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  1. Hi Glyn Yes thats the one, a real surprise! now then, now then
  2. Yes checked the pressure at the regulator and adjusted at the time. Still cannot understand how it can be ignition when everything was fine before changing the front hoses. Anyway now removed jets and noted their position. One main jet was really clogged up and very varnishy around the brass exterior and one smaller jet was dirty. Also the jet that sits away from the main cluster was completely blocked on both carbs. Havent a clue what they do but obviously worth spending some time on. Waiting for the carb kit from SJs but very hesitant to try and remove the float pins to get the gasket on as they look like they could easily break. Think I will try reusing the gasket first.
  3. Thanks Yasuo. Waiting for new gaskets for the carbs. In the meantime I have taken the float chamber lids off. Petrol in there and didnt look too dirty. Cannot say the same for the one jet I have removed. Whilst the hole doesnt seem blocked the base of the jet was filthy and covered with a varnish film. Presumably non of that should be there.
  4. Spotted in Debenhams at the Ted Baker kids section, a wall frieze showing an orange coloured Esprit. I did a double take but didnt linger for too long (operation Yewtree and all that). Think it was an SE model.
  5. John Thats what I was worried about - not sure how the loud crack could have anything to do with the carbs. However, just about everything electrical was replaced around a year ago. All purchased from SJs so should be good stock. At about the same time I also replaced fuel filter, pump, regulator and all fuel lines. The only thing not done say in last 5 years is to clean out carbs and I understand the main jets kick in at around 3000rpm but could a blocked main jet lead to that sort of condition..
  6. My car is an early carb turbo so thinking it is a carb problem have posted here. The background is car was running fine about 6 weeks ago. When I put her back in the garage noticed a weep coming from one of the front rad hoses. Decided to replace all front end hoses and clean everything up. Ran car in garage a few times to get fans operating and bleed system. All fine, infact car started first time after 6 weeks. Took car out for a run yesterday and got just down road when it started juddering as I changed through gears. It then let out a real crack - like a motorbike backfiring and not the normal popping and banging you get with these cars. Thinking it might need fuel managed to get car to garage and filled up. Car then ran fine but only kept her out for another 20 minutes. This morning exactly the same thing at same spot a hundred yards or so down the road. Revs probably about 3000 it juddered a number of times then let out this really loud crack. Engine carried on running so at lower revs got car home where it ticked away nicely on the drive with rock steady revs under 1000. The only thing I can think of is carb jets as nothing else on car was touched and it has been in the garage and was running fine when last used. Does this seem a sensible place to start. Thanks Sorry should have mentioned Stevens carb turbo
  7. Could it be a fueling problem - took my old banger out for a spin today and it was backfiring and juddering constantly. Put some petrol in and the problem went away instantly. The fuel quage must be miles out as it was indication a quarter tank.
  8. Use a length of wood against the pulley and give that a whack - should then give fairly easily and you wont damage anything
  9. I thought timing was checked at idle with advance connected. Never heard of checking timing with engine revving away.
  10. Just a thought but you need to line up the cam timing before checking the ignition timing with a lamp. It is very easy to think the timing is properly set only to discover the cams are out of alignment.
  11. This may seem implausible but when I took mine off and cleaned then up, they had a tiny 'marley' stamp on them so the originals must have come from the plumbing supplier.
  12. Sorry cannot answer that but what you say seems logical. At the time I remember reading that it wasnt advisable to fit the more common fuel pump which I think was used on MGBs etc as the turbo required a different one. When checking prices I just decided that the SJ Sportscar one wasnt that expensive so it was not worth taking the risk. As its a simple fit, just try out the one you have.
  13. Same car as mine. You need to be careful about which one you buy which needs to be suitable for the turbo rather than the na. After researching I decided to go with the one being offered by SJ Sportscars which was specifically for the turbo. Sorry not sure whether the Bosch 040 is ok.
  14. A good spray of WD40 or similar will have all that looking a lot better
  15. Only 240, thats crazy. As a way of prompting more to join could not full members be given a sweetner such as better position on line up at upcoming events ie national meet in May or Brands Hatch. That wouldnt cost anything and would I am sure result in more owners paying up. Otherwise their car would be parked half a mile away down the line up.
  16. Eurocarparts for the Bosch battery. Cannot be beaten on price and its delivered as well
  17. What is a rough price for the springs and dampers. Mine are original and badly rusting but whenever I have asked anyone for a price it seems more than the value of my car.
  18. Bugger, thats me done for then. Recently had to change the oil cooler but due to interaction between steel and alloy, had to saw through the alloy connectors and dangle them in caustic soda under the car in my garage. They bubbled away nicely for an hour or two and I must have breathed in loads of fumes whilst checking progress.
  19. In which case Barry you may well have a fairly rare car
  20. Hi Barry Not sure why I thought your car was an SE but isnt it a carb turbo, in which case I have seen a few of those including mine. They often get registered as S3 or S4. But what is the difference on the S model.
  21. Hi Barry. Does this mean you are now an owner. Which one did you get. I can almost guarantee you will need to do work on it at some stage. Parts are mostly available, at a price, its just the sheer difficulty of getting at everything. If you dont suffer from a dodgy back, you almost certainly will in the future.
  22. The oil warning light tends to stay on for a few seconds after the car is started.
  23. A well cared for Esprit for £7k - I think you will be looking for a long time, but you never know. Personally I havent seen one at that price for a number of years, apart from the odd one or two that needed towing away for a complete renovation.
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