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  1. As asked before, what is the oil like on the dipstick. Dont worry about condensation on the filler cap.
  2. Got to be residual contamination if everything was done properly. What does the oil itself look like on the dipstick. Mayo on the oil filler cap in itself doesnt mean anything other than condensation. A good run seems to be required
  3. Going along on the Friday so hope to meet up with you all.
  4. Is everything tightened up properly ie crankshaft pulley, or is anything touching anywhere under load.
  5. Next Newlands. Will make sure I am there. Thanks Sparky
  6. Could I have the turbo please as mine needs rebuild and it would be easier to use your one and then simply replace with mine. I believe the SE unit is the same as my carb turbo. Thank you.
  7. I had this done a couple of years ago. The very experienced engineering shop was a bit reluctant to take out and replace the guides and said that a safer repair would be K-liners which are phosper bronze. They did a very good job and there was next to no sideways play. This is technology used on lorries which cover huge distances and has a proven record
  8. I think the turbo tanks have a swirl pot at the bottom which is why they are that much more difficult to remove.
  9. Just read your earlier post Stirling. That 1.7bn is extra money not the full amount we have to pay Europe. Who would want to belong to any organisation that hasnt had its accounts signed off in years. Its a corrupt organisation no better than any other dictatorship or at least that whats its trying to become. Regarding UKIP, more power to their elbow. The only observation the Tories seem able to make is a vote for UKIP will see Ed Milliband in power. The logical interpretation of this is that he wants other parties banned.
  10. Simple solution, pull out of Europe. It was a failed experiment which was never going to work anyway. The only real benefit seems to be that Germany hasn't gone to war with anyone for a while.
  11. Didnt appreciate that any of Bibs car could go less than 90mph !!!
  12. I could do with the wing mirrors if he is selling bits.
  13. I am sure you have already tried it but if you havent some silicon spray around the window runners normally cures a slow closing window
  14. Eddie Will beat a path to your stand
  15. Imagine that car is a wreck now and probably residing in Douglas Valley breakers waiting for some mug to pay a fortune for bits.
  16. With those readings I would be thinking of other things as well as carb balancing. For instance what is the oil like and the induction system from air filter onwards. Also plug condition and vacuum lines plus timing. All can contribute to high emission readings as can a knackered engine. However if it passed the MOT last year you need to think back on what has been done to the engine that could have affected the readings .
  17. Hi Although my car is the carb turbo, I am fairly certain my head gasket looked the same as yours after fitting but hasnt leaked as yet.
  18. Cam, I have had a quick search but cannot find anything. It could be part of someone elses thread but I have to be honest in stating I do not find searches here very easy. But it was as I stated above. There is a lot of weight to be saved by reducing redundant kit and that must however small give some benefit. Just removing the aircon belt will significantly help engine efficiency and as I said above removing the lot gives some added benefits.
  19. 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream 5. obione - Duck, Beef, & Apple Tart 6. ChrisJ - Soup, Turkey, No dessert 7. Moxie - Something gluten-free, TBD 8. Judith (fiancée de Moxie) - Something gluten-free, TBD 9. Buddsy something nice 10. Hot T something saucy 11. Paul B. - pate, lamb, mousse. 12. Mike 6 - Prawn cocktail, Roast Turkey, Xmas pud
  20. If anyone is interested. We all know that when doing an oil change that it takes an age for the oil to drain into the sump so that you can take a level reading. But, having changed the oil cooler my car obviously took a bit more oil than usual and in my haste I then developed an oil leak which seemed to be coming from the sump bolts at the farthest end with a hot engine (only noticed it as engine cooled). When I rechecked the oil level after a run and letting it cool down I had overfilled by about a quarter inch on the dipstick. I let some oil out and the oil drip has stopped. I can only assume that with a fairly shallow sump my oil level was above the sump height. A warning for anyone else doing the job or indeed filling above the full mark.
  21. I removed the aircon from my car a while back and posted a thread about it. The weight saving is substantial particularly the compressor which I think came in about 12kg from memory. You also gain by not running the belt and pulley which all weigh and reduce efficiency. Also the rad at the front should come out and you will be surprised at the muck which builds up next to the coolant rad. You may also get a better cooling effect.. The pipes weigh a fair amount but I only took out what I could easily get access to. So, I didnt bother with anything under /behind the dash. Revoving the pipework also helps if you ever need to remove the sump which can be tricky due to the positioning of the aircon pipes. I reckon all together I reduced the weight by at least 25kg.
  22. Thanks Barrie. An interesting story
  23. Does anyone own the above car. I ask because I am in contact with the original owner of my car and he traded in this Essex to buy it. I told him I would try and track down whether the car is still on the road.
  24. Its been two years since my son left University (only child). He spent seven years studying Architecture and I can still vividly remember the day we took him to his digs and went out for a meal before driving home. I was completely overcome with emotion, couldnt eat anything and could hardly see on the drive home for the tears in my eyes. And now, in two weeks time he will be married!!
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