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  1. Thanks Kato... I had not read that article and I think that answers my concerns perfectly... How would you (or anyone else) feel about buying a car that has had this work carried out already by Lotus ? The article you supplied would imply that all should be ok Post the Liner work being carried out !!! Any comments welcome Thanks again Greig
  2. Hi there Folks... Just joined your Forum Site this morning... I was an Esprit owner (1989 Turbo) but that had to go due to house purchase a couple of years ago... I still however still have a huge passion for these cars and and currently searching for a good V8. I had a couple of issues with my 89 Turbo, but all resolvable. However I am seeing so many V8 adds saying that Engines have been re-built by Lotus. There seems to be a bit of a pattern of around the 20k miles mark from what I can see. Do any of you know why, what, when etc etc this is... I have looked at some of the o
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