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  1. The difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is purely defined by whoever ends up on the winning side, giving free reign to create any labels they wish and claim truth to it.
  2. Much more upside than the Williams-EV tie up was ever going to take them. Wonder if that break up is out of the courts yet..
  3. Country of origin and can you use it in a sentence, please.
  4. Settled. My lifted 4x4 Nissan Titan pickup is definitely a sports car!
  5. A sports car is one you can and do drive just for the sake or "sport" of driving it. This as opposed to a car that is just "sporty," which can mean all sorts of things to all sorts of people. My only car in my formative (ie advanced school years) was a 67 Duetto which was my daily driver and took me wherever I needed to go, home, road trips, etc, but the real joy was to get in and drive the thing going nowhere in particular blowing out the mental cobwebs. My current Mk3 Focus RS has proven similarly engaging and beckoning in the modern package of a hot hatch. The sports car in general may not
  6. Saddest part is a nice little Spit apparently went to a plonker. This is now nice old cars turn into barn finds.
  7. True dat ^^^ To edit my post above, I think the interior car shots were actually Delorean not SVX. I got my mini windows mixed up.
  8. Watched Archive this past weekend as well. Not bad for a semi-low-budget sci-fi story (the robots waddle around like the droids in Silent Running), an intriguing story nonetheless. Glimpses of the S2 in a body kit were the highlight. The director has a thing for forward car design as early interior shots in the film look to be that of a Subaru SVX.
  9. The 360 are a terrific value at the moment, still with plenty of Fezza V8 pizzaz. The bulkhead panel is a tremendous upgrade on serviceability from the 328/355. Funny how when the paddles came out, everybody wanted them. Now that everyone's changed to them, manual cars of 360 and 430 get a premium on the market and when P****** puts one in a car it's a big deal! Some fun miles ahead...
  10. If you're wanting to do a full strip tranny re-do, I'd strongly consider crating it up and sending to Harry. There's been a few good upgrades through the [email protected] I'm definitely watching this resto with interest and taking notes!
  11. There's officially a Guinness World Record for everything.
  12. Looks to me like it's about to levitate!
  13. For those yet unaware, the USLOT podcast that just dropped is dedicated to Ollie including reminiscences by MJK as well as two journalists who have owned and enjoyed his designs. At 1 hr 23 min, a larger than life podcast for a larger than life designer.
  14. RIP Ollie Truly one of the more colorful and valuable threads in the Lotus tapestry. His book, A Life in Car Design is a must read. Thoughts out to his family, the Kimberleys and the many other families I'm sure he touched.
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