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  1. Thought a few people may like to know how the problems that plagued me over the summer have been resolved by the new owner - car was taken to Belgium around 3 months ago. New owner started by going over everything I had done and could find no fault. There was a bit of play on the turbo shaft so he had it recond but it made no difference. Ultimately he purchased a wideband lamdba kit which showed that as the throttle progressed the mixture weakened to the point at around 3000 rpm car started popping and banging and revs died back.

    He tooks carbs apart and although I had rebuilt them the service kit (from a well known Lotus parts supplier) contained components like the accelerator pump, spring and diaghram from the earlier non turbo Esprit which were not man enough. He replaced these and car immediately ran better. The kit also suggested that larger main jets would improve things further and he is purchasing these.

    When I think back I feel really miffed that had I been provided with the right parts (kit was made up by seller) then I would probably still have my car but there is no point letting this get you down - and I did see 4 Esprits at the recent NEC Classic car show so I had an appropriate fix.

    I now own a very nice Z4 but somehow its just not in the Esprit league.   

  2. Hi Bibs, Not trying to knock the car. The Esprit is still the best thing since sliced bread and I accept that mine is hardly the best example. But I have had people ask if it is a kit car and have read press reports where it was stated they have a kit car feel. My one and only reason for selling is that I have reached the age where access to the various parts of the car is no longer something my body enjoys. My Z4 is now parked behind the Esprit and the Esprit is still the superior looker.

    The problem with rocketing prices is that people tend to buy them as hopeful investments, lock them away and only take them to the odd show.  

  3. Well after months of dithering and seemingly unsolvable problems with my car turbo I have sold her at a knock down price. She is off to Belgium to a forum enthusiast who I hope will continue her progress back to fitness. In the end I had just had enough of the problems and having to be a contorsionist at my age.

    My family were keen that I get another Esprit that was in better condition but at the moment I feel it is better to put a bit of distance and try something new.

    So before I get loads of insults I am now the proud owner of a BMW Z4 - low mileage 2.5 SE  with red leather interior. Goes brilliantly and it is nice to put the roof down even though my maiden drive was hardly sunny weather. Insurance with Adrian Flux hardly went up at all.

    Its sad to see another car leave these shores but at least it will mean the remainder go up in price by about 2p.

    Thanks to everyone on the Forum for the help and assistance over the years, you are all a brilliant bunch. However, I will be back!!!


  4. Well hopefully tomorrow this will be the end of the story????. Spent yesterday stripping and thoroughly cleaning the carbs. A bit of crud here and there but no blockages or blocked channels that I could see. The accelerator diagrahm looked a bit slack (which could affect progression/acceleration. Had the carb kit so replaced all the bits and pieces. Put it all back together today and she started on the turn of the key, balanced the carbs and rechecked timing. 

    Then took revs up, all ok up to 3000 rpm and then I thought I saw of bit of a rev drop but could have been me taking pressure of the throttle cable. Then pushed her up to 4000rpm without issue - Eureka. A hell of a lot of popping when i released the throttle but it is the carb turbo with SJs stainless exhaust.

    Now have to clear everything out of the way - I am a messy worker and tomorrow will take her out on the road. 

  5. OK so head gasket has gone. Dont blame you not paying out another £2k to get it fixed - might not be the liners that are out. You could take the head off without removing the engine just to verify that nip is out. As Scott says if they skimmed the head and didnt do a proper job then that could be the problem. Also an incorrect head gasket. 

    If you simply return the whole lot to the original rebuilders they are likely deny it was anything to do with them and say it was how you drove the car..

  6. How does SJs know that the gasket is leaking in about 8 places. Have there been telltale signs such as large amounts of steam coming from exhaust, mayo under oil filler cap or water getting into oil.  

    If the dizzy problem has been fixed I would be inclined to run it a while before throwing £2k at it.

  7. Sorry about your problems. Out of interest did they fit new liners or move them around when rebuilding the engine. If they kept the same orientation then the clamping pressure from the cylinder head should seat them properly. But, why would a leaky head gasket cause overheating of the exhaust box??

  8. Hi Dave

    There are only a few markings on the flywheel so not really possible other than to say markings did move - I have previously checked. Its a rebuilt dissy etc so cannot  think what could be going wrong in that region. Cannot check now as carbs off the car and strip down started. 

  9. Exhaust now reconnected plus cam covers and vacuum pipes on dissy. Car started first turn of key (this is the early Stevens carb turbo) and ticked over fine which in itself after about 2 weeks of sitting there must indicate most life signs are healthy. Rechecked for about the tenth time the timing which was spot on - my strobe has the advance dial on it so set to 10 degrees and light static bang centre of the tdc stamp on flywheel. 

    Got the wife to sit in the car to check rev counter and with engine nice and hot increased revs slowly. They got to about 3500rpm when engine started to hesitate and revs fell back to around 3000rpm themselves and putting more throttle on made it worse in terms of the hesitation and she backfired (car not wife). Taking of throttle car returned to normal tickover. Reading up in the service note it says operation of carbs and pump diaghram changes about these revs so is it looking like a carb problem all along??.

  10. Hi Matt

    Hadnt realised your car had cracked manifold and holed exhaust - Replacing all that must have cost a fortune. Did you do it yourself?


    Popping on overrun is a characteristic with carb turbo cars fitted with the SJ exhaust system including mine, just depends how bad it is. I am probably the last person to advise on fixing a car, with my current problems, but running a bit on the rich side is correct - what were the emission reading when you had it MOT'd.


    You could try checking the timing and using a manometer to set the air flow and then checking the mixture. Our cars are set at 6 half turns out on the mixture screws and that is normally reasonably accurate. Last year I set mine on this but decided to ask Pete Musgrove at the Lotus Festival to set them up more accurately. He fiddled away for ages and when I got home I decided to check and guess what, all were 6 half turns out from closed. You could try closing yours, making a note of their current position and then turning out 6 half turns and if it is worse putting them back to your current setting.

    I can help with strobe light and manometer. 

  11. Pulled the cam covers today and checked operation of cam followers (they were all renewed a couple of years ago) and they move smoothly up and down against the cam itself. I then checked the gaps a number of times according to the manual and they were all within tolerence ie around .15mm for inlet and at the upper end for exhaust ie .3mm. I could see absolutely nothing wrong nor any evidence of sticking valves. Hopefully that means I can eliminate any possibility of valve bending or other damage?

    I then completely rechecked timing bringing piston 1 to tdc and then checking the markings on the cam wheels (including correct orientation ie inlet dot and exhaust dot correctly lined up) and that this corresponded exactly with tdc marking on flywheel which it all did. Could not use strobe as now awaiting cam cover gaskets but have done this endless times and it is 10 degress btdc (it is marked on the flywheel!)

    By my reckoning that just leaves blockage in the exhaust system or carb issue to work though. Fairly certain it is not the petrol but will check. 

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  12. Unless we have been talking at cross purposes its where the bobbin is mounted on the bodywork to chassis point. The glassfibre can tear away completely around the bolt so that the bodywork that side can bang against the chassis. This can then lead to cracks radiating from that point. You have to fabricate a plate as a repair

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