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  1. 2023: the robots are starting to get pii$$ed since it seems like every time they walk by, some human is trying to kick them or knock them down. Not sure Iā€™d want to mess with one with a gun. šŸ˜¬ Maybe Ukraine could use a few of these.
  2. There was a time when modification of the S1 was the norm: S2 updates, turbo look updates, wheels to replace the (supposed) homely Wolfraces, and then the extreme such as this that, who knows, was someone's idea of a re-roadworthy racecar, salvage of terminal damage or neglect, or just someone's wet dream. šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø
  3. Maybe should change to "Collision Instigation" šŸ¤”
  4. This thread may be getting too much
  5. yeller77


    Wordle 320 1/6 šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ© Um, thanks? Now does anyone have any Lotto hints?
  6. Good news for classic Lotus (not just Classic Lotus) and a positive step toward my musings in the second paragraph of my post from a couple of years ago. šŸ§
  7. Auctioned last year for over $200k for the set. Sadly, I think SM World is no longer in business. For Lotus owners, and for many years, it was a good Stateside resource for the early Esprit transaxle expertise and parts.
  8. Fixed it for you. No exile invitation was extended on our end as the US was, at the time (still is, really), at capacity for entitled, self-absorbed celebrities. It's not like the good citizens of Elba in their time had a choice, either.
  9. Probably also similar reasons that we don't use magnesium on road cars, they can be a hazard and deteriorate over time. CF may be stronger but body panels have to be protected from UV degradation. I wonder what the expected life span of a CF wheel is and how it needs to be certified/monitored. Strength and lightness are good but just like gr 8 hardware is sometimes not desirable as it may be stronger, it may be more prone to failure by fracture and not deformation as lesser hardware might. CF when it does fail on impact or for other reasons, can be, shall we say, more spectacular. At least an alloy wheel may deform and still hold air on a kerb or pothole impact which could fracture CF. Plenty of examples on the internets. This was probably a fun ride...
  10. Hey, has anyone mentioned changing the timing belt yet? (also sent a PM, prob same info as Atwell)
  11. yeller77


    Wordle 304 X/6 ā¬œā¬œšŸŸØšŸŸØā¬œ ā¬œā¬œā¬œšŸŸØšŸŸ© ā¬œšŸŸ©ā¬œšŸŸ©šŸŸ© ā¬œšŸŸ©ā¬œšŸŸ©šŸŸ© ā¬œšŸŸ©ā¬œšŸŸ©šŸŸ© ā¬œšŸŸ©ā¬œšŸŸ©šŸŸ© I'm with ya @MJON šŸ™„
  12. šŸ¤” Hm, sounds like either something that rhymes with "snowjob" or a lottery win kept on the down-low to keep "friends" and "relatives" from coming out of the woodwork!
  13. Under current plans, heritage can wait, I reckon.
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