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  1. We have to get our Darwinism fix somehow now that they took Live PD off the air Anyway, that looks about as real as WWE wrestling.
  2. or, alternatively, Garry Kemp
  3. Even better. Wonder what their deposit books are looking like.
  4. JB seems to be a consistent and appealing ambassador of the marque for the moment, with general appeal to the UK and perhaps Euro market though unknown appeal beyond that (may not hurt to also have Mario hawking a black and gold Emira in the States. Oh wait, you can't configure that 😶). Lotus are so far removed from any high level motorsport successes that they would've had to poach one from somewhere. Besides, sure beats the Swizz...
  5. A telling point in the interview was Matt's reaction to hot laps in the Emira prototype: his reaction was that he wished his stint wasn't up and he just wanted to keep driving it. That is the essence of a Lotus to me. As to US Evora sales, it's hard to know if they're reflective of renewed demand or discounting of remaining inventory improving access to the masses. The 400 has gotten some good social media "press" the last couple of years, though. Rightfully so, but the dealership network remains threadbare with a few large players and limited access to most.
  6. Excellent interview, Bibs! Thanks for producing it, but of course, your cherry on top was the Emira sneak peek! There's no question that Matt "gets" Lotus. They are in better hands than I've felt in a long time.
  7. Agree, or the appropriate thread chaser.
  8. ^^^ And, in the same vein, will there ever be a time/place/car/engineer to do a "Rome run" again?
  9. Yes, part of the death knell for F1 at Indy. IIRC, Ralf had a nasty crash with back injury during qualifying thanks to a tire letting go.
  10. Pretty good. But this is my kind of engineer 'splainin'. Punctuated with chugs of Red Bull. 👍
  11. Is this one going to be "Hammond proof?"
  12. Sounds like one may have to pack a lunch for the factory tours of the future!
  13. TBF the post may have needed it's own thread. However, it does seem highly topical to Lotus in that a former boss is now working with an entity formerly tied to Lotus in it's halo car development and seemingly involved in a less than amical separation. Food for thought. I do hope this doesn't put a damper on the posting of the many Dany Baharhar escapades though!
  14. Happy belated B-day and congrats! Word to the wise, now if you'll also get hitched on your birthday, you'll never forget your anniversary!
  15. Will be interesting to see what design they come up with. I, for one, was always enamored with the swoopy 62, which seemed a 47 on steroids. Like most sports racers that came out of the 60s and early 70s as in the T70 and GT40, though, the initial aerodynamics of sports racers was not yet evolved and, hence, dreadful leading to all sorts of contrivances to keep them on the ground. Sadly, only to take away from the original lithe form. Knowing his disdain for spoilers, wonder what ACBC really thought about the finished product.
  16. Not sure that breaks new ground on what's already in the public domain; the title seems a bit harsh. Everyone loves a scandal. Three sides to every story and only one is the truth. Sounds like Edd just got tired of what he perceived as a sidekick role and felt he should do his own thing(s), as he's done. Good on him. Many marriages have ended worse. In the end, as in all entertainment, you have to bend to the wishes of producers. If you don't like it, produce yourself and good luck to you.
  17. So, this would be an Alfaholics, Singer Porsche, Eagle Jag $300k+ for and old looking car that drives like a new one thing? Awesome.
  18. 🤔 I guess I'm late to the what3words party. It's not necessarily intuitive. Still perhaps simpler than putting in some coordinates or an address and easier for voice control, but someone still has to pick it and tell you what it is for you to enter and find. I would not have before thought of Hethel's doorstep to be hotspots.punters.race but of course will now. Just chalk my doorstep up to [email protected] 😵
  19. Feel free to put all your mods out there whenever you like, Sudders. To each is own and everyone takes their own journey with a Lotus. Though I don't look to duplicate them, I find all your mods to be tasteful and intriguing and, with the spectacular garage, really a cohesive package like a boxed AutoArt model. The enlarged Wolfraces also give it a Hot Wheels feel which adds to it's presence. Lotus, to me from the beginning of my interest 40 odd years ago, have always seemed like the early days of customer race cars. They were expected to be modded for the owner/driver's purpose. My original experience included hanging around Paul Rego's shop back in the day and I don't remember any Lotus that wasn't modded in some way. If it was stock, it didn't stay that way for long, usually with spectacular results. Indeed, and probably not until the current offering of dealer supported and warranted cars, I don't think I'd ever come across a Lotus that hadn't been modded for performance, style, reliability, or some other purpose. Even now, a "modern" Lotus that hasn't had its exhaust, suspension, or wheels tweaked from factory seems exceedingly rare. "Factory original" cars will always take the big money at Sotheby's but any Lotus spared of driving miles to be kept spotlessly original seems a wasted effort from the spirit of the car. There's no intent here to address any opinion or post in particular and sorry if this turned into what sounds like a rant, really more of an observation, but I've seen the mod vs original discussion to be age-old and involve boundless extremes from Jeep restorers who seek to recreate wartime production minutiae to changing the very heart of 3rd gen RX7s to LS V8s. Whatever it takes to keep the cars we love on the road, keep your Esprit journey coming.
  20. Except, see @Sparky post above...
  21. My wife has taken the strategy of matching my number of packages with Lotus and vintage Jeep parts with those from Amazon. It's getting ugly and I've never recycled more cardboard. 😳
  22. Wow, that's going to turn the factory tour into a bit more than and hour or so chit-chat and and walkabout with @Guy Munday Going to need to invest in some golf carts! (in Evija-like body kits )
  23. (Now Lotus content through parentage, and embraced by the electric wave. The 55 mph US national speed limit of the 70's is an era to be forgotten tho'😳 )
  24. Nice livery! Not lost though that we're apparently going from waiting in line at the gas pump to waiting in line for a super-charger. And none of them still know how to park!
  25. Point taken about journo bias. But, to be fair, it only affects 190 cars as the 6 cyl 718s now represent a niche. Pales in comparison to Ford putting the wrong head gasket in thousands of Mk 3 RS Focuses (Foci?), most of which were failing before it was made right. The list is endless. We have a Hyundai Santa Fe that's had so many engine recalls, the power train warranty is almost unlimited.
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