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  1. Wow @Screem, if I had that set-up, I'd fake my own death and live down there. Between that for me and insurance for the wife, it'd be win-win! You need some better garage-opening music. "Also Sprach Zarathustra" would do nicely.
  2. Or just say no to cycling in Italy. RIP Nicky Hayden. Zanardi is one of the most resilient chaps ever, if anyone could recover again, it'd be him. BTW nice shout out in hopes for his recovery by Lotus on their FB page.
  3. Lockdown book binge buying arrival day Was sorry to see the Mario Edition of the JPS book was sold out, but I do already have Mario’s sig on the Lotus 79 page of my Lotus Book and am happy to get the Emmo Edition. Almost hate to unwrap the Senna book as even the wrapping seems cool
  4. What's really sad is how the whole movement is being hijacked by so many others with agendas. Half of the rioters have a cell in one hand and brick in the other trying to get their 15 minutes of social media fame. People indiscriminately destroying property of those still trying to get their businesses going after the COVID-19 hit now having to start again, all in the name of "protest." One building here that was busted out and looted housed a rehabilitative supply in one side and an autism non-profit in the other. Collateral damage for being located a few blocks from the police station. Tone-deaf celebrities tweeting from their Malibu mansions about how awful the world is, how compassionate they are, and how everyone should think and feel (no news there). No one seems to feel legitimized unless they are outraged and can display it at the expense of rational thought. Mobs shouting for "justice." Last I checked homicide was already a crime no matter how it's perpetrated or by whom, but it still has to be charged, and the prosecutor has to do his/her job to dot the i's and make sure the arrest and conviction can stick otherwise it's all for naught, caught on video or not. Hate crime laws and civil rights violations are already a thing and can be piled on. What happened to Mr. Floyd was horrific but what the mobs are doing is almost guaranteeing a series of mistrials or the inability to sit an impartial jury. What will they say about justice then? Doubtful anyone will admit their hand in it, just keep on blaming "the system" or the president. "Justice" is now the buzzword for give the mob what they want as if all the cops and anyone not "protesting" is evil, yet an application of the same generalizations that we're supposed to be avoiding. Maddening. I'd rather be attacked by cows, at least they know BS when they see it.
  5. So, for a sub-8 minute lap time at the 'Ring and chargers to boot, I'd say it's job done.
  6. The end is nigh. It has been foretold.
  7. Happy Birthday, Chief! Hope you tied one on!
  8. OK, Giovanni, you can't just let that slip by without details, or, more importantly, PICS!
  9. Yes. To say again, many kudos to Rob Borrett for putting these together. I can take or leave some of the TV and internet personalities, but as a whole the podcasts are brilliant snippets of Lotus history and culture and have been well-selected. It seems a mammoth task to keep them coming week in and week out but would definitely enjoy them continuing on some schedule including regular alerts on social media when they drop.
  10. What? No love for the Elise GT1? So rare that I never heard any driving impressions on it, too bad the racing version wasn't very competitive. Anyone know of it's whereabouts?
  11. As I'm unlikely to be in the market when these models are slated to come out, I think I'll not be holding out hopes of buying a new Lotus ever again on this note. "electrification and autonomous driving" ≠ "For the Drivers"
  12. "For the drivers who want their car to be a better appliance" There, fixed it for them. If it takes $200,00 and the marketing insult to call their BEV a "Turbo S," I'll just go chill out listening to one of my vinyls.
  13. Stumbled upon Framing John DeLorean on Hulu. An interesting "docu-film" with historical footage mixed with re-enactments with Alec Baldwin. The man was at the same time a combination of genius and freak show. Not very kind to Lotus, probably rightly so even though they took the prototype and made a buildable car out of it. Some interesting interview footage with Chapman saying something prophetic like "sometimes in business you have to make unpleasant decisions." One memorable image is that of a DeLorean mule testing at Hethel clearly sporting some Wolfraces.
  14. Always held a soft spot for the Jim Clark Esprit. But the yellow seats scared me off.
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