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  1. "Meet the new boss Same as the old boss"
  2. Fixed it for you Had a friend who had a friend who was an oil magnate in west Texas who probably owned one of the earliest F1s in the States because he had the real estate to drive it without worrying about legality. He spoke of his and others "worth" in terms of "units." Those "units" each being $100 mil...
  3. Kudos to CTL for a fine presentation of classic Lotus race cars. The Evora pace car was a bonus!
  4. Feel for you and your family, mate. Time and sometimes a new companion heals all wounds. Best to you all going forward.
  5. Stateside, about as far as you can get from either coast. Now enough of this love fest so all can get back to their WAGs on WTH Lotus are going to be doing going forward. :D
  6. @C8RKH if one of us ever cross the pond dividing us in our common language, all the pints are on me (and I also have a more than acceptable horde of wine)... we would get along well!
  7. Toughest part of pet ownership, so I feel your (impending) loss, Kimbers. We had to let our Buddy go after nearly 16 years just before the pandemic ginned up. After about a year of senior care, we could see his own frustration and difficulty with his infirmity and had to make "the decision." We had done the deed in the office of our trusted veterinarian in the past, but were glad we made the decision to go for a service that offered euthanasia in the home, surrounded by us all and his most comfortable surroundings. Very respectful for his life of service to us, though no less difficult to let
  8. Nice vid! Russell's Type 1 watch FTW! Must ordinarily keep it tucked away, still looks like the original band!
  9. Just a little more on the lower inner bush as currently available. I was curious about the JAE-supplied bush due to the slight added length and also due to the inner core actually being 1/2" rather than 12 mm. I went ahead and obtained the SJ-supplied bushing and the actual bushing is identical to what JAE supplied under a different part no. However, the SJ bushes were supplied with an additional inner sleeve that reduces the bushing from 1/2" to 12 mm. I'm not sure if this is simply an oversight on JAEs part or if they are aware of the need for the inner sleeve. Will be passing it on. Moral o
  10. Waiting to see how they're going to do a "Rome run" in one...
  11. yeller77


    "Drone Operator Ben Kenobi?" Excellent use of The Force, I'd say!
  12. Happy Birthday to TLF:THE place for Lotus fans! Sprinkles are for winners!
  13. Agree, pretty sure the air injector stuff was/is BSP, for whatever reason.
  14. Yes, but the more important question is would buying the Maser qualify for additional "Ferrari loyalty points" to allow the punter the privilege to be on the waiting list to buy a used Roma in 5 or 6 years time, or whenever deemed worthy?
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