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  1. I am replacing the rear upright on my 88 Turbo Esprit as some idiot had it welded. The two driveshaft gaiters look a bit knackered so will take the opportunity to replace them. Is this a difficult job and does anyone know whether the universal gaiters that you can get from most car part suppliers will do the job or do I have to go for broke and get Lotus boots.
  2. count me in. Meet you at the hotel at 8.00. I'm the old greyhead bloke driving the exceedingly noisy car which looks like a 'before' advert. However I do have the excuse of having had the car just 10 days as a project. On the brighter side it will make all your cars look brilliant unless its raining when mine looks ok.
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Going to see if I can make Goodwood. Are wifes pemitted. Mine seems to have taken a real interest in the car and I would not want to exclude her from this. Don't expect too much when you see the car. For some reason it must have gone through an unloved period. Looks good from a distance but the closer you get!!!. Some bodywork attention and a respray are on my list.
  4. Thanks. It has had a recent cam belt change - the last owner had some work done on it but didn't have the earlier history although it has had only a few owners. I have crawled all over it and cannot find much wrong. I am changing the transmission oil this weekend as recommended as the gears are a bit stiff although it has had an upgraded linkage put in. The rear offide seems a bit odd. There is a crack in the upright which has been welded - the garage tell me it is a nice weld and would pass the MOT but the bushes are a bit knackered and there is a split in the gaiter. Also the fibreglass has pulled away from where it bolts to the chassis. I am told this is easily repaired but I cannot work out what has happened on this side of the car. There doesn't seem any evidence of crash damage. If I am accepted on the group I hope to meet up with you all at a social. The Brighton meets looks good and isn't far from me.
  5. No fancy pictures yet. Only purchased the car last week and spending every available minute cleaning it out. How do poeple leave a car like this so dirty. Have had it checked out by my local garage and seems in reasonable condition but needs some attention to bodywork and a respray. Went down the M25 on Sunday like the clappers but slowed down at ?. Going to love this car more than my wife! Edited to protect the innocent B)
  6. Hi. I live in East Grinstead and have just purchased a 1988 Esprit Turbo. Have sent of money to join the Lotus Esprit club but see there is this regional group. How do I join. Thanks
  7. Just purchased a 88 Turbo. Told the air con is knackered - it has opening windows and a sun roof so who needs it anyway. I want to rip it out at a later stage but as a start I understand that simply removing the compressor drive belt will give a very useful improvement in performance. Is this correct and a daft question will this affect the heating in the winter.
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