I did think about trying to relace the carpets myself but was`nt sure how easy it would be, youve convinced me to have a go, not much to loose
  10. Can anyone reccomend a supplier for a new carpet set for my S3 ?
  11. Thanks for that, I have an S3 n/a so I have only two fans. The fans kick in at 90 degrees and then only run for a very short period unless I am stood in traffic, this is when the fuse blows after several mins of use.
  12. Anyone help. After the rad fans have been running for any lenghth of time they blow the fuse. I cant find anywhere what size fuse should be installed, the car came with a 16amp in so I have been replacing like for like. Is 16amp correct, if so any ideas on the problem. Many thanks
  13. Its got to be done, looks like I might have to be the first............ever, its worth the risk just for that, if nothing else it will be a talking point at the next club meet, ive got a good feeling about this one, I will keep you all posted
  14. It could just work...... expensive mistake though if it looks bilge.......saying that an Esprit looks good in any colour! My gut reaction tells me it will look stunning.
  15. your right, no connection to Lotus, but what a colour scheme, I will try and mock it up in Paint Shop Pro and post a pic on the forum, It will be the closest I will ever come to a lemans GT40 but I bet the effect will be stunning, not for you purists out there though !
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