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  1. Feel free to put all your mods out there whenever you like, Sudders. To each is own and everyone takes their own journey with a Lotus. Though I don't look to duplicate them, I find all your mods to be tasteful and intriguing and, with the spectacular garage, really a cohesive package like a boxed AutoArt model. The enlarged Wolfraces also give it a Hot Wheels feel which adds to it's presence. Lotus, to me from the beginning of my interest 40 odd years ago, have always seemed like the early days of customer race cars. They were expected to be modded for the owner/driver's purpose. My original e
  2. Except, see @Sparky post above...
  3. My wife has taken the strategy of matching my number of packages with Lotus and vintage Jeep parts with those from Amazon. It's getting ugly and I've never recycled more cardboard. 😳
  4. Wow, that's going to turn the factory tour into a bit more than and hour or so chit-chat and and walkabout with @Guy Munday Going to need to invest in some golf carts! (in Evija-like body kits )
  5. (Now Lotus content through parentage, and embraced by the electric wave. The 55 mph US national speed limit of the 70's is an era to be forgotten tho'😳 )
  6. Nice livery! Not lost though that we're apparently going from waiting in line at the gas pump to waiting in line for a super-charger. And none of them still know how to park!
  7. Point taken about journo bias. But, to be fair, it only affects 190 cars as the 6 cyl 718s now represent a niche. Pales in comparison to Ford putting the wrong head gasket in thousands of Mk 3 RS Focuses (Foci?), most of which were failing before it was made right. The list is endless. We have a Hyundai Santa Fe that's had so many engine recalls, the power train warranty is almost unlimited.
  8. I need to remember to wear a belt when I go out and protest. That's about all I got out of it. Well, that and Mom was right about always wearing clean underwear just in case... 🧐
  9. The world does need more turbo an kenya laters 👍
  10. Typical wokeness to glorify a crusader against unnecessary use of material, energy, and resources with the unnecessary use of material, energy, and resources. Does take a few carbon-generating BTU to cast a wad of bronze! 🙄
  11. This. No change in spring rates but on the early LHD cars, Lotus fitted a spacer on the left rear spring perch to "compensate." A079D4047F
  12. 62 years young. Too soon. 😢
  13. That looks like the start of a video that ends with two kangaroo feet to the face!
  14. Just thought I'd post up the latest of the Steveo show. I took inspiration from one of his Omega watch straps with carbon look leather and orange stitching to set off the "caliper." Pretty pleased to be able to wear the Type 1 regularly again. 👍
  15. Looks like a job for @CHANGES 🤔
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