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  1. Have you tried a bolt extractor set with the reverse spiral threads? I suppose this wont work if the bolt is spinning inside the bumper,... I just removed my front bumper last night and the space was very limited... but I got lucky and nothing was (or got) stripped.
  2. Wow, beautiful car! Congratulations!
  3. I probably asked the wrong question. I haven't had any chance to dig into this yet and I jumped ahead. The frame/chassis will be checked before doing any bodywork. I understand the economics of a bent chassis. How/Where can I see if the steering column has sheared it's pins? Would this be obvious? A replacement whole body is not out of the question. DMV really just looks at the VIN and it's nothing like the MOT, from what I understand. (for better or worse)
  4. So, to summarize: I'm new to the forum. Located near Portland, OR. I've been searching for an esprit for awhile, and picked up this project. I'm a serial project-guy but have mostly worked on motorcycles. I have talked with two body-repair-guys and sent them pictures. Both have worked with fibreglass. They suggested I post up some pics for comments since neither has worked on a lotus. Obvious hit to the nose. Damage is really limited to both front quarter panels & under bonnet. Hood is fine, one knack in bumper. BTW-why don't these ever get rearended? I would like comments and options on how to proceed. Should I replace front clip? Would all Giugiaro years be a match? Would you start as far back as the A-pillar? Although it is not obvious from the pictures, all of the fiberglass is there and, if properly aligned, would match up. Would it be feasible to reinforce the nose enough (without making it a fiberglass disaster on the backside)? I understand that almost anything is possible, but would you recommend someone attempt this? - start fresh (new front end)? - or ?
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I'll try to post a pic sometime soon. It WAS a nice car...we'll see how far back I'll have to go. (front end damage) It should make for a good project none-the-less.
  6. Thought I would give a proper introduction since I've already gotten a lot of information from you guys. Just bought a 86/87 S3 Turbo - PROJECT. Front end was damaged. I haven't dug into it yet -due to work constraints- but looking forward to it. I've never owned a lotus, but I've been wanting an esprit for awhile. I've got some experience in rebuilding -but it's mainly been motorcycles. I welcome advice. I plan on doing most of the work myself, but if anyone has a good local repair/mechanic shop -that would be appreciated.
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